definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 17)


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Precap: abhi proposes pragya.

The episode begins with abhi proposing pragya.pragya turns to the opposite direction.
Abhi is worried.
Abhi:: pragya please tell me something.
Pragya does not reply anything. Abhi is really worried.
Abhi: say something pragya.
It starts raining heavily. Abhi is depressed.
Pragya starts singing.
Pragya: oh mere pyaar !!! Oh mere pyaar!!!
Abhi turns back. Pragya runs towards abhi and hugs him.
Allah waariyan plays. Iragai polae alaigirene undan pechai ketkayile plays.
Pragya and abhi are hugging each other.
Abhi: pragya
Pragya: yes dear
Abhi: I love you
Pragya : then
Abhi: then
Pragya: can we leave?
Abhi: how unromantic!!
Pragya: Arey abhi you forgot.
Abhi: what
Pragya: ring???
Abhi kneels down and puts the ring on pragya ‘ s hand.
Pragya: shall we leave
Abhi smiles and they leave.

In the car abhi messages Daadi.
Daadi goes to sarla maa’s house and she talks about marriage.
Sarla maa is shocked by the sudden proposal but she agrees.
Daadi messages back abhi
Abhi smiles.
Pragya: Arey y r u smiling?
Abhi: wait and watch mere jaan
Allah waariyan plays.

At the hospital,
Ishani: please nurse could remove this bandage ,I need to go to the wash room.
The nurse removed the bandage and the nurse left.
Ishani got down from the bed and she slowly walked outside the room.
Ranveer noticed this.
Ishani: I’m a free bird.
Ranveer: no my dear
Ishani: doc(in a surprised tone)
Ranveer: ishani call me ranveer
Ishani: ranveer I’m sorry i know that I should take bed rest. But I feel to go to the garden.
Ranveer: hmm and winks at ishani.
Ishani: ranveer please
Tum hi ho plays.
Neeyum naanum sernthey sellum nerame plays.
They go for a walk to the garden .
Bulbul gets a message from purab and bulbul smiles seeing it.
They start chatting with each other.
Sajna ve plays.
Feel my love plays.
Abhi and pragya reaches pragya’s home. Abhi had already told Daadi to enact a drama.
Abhi thinks to himself you are going to be surprised my dear. Jeene lagan ho plays. Our pathi kathavu neeyadi plays.

Precap:: sarla maa asks pragya to marry the man of her choice.pragya gets shocked.

The episode is short but the next episode will have a twist .
Hope u guys like this episode. I’m ur friend so share ur opinions. How is the ff pic

Credit to: ammu

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