Death is confirmed- shot 3

Hey Guys thanks for the comments. And ha sorry for the late because I was enjoying weekend. So now let’s start.

I was still in rohan’s house. Police are talking to rohan’s father. Uncle is saying to police that ” when I went to his room last night I have seen him reading a book. Unfortunately in the morning he is like this…. ” He told by controlling his tears. He was unable to speak more.

But my mind was stopped near the word “book” .

Later I came back to my room & closed the door. I went near the table for the book. It is not there. I know where it will be. I went to shelf & throwed it away. I thought to burn it but…..

“Like this he is dead…..rohan ” I have read it in the book.

Immediately I took the book & started to search if I will get any clue regarding his death. I sat in the chair and started to read from the beginning.

In the first page it was written as “this book is for those people who don’t believe in ghosts & spirits”.

In the feeling of enthusiasm about how they are going to make us believe & started reading.

In first page it have seen so many names. I turned next page. The first story is about “tara” .

Tara has everything. Beauty, wealth, education , manners etc…. everything. She doesn’t have only one thing and that is fear about ghosts.

Once she is chatting something with her friends then someone started topic on ghosts. She interrupted them in the middle & said ” There are no ghosts and they never exists. All these are our imaginary stories. ”

“Oh! Then do one thing. The upcoming amavasy day go alone to the temple which is at end of the forest and light Diya & come back safely then we will agree.” Said anu.

“Done in will go in order to prove you all there are no ghosts. ” Said tara confidently.

But she doesn’t know that she did wrong by accepting that challenge.

Amavasy night.

Night time exactly 11:10 pm.

Tara heard some one is banging the door. She opened the door & saw anu in front of her. Anu asked is she ready or not?

Tara said she is ready & along with them another 4 friends also joined them and left to forest in car. They stopped the car almost half kilometre asideto the forest.

“From here you have to go alone. Light the diya in temple and take a selfie and come back ok. ” told anu.

Tara agreed & took a torch & things required to light diya and started to walk.

It was so dark. Heavy air, small typical sounds are only to be heard. In the middle due to heavy air trees branches are colliding and making different sounds. By the source of torch tara is walking slowly. After 5 mins entering in forest suddenly she heard a sound from back like something has fallen down. Her heart beat stopped for 1 min & again started beating fastly. Slowlyshe turned back & seen it by torch. It was a deer dead body which has been eaten more than half. It was smelling so disgustingly & tara felt a vomit sensation.

Again she started walking & thought “some animal might killed that deer & might have eaten it sitting on tree.” But she didn’t think that which animal will eat her prey by sitting on tree. If she got that thought she might got out from forest.

After going some distance she felt a cloth touched her face. After seeing it by light it is a dupatta of someone. She moved it & came front for 4 feet and then she realised that the dupatta which is on the tree & her’s is same. She came back to check again but there was no dupatta on the tree.

Again after few steps she felt something near her leg & saw down & it was a tree stem. She felt a sigh & again started walking. Again she felt something near leg & irritatingly she seen down. It was a big stem. Within a second it stripped to her leg & strongly pulled her. By the sudden force tara fallen down . As soon as she fallen down the stem pulled her forcibly into tree’s trunk.

To be continued…….

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