death of sita sisters (Part 1)

I am writing ff on death of sita sisters, as valmiki ramayan says the sisters died suhagan, on fb I read after 11000 years of ram rule they took samadhi together and died peacefully in their sleep soon followed by the brothers acc to valmiki Ramayan.

All are in the mainyard.
Urmila says – swami, we sisters were blessed to die suhagan so we need to retire as our sons are grown up and married. Lakshman says – but what about me? we will die together.
Mandavi says – swami, we will wait for you all in vaikunth, allow us to go. Bharat says – but why, I will come with you
Shrutakirti says – no swami, try to understand as sita didi has left the world before jijashri, we have to follow her. Shatrughn says – no, I will not allow you.
Urmila says – we are destined to be together either in vaikunth or on earth, we will be together in every birth. Lakshman says – but, I can’t think even a minute without you
Mandavi says – let us allow, we are waiting for your permission,we will again meet in vaikunth. Bharat says – but how can I allow, I can’t breathe without you
Shrutakirti says – now please don’t cry, we will again meet in vaikunth, now allow us. Shatrughn says -I am body, you are my soul
Bharat says – how can body live without soul
Lakshman says – the body is useless without soul
Urmila says – we never ask for anything, just 1 desire to die suhagan
Mandavi says – please fulfill our desire, we never asked anything
Shrutakirti says – even death can’t separate us

The brothers with a heavy heart agreed but said – ok, but we will come soon.
Angad, Chandraketu, Taksh, Pushkal, Shatrughati Subahu with their wives enter the room and hug them
The sisters asked them to serve elders and raghukul parampara, they cried and agreed
Ram, lav, kush and others enter, the sisters did pranam to elders and took samadhi and slept
Few minutes later, they died. All cried.
Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughn did last rights of their wives
Few days later, Lakshman took samadhi and few days later Ram, Bharat, Shatrughn took samadhi and four pairs met in vaikunth
Even death god is praising the four sacrificing pairs.

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