Death Note.. part 1

My story is based on manga-The Death note
Shinigami-The god of death
The whole scenario is taking place in japan
Scene 1: Shinigami named ryuk was fed up of his job.He had nothing new to do. So he decided to drop his death note in human world.A death note seems like an ordinary book but once you write anyone’s name in it, he dies.There are several rules which you will know later.

Scene 2: Yagami Raito, a 15 year old teen ( excellent in studies..brilliant) seem to pick the notebook.After reachng home, he opens it. On the first page, some rules were written such as
-while writing the name , you have to imagine the face of the person
-cause of death can be specified and also the time
-if not specified the person dies of heart attack in 40 sec.
Yagami almost bursted out laughing. I mean there is a height of playing pranks.One can go to such extend like writing rules and stuffs?!!
Just then ryuk appared in front of him.Yagami was shocked to see such monster like creature.He never believed in something like the god of death.Ryuk said,”If you dont believe me, you may try it.If you find this note dangerous you may return it to me. all your memories regarding it will vanish.Its only you who can see me.”
Yagami remains silent and decides to sleep as maybe he was hallucinating.
Next day when he was watching television, he saw a news report: A terrorist entered the saitama school. And they showed the photo of the terrorist.Yagami said to himself,” although i dont believe but i can try this note” He writes the name of terrorist while seeing his photo.After 1 min the headlines : The terrorist suddenly died of heart attack!!!
this astonished yagami. Ryuk came and said so what have you decided?
yagami – should i be guilty of a murder?
ryuk- You know what. We shinigami have their duty to kill atleast one person in every 200 years. who doesnt do this shall die. So we come here and write the name of anyone we see.. it really doesnt matters to us.
yagami- so you know everyones name?
ryuk- we have shinigami eyes. When we see a person we get to know their name and life expectancy.
yagami-i see..
silence silence silence
yagami- I will change this world. I will punish all sinners. I will end the crimes.
He tells Ryuk of his plan to exterminate all the people he considers immoral and unjust from the world, until only people whom he has deemed kind and honest remain. Once he finishes creating this utopia, he means to rule over it as the self proclaimed “God of the new world”.

there is lot of mystery and suspense coming ahead. I hope you all enjoy it. Please comment if you all liked it..

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