Deceptive Love- Shot 4 (Part 1)

The episode begins with abhi in pragya’s arms having the hilarious expression.
He kept on looking towards the ground then back at her.
“Put him down pragu,” shouted jojo

Jojo couldn’t stand this sight of Pragya carrying Abhi as he always wanted to be carried by Pragya.

Pragya let him down and Abhi couldn’t believe that he was carried by petite Pragya.
He rubbed his eyes to make sure he was not day dreaming again!

“ Are you ok?” Pragya asked looking at him.
He nodded his head in response and thanked her.

Jojo pulled Pragya by her hand and asked her to come with him. Abhi looked at her going away by looking at him.

“She carried me!??! How the hell?” He said as he looked around to see and saw some people staring at him weirdly.

Screen shift to Abhi in Massi’s house looking at her balcony.

Why is this happening to me? I am supposed to follow her but why thoughts of her are following me? This is like the last time that I experienced.

As he was thinking that he heard his Massi calling him loudly and he coming back to senses went down to check why she was literally yelling his name.

He came down and was shocked to see Pragya standing looking sternly at him.

“ What happened Massi?” He asked.

“ Are you here to see me or someone else?” said abhi.
For a moment abhi was mesmerised seeing her in a white saree like an angel.
“Would you mind coming outside,” said pragya.
Abhi was a little confused and scared. He had seen her angry for the first time.
“Abhi beta you are dead,” he said and walked behind pragya who was waiting for him outside
“Y..yes,“ he said while stuttering.
“Why did you do it?” she asked him.

“Oh no what did i do?” he thought.
“I didn’t do anything,” he said in a scared tone.
“Why did you push and scold jojo?” she asked.
Abhi took a sigh of relief as he was scared she knew what he was actually doing.
“Wo ….. I,” he said, he didn’t know what to say.
“Actually that jojo is like mojo jojo the villain, he always comes in my way when i am following you,” he said in a breath.
“You watch power puff girls,” said pragya while controlling herself.

“A….. i do who doesn’t,” he said trying to stay confident.
Pragya bursted into a fit of laughter. Abhi was embarrassed. He didn’t know what to do but jojo was like mojo jojo for him.
Pragya suddenly stopped laughing and composed herself.

Pragya then holds Abhi’s hand and asks“ Why are you following me?” Looking at that Maasi gets shocked who had been coming outside to ask tea from pragya.

Abhi in shock looked at Maasi and then Pragya. He was shocked to react back.
“Massi it’s not the way you think it is,” he said

Massi looked at Abhi suspiciously and then looked at Pragya.

“ He is not telling the truth! He follows me wherever I go! Even today he followed me!” retorted Pragya.
“Could you keep your mouth shut,” he said sternly which made pragya scared.
“Abhi is she telling the truth?” massi asked

“ Massi! How could you believe her? Do you think your nephew will do such a silly thing?” He said.
“Well nowadays your behaviour has changed, first thing that you visit me frequently, secondly you stay out most of the time and thirdly your current behavior,” said massi.

“ How can you tell based on all this that she is telling the truth? Trust me I am busy regarding work which is near your house Massi!” He said.

“ His work itself is on me!” Pragya said sternly.

“ Is that so? Do u have any proof of that Ms Pragya Arora?” He asked.

“ Wait a moment! How do you know her full name?” Massi asked doubtfully.

“ There you go Massi! Now he have to admit the truth! How do u know my full name?” She asked making Abhi clueless of how to respond now.
“Abhi do something think think think,” he thought.
“Light bulb moment,” he thought
“A …. Massi actually you know I am an IT specialist, that day i was told to check a few instagram profiles for security reasons, during the check i found her account,” he said.
“Acha, i am sorry pragya beta for any inconvenience i shall now keep an eye on him, you take care,” said massi

“ Damn! He really lied perfectly!” Pragya thought by saying it’s okay to Massi and left from there.
Abhi was sneaking from the behind when Massi held abhi’s ear “where are you going? I didn’t say it in front of her but that day you misbehaved with mrs. khan’s daughter,” she said.
“Massi! Who is Mrs. Khan now? And leave my ear, it’s paining a lot!” He pleaded and Massi let him off.

“ I will explain to you who is she later. Next time don’t interfere in others’ live!” She said and left as Abhi let a sigh of relief.

Pragya sympathises on Abhi as he was sitting alone.

Thank you everyone for patiently waiting for the arrival of this ff. It really means a lot to Prabhi aka Fatimah and me! Thanks again!??

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