After The Death Of Ram And Sita (Part 1)


Hey guys, for the fans of Siya Ke Ram, I decided to write ff on after the death of Sita and Ram, hope you will like it 🙂

The episodes starts with showing the luxurious Ayodhya, and a lot changed after the death of King Ram.
Workers(Dasi): Today we are very happy, today is crown prince Lava’s coronation, oh I can hear some noises maybe the assembly gonna start now, we can’t be late otherwise minister(Mantri) will be very angry.
The coronation assembly starts…
The scene shifts to the coronation hall.
Minister: Once again, today is the coronation of another crown prince of Ayodhya and Raghu Dystany, let assembly begin.
Public cheers.
The minister takes the crown.
Prince Lava comes in action with Prince Kusha, everyone throws flower at them, then Urmila, Mandavi and Shutakirti comes.
Minister: This is the moment, what we are all waiting for.
Minister picks the crown and tries to put it on Lava’s head but Lava stops him.
Lava: Pardon me, but before I get coronated, I would like touch all the elders feet.
Lava touches Urmila, Mandavi, Shrutkirti and Minister’s feet everyone blesses him.
The puts the crown on Lava’s head.
Everyone chants “Raja Lava ki jai ho”
Minister: I would like the King to say some words.
Lava: As the King of Raghu dystany I will always follow the rules of Raghu dystany, I will go where dharma takes me and I will promose you that you will never get disappointed with me.
Everyone again chants “Raja Lava ki jai ho”.
The assembly finishes.

Everyone leaves the hall.
The scene shifts to Urmila’s room…
Urmila: Lakshmi, where are you Lakshmi, [Lakshmi is actually Urmila-Lakshman’s daughter] maybe I should tell Mandavi and Shrutkirti about it maybe they know.
The scene shifts to Shrutkirti’s room…
Shrutkirti: I was coming to you, do you know where is Smriti.
Urmila: I was coming for asking is Lakshmi with Smriti, now I can see they are both missing.
Shrutkirti: We should ask Mandavi di, maybe she knows.
The scene shifts to Mandavi’s room…
Shrutkirti: Do you know where is Smriti and Lakshmi.
Mandavi: No, even I couldn’t find Manavi.
Urmila and Shrutkirti: What, even our daughters are missing.
Mandavi: Maybe there in the garden.
They go to the garden.
The shout Manavi, Smriti, Lakshmi.
A voice comes down which says “We are here”.
They follow the voice.
There is three beautiful girls [their age is like 20-22].

The next episode will be tommorow.

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  2. nice one but is it true that they have daughters

  3. pls writte more

  4. Padmaja

    It is nice but thr couples had daughters???? I heard they had sons…..

    1. Suhana66

      I don’t know really but I just made it up that they had daughters.

  5. plz dont play with the history that also with ramayana it is something we should let it remain as it is
    i dont say you writing a ff is wrong bt atleast spare God atleast its a request no offence

  6. Hi,
    I am Ishu
    I loved it.

  7. Hi,
    I am Ishu
    I am a big fan of your.

  8. Hi
    Liked it
    Love you
    Take care.

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