Deceptive Love – Shot 1 (Part 1)

Part 1

It was seen Abhi busily typing with a serious look and stopped what he was doing for a while for the files to load. Meanwhile, he was sipping his favourite coffee. As the pictures started to load, Abhi spitted his coffee and his eyes widened in shock. He then typed something and smirked to himself.
Why was he smiling let’s see
Abhi’s POV
Haha I am the best hacker in the world I think. I just broke the government’s highly protected firewall and now have access to everyone’s profile in India. Gosh Abhi you are too good.
POV ends.

At that moment Abhi’s monitor screen flashes and his computer gets switched off and Abhi hold his head in anger and shouts “Dad, how many times have I told you not to switch off the main power?

An elderly is seen walking towards his room and said “It’s your dinner time! I know you won’t move from here unless I switch off the main power!

Abhi was very annoyed but thanked himself that he had backed up the data to decode the files before the computer was switched off.
“I am coming Dad. He got up and moved out of the room.
Screen shifts to a lab

Pragya is seen testing some samples in a test-tube by shaking it and analyzing the contents. She was upset of the results.
Pragya’s POV
Again the results are negative, but it’s okay! Let me try again by running this sample!
POV ends
Pragya received a call from someone.
“Hey chubby bunny.” the caller said
“Bubbie stop it! I am so thin now! I don’t have any chubby cheeks!” pragya said in a sheepish tone

“I think CB is frustrated right?” she said.
“Bulbul it’s so hard. The results are negative again! I am running out of time Bubbie and I feel everything is against me now!” She said in a dejected tone.
“ hey don’t worry just calm down and do one thing increase the concentration! Do one thing after ending the call use a little more clonenode. ” She said.
“Huh? Increase the concentration? I am not sure how will it work out! Let me think about your suggestion too.”
“Well, I know it’s hard but this is what I can tell when I am in a party!” She said.
“Party? I wonder how do u get time for partying even when you’re busy like me!”
“As you know I balance equally for my work and leisure time!”

“ But wait! Why is there no noise?” She asked.
“Chubby Bunny! I am at a silent party! You won’t know all about this. Carry on with your work!” She replied in a mocking way.
Pragya was annoyed with her reply and ended the call abruptly.

She continued her work and after a number of tries, Pragya got the results that she expected. She safely kept her test results in a locker and took off her lab coat and washed her hands before leaving the lab. She was smiling brightly. After locking the lab she was leaving the office when a man dressed in a three piece red suit entered and walked towards her.

“Good evening Miss arora. How is the project progressing?”he asked
Pragya lied by saying”Mr CEO still no further update to give but as soon as i do i will inform you.”
The CEO was doubtful but asked her to leave.
“Can we get a meeting arranged with him?”he said to his assistant.
“We don’t know of his whereabouts sir.” the assistant replied.
“Then get me to talk to him god dammit.” the CEO said.
“Yes sir” and the assistant ran away.
After having dinner Abhi went back to his room as usual and his Dad was upset that Abhi was not spending time with him. He was always immersed into work. Abhi was lying down in an awkward position on the bed.
“No no damn!” and he threw the phone.
Abhi to himself” gosh i was about to beat that rascal but he cheated and won in asphalt 8. My winning streak.”
Pragya reaching her house,went to her room and was too tired to do anything. She just lied on the bed and reached out to the photoframe on the side table.
Pragya’s POV
How I wished I had expressed my feelings on the last day of college? Never met a person like him until now! I wonder where will he be now? Will he remember me if he meets me now?
POV ends

She closed her eyes with those thoughts of him and his ever charming looks and smile.
Somewhere far from where Abhigya were, a man is seen smiling proudly of his achievements and told his assistant “You never know what happens when you are near to your enemies, but when u are far from them it’s easy to see how near they are to you!”

The assistant hearing this was unable to understand the man’s words and simply nodded his head.

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