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Now the story begins……

Ishani gets ready in a red saree.

She sees the mirror and smiles.

At the café,

Ranveer: ishani takes half an hour to get ready. What is your situation after marriage
Ishani: what
Ranveer is awestruck by ishani’s beauty.

Ishani’s cheeks are red .

Ranveer: I feel like kissing you.

Ishani: ranveer what’s this ah.

Ranveer: Arey just kidding.sit down yaar

Ishani sits down

Ranveer: I will be back soon.

Ishani: he is really straight forward. I love you darling. I thought you are going to tell me

the three magical words but you want kiss ah. Wait and watch ranveer. She iles.

Ranveer watches this from the billing counter.

Ranveer: is my order ready???

Waiter: two minutes sir.

Ranveer: k pls make it fast.

Ishani: what is he doing??

Ishani walks up to ranveer.

Ranveer: Arey go I will come

Ishani: are you alright??

Ranveer: Arey mera jaan pls go.

Ishani: what

Ranveer: pls go yaar.

Ishu leaves.

Ranveer to himself (control your emotions) and he stares at ishani.

Ranveer brings two cups of coffee.

Ishani was surprised to find I love u written on it .

Ishani started drinking it.

Ranveer was worried.

After having the coffee,

Ishani: I’m leaving ranveer. Ma will be waiting, today evening pragya di’s mehandi na.

Ranveer: ya sure.

Ishani leaves.

Ranveer to himself: if she turns back ur love is true RV.

Suddenly ishani turned back and smiled at him.

Tum hi ho plays.

Kadhale uyir kadhale plays.

Ranveer: you are mine.

At pragya’s home,

Bulbul keeps on chatting with purab.

Purab: bulbul you have my initial in your mehandi.

Bulbul: no way.

Purab: Arey yaar this is cheating.

Bulbul: Arey all is fair in love and war.

Purab: hmm then listen if I made you to have my initial in your hand.

Bulbul: try your luck.

Purab: if I win you should give me anything that I want.


Khamoshiyan plays.

Kadhal kankatudhe plays.

In the evening,

Pragya ,bulbul and ishani gets ready.

Pragya: Arey did abhi came?

Ishani: missing jiju ah

Pragya: stop pulling my legs ishu.

Bulbul: vo di their car got punctured.ishani and I are going to pick them up.

Pragya: can I come.

Bulbul: di .

Ishani: you should wear this black scarf.

Pragya: k

Bulbul: oh god save me.come on let’s go guys.

Pragya,ishani and bulbul go to pick up abhi and his family.

Abhi: Arey come u r here.

Bulbul: we will talk later about that jiju.

Ranveer: so can we leave??

Bulbul: everyone can board into the car.

Abhi: Arey no space for me.

Bulbul: you come with her.

Abhi: who is she??

Bulbul: mera dost.

Abhi says k and smirks at bulbul.

Pragya rides the two wheeler.

Abhi: could you drive little faster??

Pragya smiled and she gave a sudden brake.

Abhi hit her and he holded her hip.

Abhi: sorry yaar,vo

Pragya smiles.

The scarf moves little bit.abhi noticed that it is pragya in the rear view mirror.

Abhi kissed pragya on her cheek.

Sanam re sanam re plays.

Naan nee Nam valave plays.

Pragya stopped.

Abhi: thanks for the lift yaar and he leaves.

Pragya gets inside through the back door.

Pragya gets ready for putting mehandi.

Abhi comes there.

Pragya: where is my gift.

Abhi: I gave u na.

Pragya: when

Abhi: now

Pragya: hmm

Abhi says In pragya’s ears: on your cheek

Pragya Gets shocked.

Abhi: you are my wife .do you think I cannot feel your presence.

And he keeps his hand on pragya’s hips.

Pragya smiles and keeps her head on abhi’s chest

O re piya plays.

Neeyum naanum sernthey sellum nerame plays.

Precap:: sangeet 🙂 🙂

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Credit to: ammu

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