Deceptive Love – Shot 8

Pragya woke up too see her getting ready in front of the mirror. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was 6pm.
“You sleep like a baby,” she said by applying lipstick on her cherry rose lips.

Pragya pushed away the duvet and got up from bed. Her hair was in a complete mess like a birds nest.
“You going somewhere?” asked pragya to her who was dressed up in a white saree with pink blouse, and her hair left open. She was looking damn gorgeous.
“And where are you going,” asked pragya again. “Going on a date,” she answered.

“With whom?” asked pragya
“You ask a lot of questions, with Abhi of course,” she said.
Pragya felt a tinge of jealousy in her heart when she said that she was going with Abhi.
“Did you check my phone? But….” said Pragya.
“ But it had a password which frankly to speak was quite easy to hack in,” said clone Pragya.
“I just took your phone with the cute wallpaper of him and then upon password entry I simply entered abhi which allowed me in. You are so predictable Pragya,” said clone Pragya.
“ but you are me too na,” said Pragya.
“ complete opposite of you,” corrected clone Pragya.

Pragya thought how dare she do all this.

Pragya “What’s the point of thinking now! I had been very foolish.” She murmured looking at clone Pragya.

“Anyways, how am I looking? Pretty like u?” clone pragya asked with a cute face.

Pragya nodded her head and turned away.

“ I will update you of how the day went.” She said.

Pragya felt she must do something to stop her. But what can she do was constantly running in her mind.

“ no no you won’t ,” said Pragya

Clone pragya was about to take Pragya’s phone when Pragya politely asked for her phone. Clone Pragya too passed her the phone.

“I need to make a call! Excuse me…” Pragya said.

“ Make it fast as he might call me at anytime!” Clone pragya said in a loud voice as she saw Pragya going out of the room.

Pragya called Abhi. He answered the call with excitement.

Abhi “ Are u ready? Shall I come now to pick you up?” Pragya was about to say no when he said “ Actually Pragya I can’t wait to see you! Do you know that I have planned for this date from two days back.”

Pragya looked back as clone Pragya was coming towards her.

“I am coming. Message me where is the place as I have some work now, ” pragya replied.

Before Abhi could answer she ended the call.

Abhi thought “ That means she might be late. It’s okay but I want to meet her today for sure”

Pragya after ending the call looked back at clone Pragya. Clone Pragya shook her head as a no while Pragya smirked at her. “ I am doing this,” said Pragya and was about to move inside when Clone Pragya blocked her way. “ no way,” she said. “ I am the boss here so move aside,” she said and walked inside. Even clone Pragya had seen this side of hers for the first time.

“ this is a ridiculous idea,” said clone Pragya and followed behind.

A few hours later
Abhi was waiting for her at the restaurant. He kept on looking at his watch.
“ I had heard from her colleagues that she is very punctual but looks like after being busy in the lab she has changed,” he thought.

Time was passing and still she was not there.

He contemplated of calling her but he felt he might be disturbing her.

He continued to wait when Pragya came in rushing to the restaurant.

Abhi smiled but noticed her looking tensed.

He waved his hand to show her where he was.

“ Pragya, what happened that you look so tensed?” He asked with concern.

“ Nothing, was worried that u would be waiting for me. Am I very late?” She asked looking around.

“ Not at all Pragya! I am very glad that you came here even in your busy schedule.” He said warmly making her to feel calm.

They then had a nice time when suddenly his phone rang.

“Excuse me! A call regarding work…” He said and walked away from her.

“ What’s the matter?” He asked in a stern tone.

“The matter is you! How could u have a date with her??” The CEO asked.

“ Well, you too had a date recently right? Did I ask u about that?” Abhi asked back.

“ Excuse me, you work for me and I have all rights to ask you!” The CEO replied by shouting at him.

“ The same goes for you. I work for you and I do have all rights to ask why u do certain things! Why do you even talk to Bulbul?” Abhi asked.

The CEO sighed and said “ Listen Abhi! This is your limit if you continue to do like this then I’ll have to show my bad side!”

“ Really? What’s that? I am curious…” Abhi said sounding sarcastic.

“ Your life!” The CEO said followed by something that made Abhi to widen his eyes and drop his phone.

Pragya seeing this from a distance wondered what happened to Abhi.

Abhi left from the restaurant leaving her behind.

Pragya thought, “ Did she call? How is it possible? Maybe it’s possible too! Oh god! What mess I have stuck in! It’s all because of that stupid CEO!!!”

CEO looking out his window said “ Both of your life is determined by me. I hate to see both of you together! Why can’t this be understood by both of you!!”

He said by grasping the window grills firmly.

Abhi rushed out of the restaurant and got inside his car and quickly left.
Pragya came out shouting but he had already left.

“You left me again,” she said. Her eyes moist and tears waiting to roe down. Her thoughts drifted back to the past.

Flashback begin
A small, cute and chubby girl wearing glasses is seen entering the classroom. She looks really cute in the two pony tails and moves towards her seat. Everyone around is looking at her with a weirdo look. Saying something in each other’s ears while the girl on the other hand is busy waiting for the class to begin.
Another chirpy girl comes and sits beside her.
“ hey chubby bunny,” she said by nudging her.
“ bubbie stop that,” said Pragya and was busy in reading the book.
At recess in the cafeteria
Pragya was sitting alone in the corner having lunch. That’s when a boy came there, also wearing glasses and sat in front of her. He was busy in his iPad continuously typing something when suddenly a group of boys approached him. He held Abhi by the collar and pushed him against the wall.

“ how dare you post this video of mine on Instagram Abhi ?” He Threatened by his clenched fists. Abhi on the other hand quickly pressed the button and a teacher appeared out of nowhere causing the boys to leave him and run away.

Abhi straightened himself and after dusting himself moved back to the table.
Pragya who had been watching this asked “ you did this right?”

“ yes, he always bully’s me always. Had to teach him a lesson,” he answered by correcting his glasses.
“Serves him right,”said Pragya.
“ hi… there…. I …. am Abhi,” he said by forwarding his hand.
Pragya to shook it with a little fear and reluctance clearly seen in her body language and expression.
“Pr… Pragya,” she said by shaking it.
They had a chat for a while and then they left for their class.

To be continued……

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