Deceptive Love- Shot 2 (Part 1)

Part 1

Abhi had been on the computer whole night stalking her profile. Trying to know as much as he could. From what he had seen the target wasn’t a socially active person. Most of her chat history was with a girl named bubbie. She loved butter chicken and that her favourite hangouts were none. The fact that she was always with bubbie. All of her pictures so if he had to find her he had to find bubbie’s whereabouts.

Abhi’s POV
So this one will be interesting. Where are you? I will find you as I need to ask a question that is haunting my mind until now! It’s a simple question but I need to know as all this years I am not getting the answer for it! Oh mall at 5 pm .
POV ends

“Got it! Bubbie is Bulbul! Oh she had worked with her too! I know her too, this sounds even more interesting!” He thought as he continued to get the details of Bulbul.

“Why do I feel the Mr. CEO is well known to me now?” He thought by turning off the computer and getting ready.

5 pm
The mall full of life. People going here and there buying stuff. Some of them, window shopping. Bulbul was seeing waiting for Pragya. “This Chubby always delays and makes me wait!” She murmured with frustration.
“Bubbie stop cursing me,” said pragya by patting her back.

“I wasn’t cursing you! I was venting out my anger!” She said looking away. She walked inside the shop and started to check a few dresses. Pragya walked behind her nodding her head in disbelief.
“Chubby bunny try this’” she said by showing pragya …… dress
“No way” pragya said by holding it and making a disgusted expression.
“Come on! This is something you never tried before! Don’t be shy to try!” She said in a teasing tone.

Pragya shook her head as no and Bulbul was keep on pestering her to try it.

After a lot of persuasion, Pragya finally agreed and went inside the fitting room to try the dress.
Pragya from inside “Bubbie! You better stay outside! I don’t want others to see me in this dress!”
“Yes Chubby! I am right outside of your fitting room, will not allow anyone to see you!” Bulbul said by chuckling a little. Inside the fitting room pragya was examining herself in the mirror . “ you are looking beautiful” said bulbul from outside trying to peak in.
Pragya just slammed the door shut and blushed a little. “Stop it bubbie”

Pragya “Bubbie! I coming out now!” She said but there was no response from Bulbul, she assumed that Bulbul is playing a truancy with her. As she came out of the fitting room, she stunned to see him in front of her.

He looking at her was flabbergasted and had eyes widened in disbelief. Pragya quickly shut the door and was very shocked to believe that she saw him after all this years.

She then with a lot of courage opened the door and found bulbul standing there. She was astonished. “ where were you?” She inquired. “ I was standing here all this time.” She answered. Pragya looked around “ I think I am thinking too much.” She said.
At a distance a man was leaning against a pillar with his arms folded and was admiring her.He felt his phone vibrating and answered the call.

“Mr Abhi! How’s the work going?” He asked.
“Mr CEO I just found the target. Current status is I am tailing her for any further updates please call later.” And he ended the call.
The CEO shrugged and knew he is impatient to know about her as he is being pressurized too as he is also connected to her.
Outside the mall
Bubbie and chubby were walking in the park with loads of shopping bags in bulbuls hands while only two in pragya’s. “ chubby you need to become a little social.” Said bulbul. “I will bulbul the other me will be great.” Pragya said while day dreaming. “ other me?? CB stop daydreaming” said bulbul  “I have to leave I need to work in my lab.” She said and they increased their pace of walking.

Bulbul’s POV
Always about working and I should try to change her. I’ll see too it.
If this continues then one day she will become like a Babaji!
POV ends

Abhi who had intercepted her phone’s microphone could hear everything and the sensor on her back could tell about her heat rate and all the vital information that he needed. As pragya reached her car she started to leave with bulbul. Abhi who saw this started to increase his pace in walking as well to get into his car.
Abhi was running behind her not looking at the road and as Abhi was dashing towards her, when he stumbled on a branch and fell down by a flip he held his head a said “nyaah!!!”. He quickly got up and reached his car. He sitting inside the car “I missed her! It’s alright, I can track her location by gps. She is heading towards the lab and was thinking, she had to speed up her work to get the results.

After telling her assistants not to disturb her for the next few hours, she started with her work.

Hours passed, Pragya realized that she is very close to the final step of achieving what she wanted.

“If this works out, then it will boost my career like never before!” She said to herself by looking through the specimens under the microscope.
The screen shifts to CEO

“That means she asked all of you not to disturb her?” The CEO said to the lab assistants.
“Yes sir, we requested to offer help but she was persistent in doing everything by herself!” One of the lab assistant told.

CEO remained silent and then asked the assistant to leave.

“That means she is close to her findings but is hiding it from me.” He said by smirking.

Pragya was fully immersed in her work that she forgot the days passed. She was working day & night as the processes need constant attention from her.
A week passed and what happened next will be the way to deceptive love.

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