Who are you to decide? OS (KKB)


Who are you to decide?

Pragya: I thought I can decide my life! But then someone asked who are you to decide that?

Abhi: I am the one who need to decide what I want but why I am unable to decide that?

Pragya: Why I cannot decide? Did I lost the right?

Abhi : Why is it difficult to make decisions when it involves not only me but someone else’s life? I know that I need to decide it wisely if not it will affect her life too!

Pragya: There is always people around me asking who are you to decide? But I want to ask them who are they to decide and tell like that?

Abhi: I don’t care now! Let me just decide about this and tell her everything!

Pragya: Who am I to decide? It doesn’t matter! What I decide is genuinely my decision and I have only to decide whether is it a wise decision that will not affect others!

Abhi: Pragya! I have decided something!

Pragya: I have also decided something!

Abhi: Tell your decision first!

Pragya: Who are you to decide that I need to tell first?

Abhi: Then its fine! Let me tell my decision first!

Pragya: Who are you to decide that you should tell first?

Abhi: Fine! Then what u want me to decide now?

Pragya: Let the time decide to let who will tell the decision first!

What is the decision that both have decided?

Decisions are not be discussed, instead it should be decided with decisions!

This is just a random OS with decisions and some discussions hidden! May be it can be confusing too as decisions have complications!

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  1. Trisha

    Lol…love this OS Maya….deciding on all these decisions definitely makes life a little more difficult!
    Awesome randomness???….just delightful!?

  2. oh my god …………………got irration with that decide word………………but nice

  3. Maya

    Haha there is so many grammatical mistakes like i only have to* not i have only and then decisions are not to be discussed* So sorry for that! And also sorry for confusing u all with this OS! In the end this OS made me decode something about myself! I will tell what I decoded and decided later……

    1. Maya

      There are so many*

  4. Maya

    One more thing! Happy Friendship day! I would like to shower my friends here with flowers! So here I go ?????????⚘???????⚘?????⚘????⚘?????????????
    Friends are like flowers that never wither! They are flowers that always blossom to give happiness, support, care and concern! This is what I think about my friends over here in TU and also to all my school & college friends!??


    Single word.. Simple story super..

  6. Oh god wat s tz yaar only one thg I understand WHO R U TO DECIDE that’s it I dint understand start n as well as end bt it’s really nice n good random one ..

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    SUCH A MAGICAL OS!!!!!May be its Your Random Thoughts…… But The Point in it is…….WHO R YOU TO DECIDE……. THATS JUST AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVED IT?????????????????????? HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY DEAR??????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Awesome!! Loved it! ❤️❤️ Happy friendship day suga?????

  9. Saranya24

    Lol always diff thoughts my random akka loved it???

  10. the story was going to get gud n now the memory loss don’t the writers have any other thing better than plastic surgery or memory loss now story will start from beginning :/ all the dramas ha same typical old story no revolution nothing realistic bakwas

  11. loved the cute fights btwn abhe n pragya but now the serial is too much extended its enough now

  12. Angita

    Cute toh taa
    But dii
    Is this a tounge twister

  13. Maahi

    Happy frndsp day dr Ur frndsp is soooo divine nd i love to hv it frever nd yaar decide my god now i shld decide wat shld i cmnt fr diz awsome decision wala magic lol u rocked again haha tooo many decisions r pending itseeems ur amazinggg again

  14. Riyashri

    Happy Friendship Day Sweetie ! Randomly Randomness Overloaded !!
    Good one ! Waiting for your next update ! LUFE Maya di !

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