definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 15)

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Precap: purab and bulbul coffee time.

The episode begins with purab and bulbul having coffee.
Purab: a lot can happen over a coffee.
Bulbul: this is café coffee day’s business line and she smiles.
Purab: I know that but I want you to smile.
Jeene lagaan ho plays.( Nenjukula nee minal adipa kanukula nee katha padipen plays)
They share an eyelock.
Purab: let’s leave.
They go to ishani’ S room .

At evening,
Purab: abhi you go have some food and come.pragya u also leave along here.
Bulbul: haan di you go and have some food.
Pragya: k bulbul take care of ishani.
Pragya and abhi leaves. Abhi notices the tension in pragyas pragya leaves abhi holds her hand.
Pragya: what are you doing abhi? Everybody is seeing us.
Abhi: so what and grabs her closer to him.
Pragya closes her eyes and her heart beat increases.
Abhi: oh come on now I’m not going to kiss you.
Pragya: what the
Abhi: so u thought I am going to kiss u.
Pragya: no
Abhi smiles.pragya smiles
Abhi: arey pragya don’t get tensed and always smile pls.
Pragya: smiles.sanam re sanam re plays.
Yaaro Ivan yaaro ivan yen pookalin vero Ivan plays.
Abhi and pragya leaves in car. Abhi switches the radio.
UN vizhigalil vilundha nal mudhal nan thulaithadu adhuve podhume ver yedhuvum vename penne. UN uyirinil kalandha nal mudhal plays.
Agar tum sath ho plays.

At the hospital ranveer comes.
Ranveer: arey purab,bulbul you guys are here.
Bulbul: vo di and abhi went to have food.
Ranveer: oh then they did not have anything even for lunch.
Purab: ya ranveer.
Ranveer: oh!! Purab I will take ishani for physiotherapy.
Bulbul: can I help
Ranveer: no problem. It will take half an hour. You guys can have something and come.
Purab: k ranveer.
Ranveer goes and wakes ishani.
Ishani tries to get up and ranveer helps him.(tum hi ho plays).vanavil vattam aguthey.vaname kitta varudhey plays.
Ishani: thanks.
Ranveer: stop it .
Ishani: k doc.
Ranveer: come on get up.
Ishani: what
Before ishani could finish he carried her and made her stand.ishani lost her balance but ranveer catches her. Tum hi ho plays.

At the same time bulbul felt dizzy. Purab catches her and gave her a gift. It was a chocolate.
Bulbul: but purab.
Purab grabbed her and placed chocolate in her mouth and closed her mouth.
Sajna ve plays.
Adada adada yennai yedho seigiraye plays.
Ranveer holded ishani’ S hand and she slowly started walking.
Ranveer: that’s it.
Ishani : it’s enough yaar.
Ranveer: OK let’s do it later.
Ishani: arey I’m going and she tries to leave but ranveer carries her to the room.
Tum hi ho plays.
Bulbul smiles and purab says arey bulbul eat this fast and he smiles.

Precap:: abhi says I love you don’t leave me pragya.

Hope u guys like this episode. I’m ur friend so share ur opinions.

Credit to: ammu


  1. Tripithi arora

    hey I hope u got on ur track of hindhi songs and u have gave apt songs for bothhindh and tamil.goood and keep going

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