Hello my lovely readers, here I am again with the revelations you all had been waiting for. But this chapter will also bring with it a twist. Hope you guys enjoy it and please, please do comment. Your love and encouragement is much needed to keep me going. So feel free to give any suggestions or criticism. Love you all… ENJOY…


Radhika woke up to the sound of clattering of utensils. She never slept in a deep slumber and was easily disturbed by the lightest of sounds. She looked at the wall clock. It was five in the morning. ‘Is there a thief in the house?’ Radhika thought to herself. The clattering sound didn’t stop and so grabbing the night lamp stand from her bedside table she proceeded towards the kitchen. She peeped in and the scene left her bewildered. Samaira was standing in the middle of a completely messed up kitchen.
“What are you doing?” Radhika asked utterly shocked.
“Trying to make breakfast” said a sulking Samaira. She had her hair tied up in a messy bun and was still in her night dress.
“Why? I could have done it. Plus, it is too early for breakfast. Don’t you think so?” she said coming into the kitchen to get a clear view of the muddle made by her friend.
“It was a surprise for you. You do so much for me…” Samaira’s voice trailed off.
“Well, you do more. Need any help?” Radhika said trying to lighten the mood.
“No. I am gonna try one last time.” she replied all determined.
“You sure? I don’t want to burn down my house.”Radhika giggled.
“Why don’t you go for your morning run and be saved from the possibility of dying.” Samaira clipped all angry now.
“That would be nice. But I don’t want to leave my dearest friend alone.” Radhika said while showing her witty concern.
“That is so thoughtful. But anyway I have decided upon sandwiches and juice so I can manage.”
“Well if you say so.”

Radhika was jogging along the walkway humming her favourite song when a sudden screeching sound of wheels made her turn. It was a car coming towards her with unmatchable speed. Radhika was horrified and she turned cold feet. With appalled wide eyes she saw the car approaching her. Adding on to her utmost horror was the fact that the car didn’t have a driver. It was a completely empty car! She was shock-stricken and her mind was not working at all. And in a moment’s time there was a loud crash and then silence.
Radhika could hear a man’s voice calling her. It was familiar but distant. She could feel the cold hard ground and the dust. She knew she was hurt as the pain was quite dominating in her entire body. Her eyes were tightly shut and she lacked the strength to open them. Her head started to feel dizzy and she almost lost her senses.
Radhika felt someone’s arms go around her and as she was lifted up her body protested by sending unbearable pain everywhere. She wanted to yell and punch something but all that came out of her was a small pathetic growl that surely no one heard.
“Be careful! Can’t you see she is in pain” another manly voice shouted in frustration.
‘Arjun? Is it him?’ she thought in her weak mind.
“Dude calm down I’ll take good care of her” the first voice answered trying to calm the second one down.
The pain became so unbearable now that Radhika shivered once in the arms of the man before letting the darkness surround her.

“Don’t worry sir. She is out of danger now. It was the push and her sudden fall on that hard ground that caused the damage. But the thing to be worried about now is the after affect of the shock.” The doctor told Neil.
“What are we supposed to do now?” asked an agitated Aryan.
“Well, for now, keep her away from any kind of stress. I’ll be in my office. Please excuse me.” said Mr Andrew as he walked out of the room.
“What the hell happened there?”Aryan asked once the doctor had left. “You were supposed to watch over her.” He continued gnashing his teeth.
“I did watch over her. I don’t know how it happened.” Neil said in a voice filled with guilt. He had by this time cursed himself a million times for the state of Radhika.
“If anything happens to her I am going to kill you.” Aryan threatened him.
Just then the door flew open and in came a perturbed Samaira. She directly went to Radhika, held her hand and started to cry vigorously. After a while she calmed down and looked towards the men.
“Is it him?” she asked.
“Yes. It’s Saral.” replied Neil.
“That bastard. I am going to kill him.” Samaira’s eyes were red in anger.
“That’s not needed. I will kill him with my own bare hands the next time I see him.” Aryan replied.
“I am sorry guys. I knew her life was in danger but…” Neil’s voice trailed off.
“It’s ok, Neil. Calm down.” came Samaira’s immediate reply.

“I, Radhika Mishra, take Arjun Mehra to be my lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold in sickness and in health, till deaths do us apart.”
“I, Arjun Mehra, take Radhika Mishra to be my lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold in sickness and in health, till deaths do us apart.”
“I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.” the priest announced.
Arjun, dressed in an expensive white tux came closer to his wife who was dressed beautifully in a white floor length fluffy wedding gown. Radhika always wanted a Christian wedding and Arjun had readily agreed to it for its last ritual, the kiss! It was a grand affair. Radhika and Arjun got married in the biggest church of the city. All their friends and associates invited and specially Arjun’s family consisting of his mother Mrs Piyali Mehra and his only sister Anjali. His father had been dead for about 15 years now. Ms Smith, the owner of “Blessing”, the orphanage where Radhika had grown up came as Radhika’s family, for she had none. Radhika’s eyes closed and her grip around Arjun’s neck tightened as he captured her lips in a passionate kiss pouring all the love he had for her. She too had replied with the same passion. That was the best moment in Arjun’s life.
“Arjun. Here’s the coffee.” Samaira’s voice broke into Arjun’s thoughts. He had been sitting on the stool near Radhika’s bed for about 5 hours now. He had refused to go home and there was no changing of his decision.
Samaira sat next to him and handed over the coffee.
“Sam, how many times did I tell you to call me Aryan. Arjun is dead for the world. We have to be more cautious. I can’t see my Radhika in pain.” Arjun said sipping on the much needed coffee.
“I am sorry, Aryan.” she said rectifying her mistake.
“Did you get the motive of Saral?” she continued.
“No. Not yet. But I will surely find out. I will not let anybody hurt my Radhika. He is the reason for which I have decided to be dead and now I will go to any lengths to find the truth. I have got to know that he tried to kill me and now I am pretty sure he is behind the attack on Star. I will soon find out the remaining missing pieces and solve the puzzle. And when I do so, Saral will meet his end.” Arjun said with a smirk on his face.
“I am sure you will do it. I and Neil are also with you always. And everything will be alright buddy. Just don’t lose hope.” She pacified him and with that gave him a warm, supportive, friendly hug. Arjun too hugged her back. It was a much needed solace. After a while they broke the hug and looked towards Radhika. But what they saw shocked them.
Radhika had her eyes open but they were brimming with tears looking towards them.

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