definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 2)


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The episode begins with abhi asking doctor whether he could meet the patient. The doctor says yes. Abhi goes to see pragya. When abhi opens the door, he finds pragya struggling to get up. Abhi rushes to help her. Pragya feels uncomfortable. Pragya keeps on looking at the door. Abhi introduces himself to pragya. Pragya says hi and thanks him for helping her. Abhi says it is his duty. Pragya tries to get up and leave but she ends up in falling on abhi ‘s hands. A romantic symphony plays in abhi’s mind. Abhi starts to come back to reality. Pragya gets up and asks about dadi. Abhi says dadi left. We are alone here. Pragya gets tensed and she says i will leave and when i go i will pay the bill in the counter.

Abhi understood her thoughts
He said you are safe here and i’m a CID officer. Abhi opposes pragya and says only he will pay the hospital bill. Pragya thought of escaping from abhi. So pragya said that she is a lawyer and gives abhi a wrong address and she leaves. Abhi keeps on looking at pragya as she leaves.abhi pays the bill and he came out .he saw pragya waiting for an auto. Abhi goes and offers pragya a lift. Initially pragya refuses but abhi convinces her. Abhi and pragya leave in the alto.

At the parking lot, bulbul gets terrified seeing the speed of the car.
When the BMW stops, bulbul starts scolding the driver .slowly the car door opens and a young vibrant handsome man comes out of the car. He catches bulbul’s hand and closes her mouth. Bulbul is shocked and she tries to free from his clutches. The man starts to move draging bulbul along with him. He says “miss bulbul arora please shut up your mouth and stop making noises “.bulbul bites his hand and shouts at him for his rash driving.the man says I’m purab and I know my responsibilities.the brake got failed in my car so I had tough time in controlling the car.bulbul realizes her mistake.she apologizes to purab.

Bulbul follows purab into his office.purab hands over a file and says welcome to PHF. This is your first assignment.bulbul smiles and leaves.abhi drops pragya at the accident spot. He helps her to handle her bike.pragya leaves.abhi feels different for pragya ,he smiles.on the way,pragya thinks of ideas to handle sarla maa as she is very late.she hope to reach home as soon as possible.


Credit to: ammu

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