definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 11)

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Precap: abhi and pragya leave from the airport.

The episode begins with pragya reaching home and taking the blessings of sarla maa and daadi. Pragya hugs bulbul and ishani (meri aashqui tum SE hi) .ishani says pragya di atlast you came back. Ha mera darling . bulbul says di .pragya says baby come here. Pragya,ishani and bulbul have their dinner and they talk with each other. At that time pragya tells about abhi,bulbul and ishani winks at pragya. Bulbul and ishani smiles at pragya .pragya says arey baba go and sleep now. Bulbul says we are going to have ice cream . pragya says come back soon .

At mehra mansion, abhi greets daadi. Daadi asks abhi to take rest. As abhi was on the way to his room, he saw ranveer (matsh) and purab. They hugged each other. Ranveer says I’m angry on u. Abhi asks y. Ranveer replies abhi u didn’t tell me about pragya. Abhi smirked. (Actually guys abhi,purab and ranveer are best friends. Ranveer and purab live in mehra mansion) abhi asks now where are you going. Ranveer says I’m going with our friends .

abhi went to his room.
Ranveer ,purab and their friends where having fun. At the same time ishani was standing on the road watching the moon. Bulbul went to buy ice cream. Ranveer’ S friend gave him a challenge. Ranveer winked and he went. As ishani was standing there ,ranveer hugged from behind and kissed her. Ishani got angry and was about to slap him. Suddenly ranveer introduced himself and he said it was a mistake of identity. Ishani said not a problem. Ranveer said thanks and he left. Ranveer started to collect money as he won the challenge. Suddenly he was shocked to see ishani before him . ranveer said it was for fun and asked her not to make it an issue. Ishani smiled and came near ranveer. Ranveer said if u slap me ,I will lose this challenge. Ishani bent down and she threw sand on them. Their eyes started irritating.

Ranveer said I won’t leave you and I will come in search of u. Ishani said I’m ishani and I’m waiting yaar and she leaves.
The next day sarla maa and pragya goes to Temple. On the other hand daadi requests abhi to come along with her inside the temple. Sarla maa prays to God. Suddenly pragya feels dizzy and she faints. Abhi sees that and catches her. He carries her on his arms. Abhi makes her to sit and he feeds water. Pragya wakes up and she haves water. Pragya gains conscious and she says abhi ,how come u r here. Daadi and sarla maa meet each other. They talk to each other and leave. Abhi smiles and asks pragya to meet him in the evening. Pragya says k.

Precap::: pragya kisses abhi. Abhi is stunned.

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