definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 21)


Hi guys!! Thanks for your support. I would like to share something with you guys.I’m writing one more fan fiction love lasts forever. I guess many don’t have an idea about it. I don’t update it every day. Yesterday a comment from Mr/Ms.A brought a change in me.I’m writing this for my passion. So whatever happens my story will go let’s be friends guys.

The episode begins with ishani waiting at the theatre.
Ishani: arey,where did they go?
Ishani was about to leave but ranveer arrived.
Ranveer: am I late??
Ishani: hmm I guess we are early.
Ranveer: how come
Ishani: abhi-pragya and bulbul-purab are not here.
Ranveer: stop kidding ishu.
Ishani: arey I’m serious.
Ranveer: wait I will call abhi.
Abhi: ha ranveer tell me what’s up?
Ranveer: did you forgot abhi that we planned to go for a movie.
Abhi: ranveer we are at the theater.
Ranveer: I know that.
Abhi: turn back
Ranveer: abhi
Ranveer signs ishani.ishani smiles.
Everyone came to watch a horror movie.

Abhi: pragya are you afraid of ghosts.
Pragya: no .are u??
Abhi: not at all.
Purab and bulbul hold their hands.ishani notices it.
Ishani: bulbul
Bulbul: haan ishu
Pragya: don’t disturb her ya
Ishani: y
Pragya tell her everything.ishani teases her.
Bulbul : stop pulling my legs.
Purab and bulbul share an eyelock.
Khamoshiyan plays. Yennai maatrum kaadhale plays.
Ishani: arey di watch the movie.
Everyone they are watching the movie,abhi
Slowly catches pragya’s hand.
Suddenly a ghost appears.
Abhi hides his face in pragya’s shoulder.
Snehitaney plays.saathiya bgm plays.
Abhi slowly slept.pragya cared his hair and smiled.
Ishani gets hiccups.

Ranveer: have this.
Ishani haves water but the hiccups didn’t stop.
Ranveer: I have an idea.
Ishu was puzzled.suddenly ranveer kissed ishani ,tum hi ho plays.
Kadhale uyir kadhale plays.
Ranveer: hiccups is gone.
Ishani is stunned.
Ranveer: arey watch the movie ishu.
Ishani to herself:ranveer kissed me and she smiles.
The movie got over. Abhi woked up.
Abhi: great movie guys.
Pragya: hmm
Bulbul: I’m feeling hungry let’s have dinner.
Ishani: di
Abhi: come on let’s go.
They reach the restaurant.
Abhi orders the food.
Suddenly the light goes out.
Abhi lights a candle.
Pragya is stunned.
Abhi starts singing kadhal sadugudu
(Nagira from saathiya).
Pragya has tears in her eyes.
Everyone clapped their hands.

Abhi : it’s my engagement guys.
Pragya looks around .
Abhi: how is my surprise.
Actually guys abhi planned a surprise engagement at the hotel. Sarla maa
And daadi are also present.
Abhi goes to his knees and puts ring on pragya’s finger.
Pragya hugged abhi and kissed him on his forehead.
Pragya: I’m really happy today.I love u abhi.
Pragya starts singing nee thaane enthan ponvasantham .
( gerua song)
Abhi gets emotional.
Pragya and abhi hugs each other. They take a group photo.
Pragya ,ishani, bulbul and sarla maa leaves.pragya turns back and looks at abhi.
Abhi: you are mine
Pragya smiles.

The next day morning abhi and pragya are chatting with each other.
Bulbul: di did you see the news.
Pragya: arey what happened?
Bulbul: switches the TV on
(News: famous writer abhishek is engaged)
Pragya laughs.
Bulbul: see this di.
Pragya: what
Bulbul:Abhi jiju has given a statement that these are not true.
Pragya: so what.
Bulbul: hmm and she leaves.
Pragya: abhi what’s this.
Abhi: you don’t worry I will take care.
Pragya: I trust you.
Sanam re plays.
Purab and bulbul are chatting with each other.
Purab: so when is our marriage.
Bulbul: after 60 years.
Purab: OK
Bulbul: ohh
Purab: I want a
Bulbul: stop there.
Purab: this unfair.
Bulbul: all is fair in love and war.

At the same time ishani gets a message.” How about a coffee?”
Ishani looks around.a breeze blows.
Ranveer waves his hand.
Ishani replies ten minutes.
Ranveer: I will be there at the café.
Tum hi ho plays.
Ranveer and ishani are happy.

Precap::: pragya’s mehandi.

Hope u guys like this episode. I don’t know much about North Indian marriages.
Can you please tell me the functions after mehandi??

Credit to: ammu

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