Death is confirmed- shot 1

Hey Guys. This is my first article. Hope you guys will support me. Please comment.

And ha this is non serial thriller shot. Please read it carefully .

It’s night 11:10 in clock. I am studying a horror novel & now I am feeling sleepy & I decided close the book and kept in shelf. When I was about to off the lights & sleep i heard some one is continuously banging the front door.

I thought who came at this time & opened the door. As soon as I opened the door rohan entered speedily and closed the door

He was completely drenched in sweat and suffering to breathe. I think he came by running.

“What happened rohan why you came by running?” He stopped me in middle & said

“Liya, I don’t have time ……. listen to me carefully….. destroy this book by any cost…… don’t dare to read this and don’t allow to read anyone” He was struggling by telling these words and he kept that book in my hand.

“What is this rohan? What is going on? ” when I am asking this mean while….

“Did you listen to that anklets sound? She came here too. See she is laughing now. I am going don’t forget about this book ok.” By saying this he left from there hurriedly.

I didn’t understand from where he heard those anklets sound & laughs which are not heard by me. We can tolerate any type of friends but not who will do these types of practical jokes. He is my childhood friend and he did this type of practical jokes many times & now I am habituated for them. I will talk to him morning and decided to keep the book on table & unexpectedly I have seen it.

It is dark forest background & it is written as death is confirmed in red letters. The letters are written in form of flowing of blood and it is so scary. By observing deeply in the middle of those trees some design of person is seen. A black cloth is covered on its head & it is seen like a shadow. In the place of eyes there are something just like lights. By seeing it in the fraction of second I started to shiver.

Later I decided not to think about it more & kept it on table & switched off the lights and slept.

Just by name sake I slept but I got so many nightmares like someone is observing me while I am sleeping, someone is slowly calling my name like this so many are disturbing me. But the last nightmare is scary which shows that I am writing something on wall…. with my right leg…. but that leg is got separated from my body and I am holding it with my hand. I completed to write…. and it is written in blood that….. death is confirmed……. just like on book cover.

To be continued…….

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