DECISION (ragsan os)


guys kindly ignore the grammer mistakes coz i wrote this when i was in 7th so pz.
this is a story of priya-played by tejaswi n ranjeet -played by varun kapoor.
these 2 are classmate from 7th std .
ranjeet ram kapoor
ranjeet is typical boy who is slightly opposite to his best friend
john vyas . john is quiet guy who think and talk.
priya mohan bhatnagar
priya is a sweet girl who gives huge importance to friendship.
she has is opposite attraction best friend neha bharthwaj
neha is bright student .priya wants to be different from other always in all the things.
from 7th std priya and ranjeet was friends
even priya ,ranjeet,john and neha are friends .priya and neha us to call john as
bhai(brother).ranjeet and priya has some wave length . ranjeet tease priya in all things not only ranjeet all his classmate tease priya but ranjeet was special.
. during 8th they were some more close friends . some time they fight a lot and will not talk for many days then neha and john compromise them and make them to talk but all classmate thought this frirndship as love . but it was not true
in 9th priya use to talk as in 8th but all others would tease them ,but she doesn’t take it . priya felt happy when ranjeet tease her . once priya thought it was nice ranjeet suddenly started to avoid her .ranjeet got close with neha and janvi as a good friend but he hesitated priya always.
he started to hurt priya. priya felt bad for this .priya couldn’t able toexpress her pain which got from ranjeet to neha but neha understood her feeling . jhanvi n neha tease him with some other girl he diddn’t react to it but once priya did the same but tis time shouted like a hell. this hurt priya a lot so from that day priya stopped annoying him.
this continued in 10th . once priya was doing her project at that time ranjeet pulled her pouch and said “i doesn’t have a pouch pen pencil and thanks for giving ur pouch . priya started to shoutng at him she said “why r u interpreting in my happiness ,u said that iam u frnd.y a frnd can’t tease u for anything even when i say antything small about u .u will shout at me ,u will start avoid me .y u came here to talk to me now . am i a doll for u whenever u want u come and play with me whenever u don’t want u leave me as it is.y u did this” ranjeet could not able to speak any thing .priya left he place.
ranjeet told priya “i am extremely sorry i am sorry “. but priya could n’t
able to control her anger and sia”this is a different game , if once the level is over its over “
ranjeet”we can reply the level no one will win the game at the first play”.
priya “the player had many chance but that player failed to use it so now he could not cross that level ,your sitution is also the same”. ranjeet said “but i am ready to restart the game i will play from the first for u .let us start a new friend ship plzzz……….. priya . give me chance plz…………….. i will never repeat this “.
priya”…………………….. “
priya’s heart says to accept this but her brain says you can again get this pain there is no gurantee for that.
priya took her heart’s decision .she got a promise from ranjeet that he should not repeat this again . unforturnately they hug each other . everything was fine then they were good friends but something was extra in ranjeets heart. he was very affectionate to priya. priya’s all the attitude disturbed ranjeet a lot . ranjeet often kept on staring at priya for a long time. priya too noticed all this . there came ranjeets birthday , priya thought that she should gift something for ranjeet . she thought that she should wish him first . but she left that idea that its impossible . on the day 12am mid night priya thought that she has missed the chance . here ranjeet thought how it will be if priya wishes now . they both thinked about each other .

priya changed her school . she goes chennai for studies . she informed this to everyone very late . ranjeet got very angry and shouted at priya that “ y didn’t u inform this early”. priya said “y r u shouting at me so what happened now i will be in touch with u all ok “ “don’t get tensed ok”
but ranjeet could not able to tolarate this and went away , priya ran back of him and stop him . and ask him “y are u tensed i said will be in touch with u ok “ ranjeet s eyes is filledwith tears and he huged priya and said “u should be in touch with me ok” . priya said ok and they both left
priya and ranjeet both missed them badly
after 2 years
priya comes back from chennai and went to meet neha john,janvi and at last ranjeet . she went to meet ranjeet.

