Deceptive Love- Shot 3 (Part 2)

“ This Maasi spoilt everything when I was about to follow her! Is there a need for me to drink apple juice before leaving? She is thinking as if I am schoolboy!” He murmured and walked to and fro thinking of how to get his phone back from her.

“Abhi! You have a parcel!!!” Maasi screamed by knocking his door.

“ Parcel for me? That too here?” He thought with confusion and opened the door.

“ Motu passed this to me saying that someone had sent to u!” She said.

“ Motu? Who is that?” He asked taking the parcel.

“ First open it and see, later I will tell about Motu! I have lot of works in the kitchen!” She said that and left from there.

Abhi opening the parcel found his phone.

“ My baby is back!” He said and kissed his phone.
He then connected his phone his microphone and spoke
“ Jarvis please check all my data and storage will ya?” He said doubtfully.
Jarvis replied “ sir the storage is full no memory for more data to be stored.”
“What!” He exclaimed. At that moment Jazba from ladies vs Ricky Bahl song played. Everyone on the road looked towards him with widened eyes. Abhi quickly received the call and connected it to his earpiece microphone.
“Hello” he said.
“ don’t you get the fact that you have to keep me updated,” shouted the CEO.
“ well how will I give you updates if there aren’t any,” he lied.
“ you know losing to me will be very costly for you,” he CEO threatened.
“ oh really then please don’t try me,” said Abhi with his usual sarcasm. He then laughed.
“Oh mr mehra I know you very well so please don’t go on the wrong way,” said the CEO
“ I’ll update u if any progress sir, and please sir have some fun always a serious tone. Kabhi kaam say hath kar koi baat kar lein” said Abhi.
“ stay in your limits,” he said angrily.
“ babuji I have no limits, I am limitless.” Said Abhi and cut the call
“ he will never change will he” murmured the CEO with a smile.
One of his employee went outside and said to another fellow employee
“ hey look boss is smiling for the first time in years,” he said by towards the cabin.
“ he is wow,” she said.
“ I pray that god gives him all his happiness back,” he said.

CEO called Boss to discuss something.
“What’s happening there?” Boss asked.
“What is there to happen when he is after her all the time?” CEO said sarcastically.
“That means he is going to get the details right?” Boss asked.
‘Yes he would be getting at the cost of losing himself to her!” CEO replied.
“What do u mean by that?” Boss asked cluelessly.
“If what I am assuming is happening then I will further update you about this Boss!” CEO replied and ended the call immediately.

“Nothing seems right, this Abhi is talking a lot and feels like he is not speeding up on his work! Is he getting attracted towards her?” CEO thought that as he opened the door and saw some of his staff looking at him with amazement.

As for Abhi, he was cursing for his ringtone to be changed to a song like that.

“Hey jarvis,” he said.
“Yes sir,” replied a girl’s voice.
“ is that u jarvis,” said abhi in an alarmed tone.
“No its jenny and u look really hot sir.” she said
“ what jenny? Where is jarvis,” abhi asked in a demanding voice.
“Why do u care sir, he is such a workaholic just like u always chapr chapr eating my head.” said jenny.
“How did this software end up in my phone,” thought abhi
“ sir u look really cute when confused you know that. ah my sweetie pie.” said jenny
“You never give a chance to others kabhi humme bhi chance do na. ahh so handsome if i were human i would have surely eaten you (making a bite sound),”she said seductively.
“God who had made this kind of program, shut yourself down jarvis,” he said.”jenny” she corrected.
“Whatever just shut down and restart.” he said annoyed.
After a few seconds.
“Jarvis?” he said.
“ yes sir how may i help you?” said jarvis.
“ thank god you’re back.” said abhi as he took a sigh of relief.
“Show all storage data and preset my settings as they were,” he said.

He checked his phone and saw everything was the same except that the memory space was full with lots of love movie downloads!

“ What the hell? How can there be so many love movies downloaded? Did she do this? Is she mad for love?” He thought by trying to delete the movies but something struck his mind.

“ Does she wants me to watch these movies?” He asked himself by playing the first movie.

Hours later after watching the movie, Abhi peeped at the balcony of hers.

“ Mad girl! She downloaded some old black and white love movie where the lovers die in the end! Such a dramatic movie it was and so saddening ”he said by wiping his tears.” and watching DDLJ for the 50th time my my abhi. These movies show that She is a hopelessly romantic girl .” he said.

On the other side
Pragya got ready
“ oh no i am late i have to reach the lab and then see my buddies too.” she said and rushed to the scooter.
Abhi who saw this grabbed his keys, wore his coat and hat and ran to his bike. He tailed her to the lab. After a while pragya came outside of the lab dressed in a white shirt and white pants.her hair tied into a flawless styled hair bun.
Abhi was mesmerized.
“Sir she is leaving ,” said jarvis.
“Oh okay.” he said and followed her.

Pragya instead of going back went to a park.

“ She changed location sir!” said Jarvis.
“ Yes I also know that…” Abhi said parking his car before getting out from it.

Pragya walked towards a bench where she was sitting.

“ Hi star!” Pragya exclaimed.

“ So u are Pragya now?” Tara asked by hugging her.

“ Ssshhh….what if anyone hears this?” Pragya said by looking around her.

“Uffo! There is no one here na!” Tara said by asking Pragya to sit beside her.

“ Did her friend is also mad like her? How can she say so u are Pragya now?” He thought by hiding behind the tree near to them.

Pragya whispered something into Tara’s ears which made both chuckled.
“ oh really,” said Tara while laughing.
“ yeah,” she said.
“ Then we will talk softly as much as possible!” Tara said.

Pragya gave a thumbs up signal to her.

“ Why am I not being able to hear them? Damn! If only my data in the phone was not erased then I could have keep track of their conversation too!” He murmured to himself.

Both were having a conversation that was not completely heard by Abhi which made him frustrated but seeing Pragya laugh more, he smiled more admiring her.

A small boy came and stopped in front of Pragya and Tara.

They looked at him by smiling.
What is this small boy looking for?” Tara said.
Small boy smiled sheepishly and gave a flying kiss to Pragya which made Pragya to be shy.

“ Why you only give her?” Tara asked in a loud voice making small boy shiver.

Pragya gestured small boy to come closer to her. He went near her and stood there smiling more.

“ You look beauty!” The small boy said looking very shy.
“ Oye! You should say beautiful!” Tara corrected him.

Small boy got angry and frowned at her.
“ Tara! Please he is such a cute small boy na..” She supported the boy by hugging him.
Seeing that Abhi felt how he wished he could be the small boy in her hug.

Pragya holds Abhi’s hand and asks“ Why are you following me?” Looking at that Maasi gets shocked.

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