Hey guys I am Enakshi. But please call me DESIRE. The name is lucky for me! I have been a silent reader all this while. But aradhika is my life. So I have come up with a ff on them. It is my very first attempt at writing a big story. So please bear with my errors and support and comment if you like the story.

The wide stretched daffodil fields looked majestic in the bright moonlight and the ambiance was tranquil and silent. The moon-drenched landscape featured the beautiful golden fields for about half a mile and then an elegant bungalow. The bungalow though was big, was melancholy. The balcony was large and there stood a sleek figure looking out into the dimly lit landscape. She portrayed pure beauty with long curly waist length thick black hair, a slender figure and porcelain skin that shone in the moonlight. But her beautiful hazel brown eyes were sad and dense. She looked up to the star studded sky and uttered a single word, “Arjun”. Tears started flowing down her cheeks as soon as she called out his name. It was as if a gush of painful memories hit her hard and she went into a trance. She pictured herself standing in the middle of the daffodil fields in broad daylight, smiling. The smile was such that it could lighten even the darkest of moods, but it had been long lost into the harshness of life.

“Radhika”, a voice called out loud from behind her.
She turned around to see a man in white tee and black jeans with well toned muscles that would flex and straighten against the top as he made pancakes on the outdoor stove under a big shaded tree. He had thick brown hair and deep blrown eyes that seemed to know everything.
She ran towards him, her smile widening as she approached and hugged him tight from behind to whisper, “I love you Arjun” into his ears.
Arjun immediately straightened and brought her in front of him, kissed her forehead and replied back,” I love you too, honey. But what is bothering my baby?”
“We always are going to be together right?” she asked.
“Yes” had been the answer.

Radhika opened her eyes slowly, only to realise that her memories were long gone and she had no chance of reliving them in reality. Arjun was dead and the dead never comes back to life.
Arjun and Radhika had been married for only less than a year when it all happened. Arjun was shot to death in his attempt of saving an innocent child from being murdered by a group of thugs. He was after all a competent lieutenant and moreover loved children. But as for Radhika, even though she got the news, she never saw her husband’s lifeless cold body. The body had been missing from the crime scene and thus Radhika never considered Arjun to be dead. She never tried to move on in life but held on to the little hope she had of her lover’s return.

Radhika had been looking up at the moon for quite some time now. This was the time of the day when she didn’t have to pretend. She could cry her heart out, mourn over the loss of her beloved and no one was there to see her. She was in her own thoughts when the clock struck 2 and with that the moment was gone. It had been a demanding day at office and so Radhika went to bed and slept in the thoughts of Arjun.

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  5. Thanks, I’ll update soon.

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    Wow intensely painful but lovely plot. Pls continue

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