Deceptive Love – Intro

Character sketch
Abhi – A Hacker spy and IT specialist by profession. Very committed to his job. Working for Purab. Will do anything to get his job done.
Pragya -Scientist in the field of Genetic Engineering. Loves her family.Very responsible and always wants her problems and work load not to affect her loved for the CEO.
CEO – An arrogant man.He became rude after an incident. Abhi’s boss.
Bulbul- Ex-colleague of Pragya. Cute and bubbly.
Big Boss – The man who manipulates CEO. Is part of the illuminati.

Life is full of twist and turns, the journey for finding true love can be difficult. The journey is all about distinguishing the deceptions faced. Love is also a kind of deception which gives unexpected twist and turns. When two individuals who are busy in their work life fall in love they become Deceptive lovers! Will these Deceptive lovers stay deceit or reveal the truth to each other? Let’s see that in this journey called Deceptive Love!

A dim lit room is shown.
A man is seen on the phone talking to someone.

CEO: How’s the progress so far?
Abhi: everything is moving on as planned.i am on her tail .But I need more money.
CEO: Money? I thought you have your own techniques to work efficiently.
Abhi: I need more hardware. Thank me that I am working for you. I do have a question why are we doing this?

CEO: That is not a question! Keep your curiosity to yourself now. I have already told u to be in your limit! As I told u before curiosity only kills your conscience. Just do as I say!

Pragya exited the toilet and started moving with her friends.

Abhi: Okay I have to go but you need to fulfil my demands or consider me out.
CEO: Alright! Keep in touch! Always update me!
Abhi: I will.
And he ended the call.
Abhi: what a guy!Curiosity kills conscience? If I am not curious then how will I follow her?

On the other side
CEO: If she had never talked to Bulbul that day….I would have never known that she is still in contact with Bulbul but now I have to be clear that she is not against me! For that he needs to follow her!

He thought that by throwing away the photo frame onto the floor. The photo frame was seen breaking into pieces revealing the faces of Bulbul,CEO,Pragya and Abhi.

This is a collaborative ff by Prabhi and me. Prabhi is uploading this in wattapad as well.

Thank you for reading ?

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    Wow double dhamaka frm double sissies suprb but i hve a doubt u said abhi is wrkng fr purab ten y ceo cms in bw tat i cabt undrstand akka anyway loved it love u??????

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    Wow you and Prabhi together! Waiting for the next one!

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