definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 20)


Hi guys !! Happy womens day !!.Thanks for your support. Please do comment below.I know you guys are disappointed with my last episode. Hope you guys like this episode. I’m your friend so share your thoughts.
The episode begins with pragya talking with abhi.
Pragya: what the?
Abhi: this is true
Pragya: do you have any proof?
Abhi: I know about my brother.
Pragya: wait a minute. You are telling me that purab loves bulbul.
Abhi: I think so.
Pragya: hmm
Abhi comes and hugs her. Sanam re sanam re plays.
UN parvayil paithiyam anen plays.
Pragya: we should find it out abhi.
Abhi : sure baba and gives a naughty smile.
Abhi and pragya write something on a piece of paper.
Abhi: bulbul
Bulbul: haan abhi jiju
Abhi: have this.
Bulbul: what is this.

Abhi leaves.
At the same time,
Pragya: purab
Purab: pragya di tell me.
Pragya hands over the paper.before purab could say something she left.
Purab: what’s this.
Purab and bulbul opens the letter at the same time.
In the letter,it’s written to the love of my life .
Bulbul: what
Purab: hmm
They continue reading it.
I fell in love the moment I saw you. Your smile became my destiny. Darling I feel you are mine. If you think you love me,meet me at the café at 6pm.
Bulbul smiles. On the other hand,
Purab: who is this??
Abhi: arey purab what r u doing.
Purab folds the paper and keeps it in his pocket.abhi notices it.
Purab: nothing bhai.(in a teasing tone)
Abhi: today evening we are going for a movie .can you book the tickets.
Purab: k abhi.
Abhi signals pragya and he leaves.

In the evening everyone is busy discussing about pragya’s marriage.
Pragya: get ready bulbul we r going to movie na.
Bulbul: you go di ,I will join you guys at the theater.
Ishani: arey where r you going.
Bulbul: I have a small work.
Pragya: k
Pragya and ishani leaves.pragya messages abhi.
At mehra mansion
Abhi: my plan is awesome.
Purab: what plan abhi.
Abhi: vo mera plan to surprise pragya.
Purab: hmm . your surprise is not over ah.come on abhi let’s leave.
Purab and abhi leave.
Purab drops abhi at the cinema.
Purab: will be back on time abhi.
Abhi: sure.
Pragya drops ishani at the hospital for her check up and reaches the theater.
Pragya: am I late?
Abhi: you are on time dear.
Abhi sits on pragya’s vespa.
Pragya rides and abhi keeps on giving directions to pragya.
Pragya: arey did you plan everything properly.

Abhi: everything is ready.wait and watch mere jaan.
Pragya smirks seeing the rear view mirror.
Abhi winks at pragya.
They reach the café. Pragya and abhi enter the café through the backside door and they keep watching.
Bulbul enters the café. She is surprised to see the café decorated.
Bulbul(to herself) : who is this
The lights go off.bulbul is scared.
Purab enters the café.
Bulbul bumps into purab.they both fall down.
Rose petals falls on them.
Ishq wala love plays. Kanavellam nee dhane en uyire unake plays.
They get up and when the lights are switched on, they are stunned.
Bulbul: purab.
Purab smiles at bulbul
Purab: I wanna tell u something.
Bulbul: S tell me.
Purab: vo I love you bulbul.

At the hospital,
Ishani: can I meet Dr.ranveer?
Ranveer: I’m here ishu.
Ishani turns and smiles.
Ranveer: then how is ur leg? Can you walk properly?
Ishani: ya it’s perfectly alright.
Ranveer: I’m going to the cafeteria. Will you join me?
Ishani: ya sure.
Ranveer and ishani have some coffee.
Ranveer: so
Ishani: let’s leave ah.
Ranveer: I have some important work. You carry on.
Ishani leaves.suddenly she turns,
Ishani: when is the next coffee ranveer?
Ranveer smiles. Tum hi ho plays.kadhal kankatudhe plays.
Bulbul: you want so much time to tell this ah.
Purab hugs bulbul. Ishq wala love plays.
Abhi and pragya slowly sneak and catches purab and bulbul.
Abhi: so my guess was right.
Bulbul blushes.

Pragya: I’m really happy for u guys.
They hug each other.
Abhi,pragya,bulbul and purab leaves to the theater.
Precap: abhi-pragya pragya engagement.

Hope you guys like this episode. I hope the episode is long.I’m your friend so share your thoughts.

Credit to: ammu

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