DEEP LOVE- a swaragini ff epi 2

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Scene 1
Swasan are there in their room. Swara is tired and says let us sleep now. Sanskar says I am really sorry. Swara i
says Just leave that and sleep.Sanskar jumps on the bed and swara throws pillow on him. Sanskaar also throw pillow on Swara.They have a pillow fight.

Raglak are in room laksh finishes his dinner and Ragini makes him sleep.And she also sleeps besides him holding his hand.

Scene 2
Its morning. Swasan and raglak come down.Parineeta and Adarsh also come down.DP and AP also come down.Sujata says lets start pooja.Parineeta does pooja. Pooja finishes. Parineeta asks swara to go and buy vegetables and ragini to clean the kitchen as Parineeta will cook food.

Swara goes.Ragini cleans the kitchen.Uttara says that they have extra classes so she has to go and asks Parineeta to hive 2 thousands.Sujata says these you are less at home and more outside.What has happened
to you.Uttara says studies have increased and i have to devote more time to studies and talks rudely and leaves.

Scene 3
Sujata says ye chori lo kya ho gaya hai? Sab s ke sab pagal ho gaye hai. First Parineeta now this Uttara.Ragini hears all this ans then calls swara and tells her everything.Swara says to Ragini come to vegetable market and take these vegetables and i will follow her.Rafini says okay and leaves.

While going Parineeta stops her and asks her where is she going.Ragini is tensed.She says Uttara did not take her 2 thousand rupees so was going to give her.Parineeta says okay and gives 2000 Rs.

Ragini comes to Swara and takes the vegetables bag.Ragini returns home without anyone’s notice.Swara follows Uttara and hides. She sees Uttara with some boy and she takes picture of the boy and sends to Ragini.

Precap- Uttara is tensed.

Credit to: Tanu

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