After The Death Of Ram And Sita (Part 2)


Hey guys today I am back with the part 2 and I was really happy that you liked it and a viewer was unsure that Urmila Mandavi and Shrutakirti had daughters, and I am insure too but stil I just made the characters up.

Lakshmi: Why were you worrying about us? We are not kids.
Smriti: Yes, we are not kids.
Shrutakirti: Shut up, for us our children will always be kids.
Mandavi remembers when they were kids and also remembers Sita.
Manavi: What are you thinking about, Mother.
Mandavi: I don’t know why I am missing Sita didi a lot.
Urmila: We all miss Sita didi.
Lakshmi: Mother, who is Sita didi, you always talk about her.
Urmila: Lets go inside.
Lakshmi thinks “Why didn’t she answer my question?”
They all go inside.

The scene shifts to the palace Mandir.
Lava looks at the paintings of Sita, Ram, Dasharath, Kaushalya, Sumitra, Kaikeyi, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrugan with garlands and seeks blessing.
Lava: With all of your blessing today I have became the King.
Kusha comes.
Kusha: Where were you? I looked for you everywhere.
Lava: I was just missing mother and father, thats why I decided to come here.
Kusha: But I miss mother more than a crore.
Lava: Lets do the peace prayer.
They start the peace prayer.
Scene shifts to Urmila’s room.
She thinks about the last moments with Lakshman (I heard that when Lakshman saw Ram dying he died as well cause he can’t leave without Ram).
Lakshmi enters in that room.

Next update tomorrow.

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  1. Padmaja

    Nice…. iam the one asked and I know they had sons…. all the four couples had two sons each…. and this is a nice imagination…

  2. Aman

    nice imagination ☺though the 3 sisters of sita died along with their husbands, but its nice

  3. Adhya

    Very Nice imagination…..waiting for next update

  4. It was amazing.
    Waiting for next update.??

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