definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 10)

Hi guys!! I’m writing a new ff love lasts forever. I’m not going to say that I’m going to stop writing because there are no comment. Please if you feel it is worth your time, do comment below.
Precap: abhi says meri ashiqui sirf tum SE hi.

The episode begins pragya leaving to her home. Abhi smiles and thinks that soon you will be mine. Suddenly he runs towards pragya and he asks her phone number and address. Pragya gets shocked. Abhi says if I want to speak to you and if I wish to meet you then what will I do??. Pragya is stunned and she leaves without any reply.its evening but pragya is still thinking about abhi’s words. At the same time her phone rings. Pragya gets angry on attending the call. Abhi speaks to her but pragya gets irritated and cuts the call. Pragya gave a huge breathe and she slept on the couch.

After a few hours pragya got up and found abhi sitting besides her and staring at her.she shouts at abhi for coming there. Pragya shouts at him but abhi pulled pragya and gave a kiss on her cheek. Pragya became speechless. Abhi said if you become angry,I will kiss you. Pragya did not know how to react. She stood motionless and abhi left. Pragya didn’t sleep the whole night and she was thinking about abhi. Pragya wanted to know about abhi and why he is stalking her.she decided to end this problem. She decided not to come before abhi anymore.

Daily pragya started use different ways to roam around places and she thought that abhi will not disturb her. But abhi knew everything ,he became a spy and started following her everyday .one day pragya decided to go back to India and she booked her tickets. Abhi bribed the travel agent and managed to get a seat near pragya. On the departure day pragya reached the airport and she checked herself in. Suddenly abhi came there and said hey pragya watsup. Pragya was shocked. She asked abhi to leave from there. Abhi called the air hostesses and showed her his ticket. The air hostesses replied sir u r in the right seat. Any other problem sir?? No not at all replied abhi. Pragya smirks at abhi. Abhi thinks the journey has just begun.

Pragya reads a book . abhi smiles as he is the author of it. Pragya noticed his smile and saw abhi . abhi said I wrote this book. Pragya said oh I know that. You are great writer abhi. Abhi smiles. Slowly conversation grows and they enjoy each other’s company. Abhi thinks you are too good. They sleep. The flight lands in Mumbai airport. Pragya and abhi smile and they leave. Tum hi ho plays.

Precap:::: pragya is about to faint but a hand catches her.

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