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Hi guys !! Thanks for your support. Please do comment below.I’m writing my ff until I get comments whether it is good or boring. Comments will help me grow my skills in writing. I’m your friend so share your opinions.sorry for the late update bcoz of poor internet connection.
Precap: ishveer romance.

The episode begins with abhi driving the car.
Pragya: abhi stop the car
Abhi: what happened.
Pragya: I want to go the temple to pray for ishani.
Abhi: oh OK pragya.
Pragya goes to the temple .abhi waits outside. After praying to God,pragya returns.
Suddenly wind blows. Her shawl started flying.pragya ran to catch the shawl. The shawl went and fell on abhi’s face.abhi took the shawl and gave it to pragya.
Allah waariya plays.

UN parvayil vizhunda nal mudhal yen thunbangal maranthu ponadhu UN Kai viral sera thudikuthu anbe anbe plays.
Abhi and pragya leave to a restaurant. At the same time,
Bulbul: we will eat pani Puri
Purab: k baba
Bulbul keeps on talking to purab.purab admires her beauty.
Sajna ve plays.
Kangal irandal UN kangal irandal plays.
Bulbul: purab hold this.
Purab is still admiring.bulbul notices this.she goes near purab’s ear and shouts.purab gets startled.
Purab: arey what’s this
Bulbul: pls wake up sleeping dreaming ah
Purab: nothing like that.give me
They start eating. Suddenly pani spills on purab’ S shirt.
Bulbul: arey purab and she started cleaning it
Purab felt happy and he smiled.
Bulbul: shall we leave
Purab: ya ofcourse.
They head to the hospital.

At the hospital
Ishani: doc
Ranveer: tell me what do you want?
Ishani: I’m bored to sit in a same place doc.
Bulbul: that’s y I’m here di.
Ishani: bulbul where is pragya di?
Purab: she is on her way along with abhi. How are you?
Ishani: I’m fine .the rest you should ask our doc.
Ranveer: stop pulling my legs ishani
Purab: when will she be discharged doc?
Ranveer: within a week.
Ishani: seven days
Ranveer: what seven days?
Ishani: arey seven days I have to bear with you.
Ranveer smirks and they start fighting. Tum hi ho plays.
Neeyum naanum sernthey sellum nerame plays.
Bulbul: please behave like grown up yaar.
Ranveer and ishani turn their faces to opposite direction.bulbul and purab laughs.
Abhi and pragya enter into the room.
Ishani: di
Pragya: how are ishu?I was worried for you.when will you grow up?
Ishani: soon di
Pragya turns ishani’s ears.
Ishani: please di it hearts.
Everyone laughs.abhi,purab and ranveer leave.pragya and bulbul stays with ishani.

At mehra mansion
Daadi: how is ishani?
Ranveer: she is fine . she will be completely alright within a week.
Abhi : daadi I wanna say something to you.
Daadi: S beta
Abhi: I wish to marry pragya.
Daadi: I have no issue.
Abhi: daadi vo
Ranveer and purab teases abhi.
Daadi: I will talk to sarla maa.
Abhi: daadi first I will tell her then you can ask sarla maa.
Daadi: k beta.
Abhi thinks about pragya and he sleeps.

The next day abhi is on the way to the hospital. He spots pragya on the way.
Abhi: gm! Get in pragya.
Pragya: thanks abhi.
Abhi:pragya I wanna tell you something.
Pragya: tell me abhi.
Abhi stops the car and he gets down.
Pragya comes out of the car. Abhi starts singing,jeene lagaan ho (thuli thuli mazhaiya vandaye chuda chuda marainthey ponale .)
Pragya gets stunned.pragya tries to leave but abhi catches her hand.
Abhi: I love you pragya please don’t leave me. You make my world complete. I wish to marry you.
Abhi goes to his knees and takes a ring from his pocket.
What will be pragya’s response????


Hope u guys like this episode. I’m ur friend so share ur opinions.

Credit to: ammu

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