definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 14)

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Precap: ishani’ S accident.

The episode begins with ishani being hit by a speeding car.
Bulbul: ishani.!!!
Bulbul calls the ambulance and takes her to the hospital.
In the mean time,pragya and abhi were chatting.
Abhi: gm pragya
Pragya: gud morning
Abhi : what’s up
Pragya receives a phone call that ishani met with an accident.
Pragya: abhi I’m leaving. Ishani met with an accident.
Abhi: which hospital
Pragya: city hospital.
Everyone reaches the hospital.
Bulbul: di vo and she starts crying.
Pragya: k bulbul .you are a bold girl. Nothing is gonna happen to ishani.
Bulbul: this is all because of that ranveer.every one is shocked.
Purab: no bulbul ranveer is not that daring.
Abhi: no bulbul ranveer will never do such a crime.
Pragya: I’m sorry abhi and purab.bulbul stop blaming.
Let’s go and meet the doctor.

Bulbul is still murmuring. That ranveer only did this accident di.
Doctor: what the
Bulbul was shocked to know the doctor who was treating ishani was ranveer.
Ranveer: arey pls don’t make an issue here.
Bulbul: vo di.
Pragya: we will discuss it later. Ranveer how is ishani.
Ranveer: she is alright. There is a sprain in her leg and she can walk only after fifteen days.
Pragya was shocked and she broke down.
Abhi: come on pragya don’t lose hope. We will take good care of ishani.
Pragya hugs abhi. Agar tum sath ho plays.
( yaro Ivan yaro Ivan en pookalin vero Ivan en penmaiyai vendranivan anba na van. Plays
Bulbul: what the hell is happening her.if ranveer did not hit ishani then who did this accident
Purab: now please don’t stress up.let’s go have an coffee.
Bulbul: ranveer I’m sorry.
Ranveer: no problem bulbul
Purab brings coffee.bulbul is sitting on a bench.purab hands the coffee to bulbul.
Bulbul: thanks purab.
Purab: arey no thanks no sorry between friends.
Bulbul smiles. They have an eye lock .kanala kanala plays. Janam janam plays.
Ishani gets conscious but she is shocked to see ranveer as a doctor. She panics.
Ranveer: arey ishani don’t panic.I will give you a sleeping dose and you sleep.
Ishani: di
Pragya: shut up ur mouth baba. Ishani smiles.
Ranveer: I will come at the evening for check up. Get well soon ishani.
Ishani was surprised they have an eyelock.tum hi ho plays. Naan nee Nam vaalave uravey plays.ranveer smiles as he leaves.

Precap: pragya is about to leave but abhi holds her hand. Romantic moment of ishveer.purab’s gift.

Hope u guys like this episode. I’m your friend so share your thoughts.

Credit to: ammu


  1. sana-always loves my Ranviβ™₯β™₯β™₯

    Wow awesome it.eagerly waiting for ishveer romance.update next fast.


    Wow dear…….love it……Ranveer is doctor……..but not the doctor who cures our problem but a doctor who will stole your heart……….he is going to steal the purest heart in the world……..of my ISHU……!!!!!!
    Ammu pls dear……….don’t feel bad for less comment…….

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