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The episode begins with abhi dropping pragya at home.
As pragya leaves,abhi holds her hand.pragya slowly removes her hand and smiles.
She leaves.nee partha vizhigal plays. Ishq wala love plays.
Pragya happily enters home and sits near sarla maa
Sarla maa: pragya will u do something for me.
Pragya: sure maa,tell me.
Sarla maa : you should marry the man of my choice.
Pragya is shocked.

Sarla maa: Arey tell me beta.
Pragya gives a fake smile and she runs to her room and starts crying.
Pragya reminisces about her days with abhi. Hamari adhuri kahani plays.
UN vizhigalil vizhundu naan elugiren plays.
Abhi calls pragya.pragya does not attend the call.
At the same time in hospital, ranveer and ishani have a walk at the garden.
Ishani: thanks ranveer
Ranveer: hmmm
Ishani: smiles.
Ranveer thinks to himself am I in love. Tum hi ho plays.pudhu velai mazhai ingu poligindrathu plays.
Ishani: Arey what r u thinking.
Ranveer: I will tell you
Ishani: what
Regaining his senses ranveer said no.
Ishani: ranveer please what’s happening here

Ranveer: I will tell you when you are discharged tomorrow.
Ishani says OK and she leaves.
Ranveer smiles as ishani leaves.
Meanwhile pragya didnot have anything from morning.sarla maa informs abhi.abhi tells something to sarla maa .

Sarla maa: k beta
Sarla maa calls pragya.
Pragya: yes ma
Sarla maa: tomorrow early morning the bride groom is coming to our home.
Pragya is stunned.
Sarla maa: k beta .you go and sleep.
Pragya goes inside her room and starts crying. She keeps on crying the whole night.
Allah waariyan plays.
At mehra mansion abhi tells ranveer and purab about pragya.
Ranveer: Arey Bhai awesome
Purab:there is no smoke without fire ah and they tease abhi.
Abhi: Arey stop pulling my legs. Go and sleep we have lots of work to do.
Abhi thinks about pragya.
The next day,
Abhi,purab,Daadi leave to sarla maa’s house. Ranveer goes to the hospital to discharge ishani . at the hospital,
Ranveer: u r discharged Ms.ishani

Ishani smiles.
Ranveer: let’s go.
Ishani was thinking about the weird behavior of ranveer.
Ranveer: shall we
Ishani: sure.
Ranveer drives ishani to sarla maa’s house.
At pragya’s home,
Pragya didnot wake up.abhi says I will auty to wake her up.
Sarla maa agrees.
Abhi goes to the room and he is shocked.
Abhi: pragya!!!
Everyone runs towards pragya’s room.
Pragya lies unconscious on the floor.
Abhi goes and places her on the bed and tries to wake her up.
Abhi: pragya get up
Ranveer and ishani reach and ishani is shocked
Ishani: di di wake up

Abhi: ranveer do something
Ranveer checks pragya.
Abhi : what happened
Ranveer: dehydration due to lack of food.

Abhi breaks down.Daadi consoles him.
Abhi: it’s all because of me.
Daadi: don’t worry beta. Everything will be alright.
Abhi sits ner pragya and Pat’s her head.
Ranveer made arrangements for trips.and injections.
Abhi : i m sorry dear and he cries.
Sajna ve plays. Naan nee Nam valave plays.

Precap:: pragya says I hate you abhi

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