Death Note.. part 2

Headlines of newspaper: More than 100 criminals died of heart attack? Do you really think that it is a mass murder or the justice of almighty??

Soon, the inexplicable deaths of criminals catch the attention of Interpol and the world
Scene 1- Police headquarters
All the police and detectives have gathered.How such a big mass murder is possible? Various research of the murders are been carried out..Many crimnals have died suddenly!!!The police Head Mr.Kaminare says Now this case can be solved just by one person-Detective L
No one knows who he is except the best detective in world.But how to approach him?
Suddenly some voice comes from the screen..
” L here.. I hope you all are well aware of the chaos going in the world. I want everyone of you to continue your research work and complete some data which will be reaching you in some time.. But remember..He can kill anyone of you be careful”
Mr.Kaminare instructs everyone to dedicate themselves fully..He was very determined to catch the killer
Scene 2:

yagami raito on laptop..seeing pics of some criminals..
yagami- Do you know ryuk? I am doing a good job by killing criminals..look on internet..there are stuffs filled with me..they have also named me as ‘kira’ probably referring to as killer.. but there are also sites which suggest me as spite of being so popular, the police doesnt believe in,nt it ridiculous?
just then yagami’s mom calls her for dinner.
On the dining table were yagami , his sis , mom and dad- Mr.Kaminare
Mr.kaminare- yagami, you must have heard about the kira case. I am the head of that case.As you have helped me before also in many cases ,
yagami-i understood dad

The next day at police headquarters
Many police men were afraid..Kira has already killed 212 criminals..Police from all over the world are behind him..What if he kills the person who tries to find him?? And about L.. how can we trust him? he is safe as kira doesnt knows his name and face..but we?
just then message from L comes- I want you all to conecentrate as kira is here only in japan..he is a college going student..”
police- In japan? How can you be soo sure?! We dont have any evidence.. and college going student?!! we need evidence Mr.L
L- you will come to know this today sakimura tv at 7:00 pm today..

Hey guyz..the thrilling mystery is yet to come.. what will happen on tv?? Will it be the victory of L or of kira? fr now no one knows the name and face of target..lets c wat comment

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  1. Hey stg did you somehow got the name from the anime deathnote??? If you have then please reply coz i m very big otaku

    1. wrting stry of anime..hav u read death note?? im a veryy bg fan of it

  2. m alsooo otakuu 🙂 and it hit right in kokuro
    heyyy sttg senpai notice me and tell me wat all mangas u read ?? do u read naruto??

    1. ive read death note..n im currently reading ‘Another’
      another is veryy gud..even u shud read it..hav u read death note??
      do u really wnt me to continue??

  3. I hav read a few issues of death note stg and i hav followd full naruto series nd half dragonball and onepiece smtymes also detective conan itz gud mystery dtectiv 1 also yup u shud continue i wud lov to read bt a lil busy these days so may nt cmnt or mis smtym but surely i wil read wen i gt tym nd try to read ‘another’ manga and m big naruto fan nd an otaku ☺ lol senpai thanx

  4. Very thrilling n interesting story. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads…

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