Death is confirmed- shot 2

Hey Guys. Thanks for your comments. Here is the next shot.

As soon as my nightmare finished immediately I woke up & sat. Suddenly I felt that someone went outside the window.

I asked ” who is that?” But there is no response. Not even a sound. When we are alone in home & at the same time when we seen such type of nightmares even a bird sound also will be heard dangerously. Now only I came to feel it clearly.

I thought to drink water & went to kitchen. When I come back the book which I kept on table is not there. I was shocked.

“I kept here only then where it has gone.” I searched it but didn’t find it. Anyways I got up now so I thought to read the book which was in am reading before rohan came. I went to shelf to take that book & I was stunned. In the place of my book death is confirmed book which rohan gave me is there.

Next day morning at 7 I wake up by my phone call. Without opening eyes I said “hello”

There is no sound from other side.

Again I said ” hello” irritatingly.

Same silence.

I cut the call & again slept. After 2 minutes again I got a call. Now I opened my eyes & seen who is that & it is from rohan.

I received the call ” why are you disturbing early morning rohan?”

From other side I heard some one is crying & it is female tone.

Again I checked whether it is rohan’s phone or not & said “hello”

“Rohan….. rohan is no more liya” cryingly said keerti who is rohan’s girlfriend.

But I didn’t get what she told.

“What happened keerti?”

“Come to rohan’s house soon” she told & cut the call.

After changing dress when I was about to leave the same book which rohan gave me is on the table. Then night what I saw in the shelf? Is that all dream….?

When I went to rohan’s house I have seen many police officers and lots of people. By siding them I went in. Ladies are crying loud & gents are seen standing silently. When I went in what I seen was stopped my heart. Rohan’s dead body is on floor and he has hands , legs and head but they are separated from his body. His eyes are kept open and they are so scary. By seeing his head in felt like he was asking me ” Did you read the book liya?” My head started to spin, my legs are shaking I leaned on near by wall for balance.

When I am thinking is this true or my dream I felt something cold on my back. When I turned back to see it was written “death is confirmed” By blood.

To be continued……

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  1. Fenil

    Excellent !!

  2. Amazing dear

  3. Anuradha123

    Fabulous, fantastic dear.. Keep writing.. I’m waiting… Can’t wait anymore what will happen next.. I’m so happy that I m able to read so good stories… Great job dear

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