after 7 years
priya is marriednow and got sellted in mumbai. there she see neha. she also got married . priya asked neha “who did u married “ neha said vikram chopra”
“whom did u married “ priya say “ ranjeet” neha got extremely shocked and ask her how come this happened . priya goes fpr flash back

before 7 years

she goes to meet ranjeet, ranjeet seeing priya after a long days he emotionly hugs priya . priya say “i am back i missed u a lot very badly . and say ranjeet u know something i got a seat in anna university . ranjeet say the same. priya ask which department .ranjeet say s b arch . priya gets shock and say me too and they hug each other .
they did their gratution in the university both
were very close each other . ranjeet gets angry if talks with some other boy. he was very possesive abt priya
eventually ranjeet fell in love with priya . but priya does not have any idea about it . they both get the job in same office both are in level in everything. but ranjeet is 1 step low than priya .both went austrlia for training for 6 month then moved to maliasyia . house rent will be more there so they both stayed in the same house . priya is in downstair ranjeet is in upstairs.
both lived as unmarried couple.priya cooks the food and goes for job ,ranjeet takes the lunch and move to job.both earned a lot .
ranjeet loves priya a lot he tries to say to priya . but if priya refuse him then he can’t tolarate it so that he hids that n he is not ready to ose priyas friendship at any cost.
once priya came to india for her sister’s marriage she got leave for 2 month . ranjeet missed priya very badly even priya too missed ranjeet a lot . priya slowly realize ranjeet’s company . she realize her love for ranjeet . she keep doing all the with ranjeet in her mind . suddenly she turns back she sees ranjeet standing behind and gets shock and ask him what r u doing here he replies i missed u badly so i came here to see u . she introduce him as parter in her job every one believe her except priya ‘s sister and say i know every thing .
ranjeet took priya to terrce n got priyas hand n said”
i am doing mad things coz of u ,my emotion r playing with me priya .
u r my world ,i lost my heart to you ,my happiness lies in u .on seeing ur happiness i find myself happy …….u r my life ,happiness, pain , sorrown everything. really i need u in my life.
i love u
i love u.
priya was speechless she don’t know how to react .priya moves from there . she keep on thinks about it and walk without noticing others . her sister noticed her and asked her what happened ,she explained everything to her . her sister say “i want to know your wish do u think he is good . priya says ”yes” .
“do u trust him”
“do u love him “
priya gets puzzled
“do u love him “
priya say”i don’t know i don’t want ma &pa to get hurt .
priya’s sister “priya i have missed to chose a good one but ranjeet is good i trust him even u to trust him then what, priya don’t miss a good guy its your life not your parents life . take your decision now”.
priya wen to room with full of confused mind set . priya didn’t get a clear idea . priya is afraid of her mother not of her father .

she said everything to her father and ask for decision .even her father says th same what her sister said . her father ask “do u trust him she says “ yes”
then its all your decisi trust him she says “ yes”
then its all your decision its your life u have to make the decision “.
she says “but papa what about mom she gets hurt “.
“ priya i will never say this , its your life . if u want to hurt your own life then u can say no . if u want to your mom for few days u can say yes .
finally priya say yes. she also go to ranjeet and says “ i will be yours for ever . i will take part in all ur sorrow n happiness.
i love u.
i love u.
ranjeet felt very happy and asked whether her parents agreed for this she said except my mom everyone accepted .ranjeet said in my side except my mom no one accepted. they both laughed and said we can from here so no one can stop them . they both got blessing and went
they moved to mumbai and got married and now they are real couple . they are blessed with 2 children neha ranjeet kapoor and jagan ranjeet kapoor .
flash back ends
present life
neha says “i never expected this even in her dreams” . priya “ i myself never expected it how do u “.
manythings happened in my life . those things teach us abt our emotions , abt our reaction everything neha . fate creats many things no one get to know that . that is life .
but j now i am just priya ranjeet kapoor that’s all . i live a happy life now .”
neha ask “r u in contact with your parents”
priya “yes , they came when jagan was born .our all the conflicts got over
love the life u live ,
live the life u love.
you have to take the decision .of ur life

by :preethi kalian

thanks 4 reading this . in this story some incidents r real which happened in my life. . pz comment ……

Credit to: preethi kalian

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  1. R u from tamilnadu????
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    Ur os was awesome I liked………….. don’t bother if there is less coments as either there may be silent readers oR telly updates doesn’t post the comments….

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  2. awsm’s superb

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  4. So t names of actors u mentioned s real….but I’m happy for u

  5. Preethi u r the one who write swaragini second love na pls update it dear

    1. i am busy in my 12th so .pz wait 4 some days dear pzz.

  6. Very nice and sweetlove this the real love story of ur life.plzz tell me i am very much interested in knowing it.

    1. no dhara. some incidents happened in my life thats all

  7. superb …yaar its fantastic?

  8. superb even i am also frm thanjavur

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  10. preethi kalian

    guys i am so happy with ur response . when typed this i felt i am writing my own love story . but this thing will never happen in my life. all this r just a story …….

  11. Such a sweet love story its really awesome I loved it a lot ………

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