Deceptive Love- Shot 2 (Part 2)

Shot 2
Part 2

Pragya finally came out of the lab. Abhi who was spying her whereabouts for the past week had the signal out of the lab which was detected on his phone.

“ Almost a week later, the signal is showing out of the lab, I need to follow her immediately!” He said to himself and followed the direction that the signal showed.
“ Street number 42? This is near my Aunty’s house!” He thought as he saw the signal stopping at Street 42 and he too arrived there soon.

He parked his car and waited for the signal to be detected again.

He heard beep sounds which signify the signals and realized she is nearing him.

“ What? She is near me?” He thought as he saw her passing him in a scooter.

“ Beauty at its best! She is wearing a lehenga and driving a scooter!” He said by admiring her beauty.
Abhi who was lost in admiration saw that everything felt prettier. Pragya stopped the scooter and got off. She started to walk towards him. Abhi just kept on ogling at her. She came close to him and even more closer. They were on the verge of a kiss when Abhi tranced out. He looked around and saw that pragya had already left. A man walking by said “ beta it was just a dream” and smiled. Abhi “ I had been daydreaming about kissing her, Abhi get hold of yourself she is your target although she is beautiful.” Abhi then got on his car and started to follow her.

As he was following her, he was keep on getting the thoughts of kissing her.

“ Why are my thoughts keep on thinking about kissing her rosy lips? Yes she is beautiful in the lehenga but that doesn’t mean I should have the desire to kiss her!”

He thought that as he continued to follow her.

Finally, she stopped in front of her house and went inside the house.

“ What is this? I am back at Street 42 again?” He told himself with a shocked expression.

He looked around and saw her scooter outside the same house as just now.

This time she never came out and hours passed.

“ I have no other choice, I shall just go to my aunt’s house that is opposite to the house she is in now.” He decided.

Abhi took his bag and went to his aunt’s house much to her surprise as he never visits her very often.

After chit chatting with her, he went to a room that he usually stays and it was a perfect spot to observe the house that Pragya was in.

He locking the door to set up his laptop and other devices to see that house.
As he started to work he decided to check the device that was monitoring pragya’s movement heart rate and stuff but all the data was cleared Abhi was confused
“Where did all the data go?” Said Abhi while typing something but wasn’t able to recover it although he did get another signal a few miles ep away he ignored it.
Abhi looked outside the window and saw pragya. She sitting in her study and reading Harry Potter. He took out his phone and hacked into pragya’s phone. He checked her history and call logs but found nothing valuable. He then decided to just wait and laid on his bed,still a bit confused.

“She’s at home!” Said sarla maa shocked.
“ and that too in the kitchen!!” Shouted janki in bewilderment.
“ yes yes she is in the kitchen preparing lunch.” Said rockstar dadi.
“Did the sun rise from west today?” Said janki sarcastically.
“Beeji please pinch me and confirm that I am not dreaming.” Said sarla and forwarded her hand.
RD pinched her hand and sarla screamed “it’s not a dream!! Something is going to happen like the last time she burnt the whole dish.”
Sarla and janki then moved towards the kitchen. They peeped into the kitchen. Both of them sticking their heads out. Pragya who was happily busy in preparing food felt their presence. “ maa why are you standing there come here and taste this gravy.” Said pragya. Both of them moved towards her. Sarla checked her forehead and janki her pulse. “ she’s Normal” said both of them while looking at each other. Something was fishy.
“ pragya how did you remember the way to the kitchen?” Asked Sarla
“ maa I just wanted to cook some delicious food for everyone, I didn’t do anything wrong ,did I?” She questioned.
“ no beta nothing wrong.” Said janki.
“ maa taste this “ she said by forwarding a spoon of the gravy. Sarla was reluctant at first but then tasted it. At first she,was Normal but then her expressions changed from normal to shocking delight fulness. Janki also took the spoon and tasted it. She too was shocked.
“ this is delicious.” Both of them said and hugged her.
“ my daughter knows how to cook”tears flowed down Sarla’s eyes.
“ maa don’t overreact, and don’t underestimate the power of a scientist.” She said mimicking Sharukh Khan in chennai express.

After that they had lunch and pragya moved up to her room. She took her favourite novel Harry Potter and started to read it. At that moment Abhi saw her. He then jumped backwards and moved away from the window.(what had happened a few minutes ago)
Pragya then looked in the direction and smiled.
“ He is so cute.” She thought.
“ She saw and smiled! That too at me? What is happening around me?” He thought.
He saw through the window again to see whether she was there.

She was still standing there with the book.
Pragya winked at him and he jumped backwards again seeing her winking at him.

“ What is happening? She winked at me?” He said as he looked confused.

“ This can’t be real!” He told himself.

“ One last time, I will see her again, if she do something that means it’s real!” He murmured as he went towards the window.

This time Pragya gave a flying kiss to him and smiled widely at him.

He ruffled his hair in shock and stood there with a widened eyes as Pragya went further inside her room.

“ Abhi! Abhi! Come down!” His aunt yelled making him to be out of his trance filled with shock.

“ Funny man…He should be the man that she was referring to.” She thought as she resumed in her reading.

Abhi was still in shock and his aunt had to twist his ears to make him back to senses.

“ Aaaahhh!” He screamed in pain.

“ Abhi! How long I have been calling your name and asking for your number!!” She said.

“ I was thinking something, for this you shouldn’t have twisted my ears!” It’s so painful Maasi!” He complained.
“ oye Maasi ke bache who were you looking at?” She asked.

Abhi looked still in shock of Pragya’s actions a while ago.

“ Are you like gone somewhere?” She enquired.

“ Huh?” He asked in a confused look.

“ I mean have you gone to your own computer land?” She asked again.

“ Maasi! I am here only, it’s just that I am thinking!” He said firmly to avoid further questions from his Maasi.

“ How long you will be thinking beta?” She asked by twisting his ear again but this time it was a lighter twist.

Abhi shouted a little lightly and started to tickle maasi.

“ Abhi! You are not a child to tickle me!” She exclaimed.

“ Yes Maasi but I am like a child to you! You said that earlier too!” He smirked making his Aunt to walk away.

He continued to be immersed in the thoughts of Pragya’s smile, wink and flying kiss.

“ This is purely insane! How can something like this happen in a day? First my imagination and then in reality she did all that!” He thought as he made a scowled look.
Pragya on the other hand took her phone and called someone.

“ He is very cute and handsome!” She said.
Her cheerful face changed to gloomy face hearing to the words of the someone.

“ Sorry, I was very excited!” She said in a low tone.
“ FOCUS!!” The person on the other end said.

Pragya crossing Abhi and he drops his phone looking at her.

“ Mission possible!” She told herself with a sense of achievement.

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