What defines her? KB-OS


Abhi in his car thinking about the press meet he attended just a while ago….

He thought that there will be more questions about his concert and there were a lot of questions on that but one particular question affected him a lot.

It was a question of what defines his wife, Pragya? Beauty or Brains? For the namesake of the press people he just said both. Beauty with brains defines her. Is it the truth? No! She is beyond that. What really defines her? When she heard my reply I saw the genuine smile on her. May be she was happy that I told her as beauty. She always never agree that she is beautiful.

She feels that she is not as beautiful as the supermodels that he work with but he knew all that beauty is nothing compared to her natural beauty that she carries.

I personally love the way she is but now she is not with me in my car, she had just left to her work from the press meet. I really wonder what defines her? Is it the caring nature that she have for all of us in the family? Or is it the good values that she had pass on to me?

A lot of things can define her but only one thing can define me which is her! Her love defines me!
Without her I don’t have a definition to my life…

Abhi the rockstar is defined by Pragya’s love and this cannot be denied by anyone!

She does not need anything to define her. She herself is a definition to a lot of things….

With that thoughts, Abhi continued his journey of love….

You all also know me. Not a new person here. I know in recent days a lot of us are playing hide and seek game with u all. To me this game is actually to seek all my friends’ attention so I am a hide and seeker now!

Credit to: Hide and seeker

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  1. Short and Sweet OS ! Waiting to read many upcoming updates of yours !
    And U got your sis’s Attention !!! And Thanks for the wonderful update Di !!
    Have an Amazing Tuesday !!

    1. And Sry Di I missed out something !! U r such a SWEEt HEART Maya Di !!! I will remember U and your Writings forever !

  2. maya(suga)…. is that you?
    if not sorry but creative os and it left us to think beyond this.. woow

  3. this os superbbbbbbbbbbb

    I too think it must b Suga if not i am sorry……
    bcoz Suga will think this poin of view………

    If not really sorry……..

  4. Very nice

  5. Soooo sweet love story……..luvlyyyyyy uaar……..superbbbbbb………I think this may b suga…….sry if I m wrong……BTW it s awesome……

  6. Hide and seeker

    Thank u everyone for the awesome comments!

    1. Your Welcome ,Hide and Seeker !! Sry if u aren’t Maya Di . Anyways U had Become One Of My Fav Writer !!!

  7. Karthi srithi

    Really sweet os i think its maya didi

  8. Short and sweet os

  9. my past guess may b wrong but diz tym I am pretty sure Dr thts uuuu my IB c naa miracle here beauty defining abt beauty yaar I strongly blv tht BEAUTY LIES IN THE EYES OF BEHOLDER SOOOO though v nvr saw uuu v felt uuuu a millionath times in our crazy world nd fr tht v lv uuu a lot dr wat ur thinking abt attention uuu pretty vell nw tht many of us loves uu (specially me) nd our affection to uu is eternal thn wats the big deal in it ur thinking abt attention uu knw naa attention nd affection are directly proportional sooo if u hv our love thn u r always hvng our attention nd tht line abhi telling she defines my love is really a divine feeling ur impossible fantastic marvellous splendid unpredictable wait wait c naa I am describing uuu hw stupid I am trying uu define PERFECTION bcoz perfection cannot b defined its just attained nd thts uuuuu lv uuu a lotttttttttttttttttt fr evrything awesome OS r I say new magic trick

  10. I think its maya akka sry if iam wrng anyway it was awesome??

  11. Hide and seeker you are beyond amazing, This One shot is so different and it got me like ???????????????????????????????? and yeah no word can define your creativity

  12. Hide and seeker

    Omg I feel so bad when so many of u all say sorry! Its just a hide and seek game so no need to say sorry! I won’t be able to hide myself for very long. The reason is I cant play a game for more than a day! ??

  13. really love it super…

  14. Reshma Pradeep


  15. Superb

  16. Awesome!

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