definitely maybe!!!!!! (Episode 1)

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The episode starts with pragya sleeping like a child happily. Bulbous wakes her up. Pragya slowly wakes up to find her phone ringing. She gets a phone from office. She gets up and got ready for her office.

Sarla maa asked pragya where is she going. Pragya replies that she is going to office. Sarla maa gets angry and shouts at her. Pragya pacifies her and assures that she would return before the bride ‘s family arrives. Sarla maa agrees. Pragya starts driving to office.

After finishing her work Pragya starts her way back home. She is in a hurry to reach home. At the same time a alto car hits Pragya’ s bike and Pragya falls on the road. Her head starts bleeding.

A handsome, tall man gets down from the car and he tries to bring back Pragya ‘s conscious. He carries Pragya to car. Suddenly Pragya hears a voice. It’s an elderly woman who calls the man abhi. Pragya lies on abhi car.
Abhi takes Pragya to hospital.

At pragya’ s home Sarla maa is worried as Pragya did not reach home. At the hospital the doctor informs abhi that the patient is fine.
Abhi feels relieved.

Bulbul reached her office. At the parking she saw a BMW car coming towards her. She really got anxious. Suddenly the car stopped but it was too close. Bulbul got terrified.

PRECAP: Bulbul meets purab

Credit to: Ammu


  1. Tamanna

    The ff is nice plz continue………………………

    And plz add little more spice in that. Introduce a new character who falls in love with pragya & then abhi gets jealous………

  2. Ammu

    Hi guys. Hope you guys like this episode. Please do comment below. That is bulbul and not bulbous. Say for the typographical mistake. Thank you for your comments guys

  3. for dulhan bride telling & for dulha groom telling i think u wrote there wrong
    that line before bride family arrived i think u want to write there before groom family arrived

  4. ammu

    Shriti i accept that it was a error while writing. I will surely make sure this does not happen again. Thanks for the support and nithi abhi was driving an alto car. Please do comment

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