Hello people! Thank you so very much for all those amazing comments. I know you all are eager to know if that man is Arjun or Aryan and what had actually happened. But please wait a little more for complete clarification. Maybe another chapter or two. But until then enjoy this update. I hope you’ll like it cause it’s pretty long and please comment. Next one probably on Saturday. Love you all.

Radhika reached her office a little behind schedule. She looked dishevelled as she had spent her time thinking only about the morning encounter with Aryan and by the time she realised the time, she was already late.
“What happened to you now?” asked Miss Perkins looking at the slender figure entering her cabin in a hurry.
Miss Perkins was a lady in her mid forties. She had snow white shoulder length hair and a plump figure. The most noticeable feature in her entire appearance was the thick glasses that adorned midway up her nose.
“Oh, nothing madam, I missed the first bus to city.” Radhika lied.
“Why don’t you get an apartment near our office?” she said confused.

“I am sorry. I will not be late next time.”
“You better be careful.”
And that was the end of the conversation.
Radhika worked for a leading newspaper as a daring reporter. But she was an author by passion. She had got about ten complete drafts at home but none published. She never considered them to be worthy enough, though Arjun didn’t think so.
Radhika did not have much work at office today, so she decided to find out more on Aryan. She picked up the telephone receiver and dialled a number. The call was picked up after two rings.
“Hello” a manly voice answered.
“Hello Rajesh. I want some information and it’s quite urgent.”
“What is it about?”
“It is about Aryan Raichand. I want anything to everything on him. Got it?” Radhika commanded with authority.
“I’ll get onto it right away, boss lady.”
“And yes, keep it off the charts. Ok?”
“Do I have a choice?”
“I so knew it.”

Radhika was sitting at her desk and thinking about her past. A past encounter suddenly crossed her mind.
Radhika was going to meet her friend who lived in California. This was her first train journey and she loved the very feel of it.
“Excuse me, is this seat taken?” a manly voice startled Radhika who was completely immersed into reading the book named “Heaven’s Dancer.” She looked up to find a man in his mid twenties looking at her and pointing to the seat opposite hers.
“So, mind if I sit?”
Radhika just shrugged her shoulders in return and went on to her reading. Moments passed in silence before she was disturbed again.
“This book has a very sad ending.”
“Here the boy dies at last and…”
“No, don’t tell me how this ends. Ok. I don’t like to know the end before reaching there myself.” Radhika cut in between.
“But didn’t I tell you already?” the man asked an eyebrow raised and a crooked smile adorning his lips.

Radhika just rolled her eyes at his impossible nature. She closed the book shut knowing it was impossible to be able to read in his presence. The man probably reading her thoughts introduced himself.
“Hi, I am Leonardo Da Vinci and yes you can’t read in my presence. I am too noticeable. Don’t you think?” he said with a smirk.
“Well, I am Mona Lisa and no, I don’t think so.” Radhika too played along.
“Then what do you think about me?”
“I think you look too Indian to be Da Vinci and other than that I think nothing about you. You are so old Leo.” She winked.
“Me and OLD!” he shrieked horrified and with that Radhika burst out laughing.
Soon they got familiar and chatted away their time like old friends. Radhika was usually a very reserved girl but there was something in that man, maybe his forthcoming nature or that brilliant adorable smile, which made Radhika response to him. She felt something indescribable. She was happy. Truly happy, after a long time. And it was all because of him.
“You have a beautiful smile Mona.” He said in between their conversation.
“That is why I am so famous. Right?” was her reply.

Time passed and it was the moment for departure. Leo had helped her with her luggage and when she was preparing to get down, he caught hold of her hand and asked, “What’s your name star? I am A…” but before he could complete Radhika put a finger on his lips.
“No, don’t tell me.”
“Why? I wanna know you more. I don’t have your number and even not your name. How will we keep contact? How will I find you?”
Oh, how she had liked those words coming from him. But Radhika strongly believed in destiny. She was waiting for her man. That one man to whom she will surrender completely. She firmly believed that if he was the one for her, they will surely meet again. Radhika had felt loved and admired in that short span of time and so she took the leap of faith.
“We will meet again Leo, if God wants so. But until then it’s goodbye. We’ll be two strangers in this train journey only to meet as friends in the journey called life.”
With all said and done, Radhika gave a quick, tight hug to him and left.
Radhika came back to her senses and realised that she was crying. She quickly wiped those droplets and softly spoke, “We did meet Leo. And you turned out to be my Arjun.”

It was nine in the evening while Radhika sat on the living room couch watching “A walk to remember” when her cell phone buzzed. A cute smile crept on her lips as she saw the caller id flashing on the screen. It was Rajesh. She hadn’t expected his call anywhere before two days or so but this was fast. She picked the call in a hurry.
“That was wonderfully fast”, exclaimed Radhika.
“It was a little too easy. I got all the information at once.” Rajesh replied.
“What’s the news?”

“Well, Aryan Raichand seems to be a music teacher by profession. Born to Arnav and Suhasini Raichand, in California, he had been to Wimblinton High and for further studies…”
“Did you find any loopholes?” Radhika asked anxious.
“No, he’s all clean.”
“Well sent me his details tomorrow.”
“Will I send it to the office?”
“No! Send it home and make sure that this matter stays only between us. I trust you. Please don’t mess it up, for it is very important to me.”

And with that Radhika cut the call. She was extremely disturbed at the moment. She knew something was wrong. It was as if everything was being given to her. And what comes easy can never be right. Radhika closed her eyes and remembered the morning incident again and again. It was playing in a loop in her mind. She had recognised his scent when she went close to him and the touch, it was all so familiar. Arjun and Radhika loved each other with all their heart and what existed between them was so pure and true that it could never be destroyed. Thus, Radhika decided to listen to her heart. But for now, she needed to wait till tomorrow morning.

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