My dearest stranger few slots Twinj ff – Part 5


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Twinkle’s pov:
I returned to the college and find girls passing me death glares .
As I walked further I cd hear girls conversing about kunj leaving the college. I knew it was all his new drama to make me forgive him .

I ignored it and walked further but stopped as I found kunj motioning towards me with some letter in his hand . He handed me the letter and left . But I couldn’t believe my eyes for what I just saw . He had tears forming which he tried to hide but failed . I turned back to see him leaving and read the letter . I was left completely speechless. He actually left the college! !!
But y do I care ? He ruined my life. I left to my class . After the classes I climbed into the college bus . I sat on my seat and had a look on the empty seat next to mine . I recalled my moments with him in the bus . I then came back to reality and put on the earphones and looked out . I found a familiar voice . I turned to find kunj sitting next to me .
K : will u now turn on the music silly girl ?
Oh ya I had forgotten to turn on the music . I did so and turned to find no one next to me . I was day dreaming. Y am I thinking of him ? Agh I just hate him . Finally I got down from the bus at my stop. I went for a walk and then returned to my house .

I freshened up n sat on my bed with the letter n recalled how I saw him teary eyed . How can it be possible? Kunj never cares about anything then what was that ? I don’t know y but there is something wrong happening. But wt?
I finally took out my cell n dialed Rahul’s no
I : hello Rahul. Is kunj with u
R : what do u think twinkle ? What wd he do here After u asked him to leave ?
I : Rahul can u plz do a favor. Plz tell me why is he in this way ? Rude and all . Plzz tell me . If u can’t then at least give me fly’s no. I will speak to his parents.
R : actually, ..
He tells her something that is muted and fb is shown

Kunj’s father is seen hitting his wife and she is crying badly . This was regular scene in his house . One fine day the same happens but kunj interferes. Kunj is shown as some 7 year old kid . His dad a asks him to go out but kunj starts throwing stones at him and one of the stones injures his head badly and he dies . Kunj’s mom gets shocked . She asks kunj to leave telling she won’t let anything happen to him . She hugs him and cries looking at his father’s body. She then asks him to on leave and police arrives at their house . She gets arrested . Fb ends
R : since then kunj is all all alone and his mom is suffering from mental instability as ppl in jail tortured her badly . Kunj is trying to earn money for her operation. I can’t speak any further .
He cancels the call.
I was so wrong. I never thought kunj had gone through all this . I did wrong with him . This shouldn’t have happened.i need to stop him. I cleared my tears and ran outside in search of kunj.
Bin tere plays in the bg

To be continued. ..

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  1. SidMin

    Wow Loved the the episode Kunj left 🙁 Hope he comes back and Twinkle understands his POV too and forgives him 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  2. Baby

    oh god sanam dis was lyk
    tears r nt stping soo emotional episode
    welll luvd it yr post nxt asap
    sad fr kunj n twinkle 2 …………

  3. Shatakshi

    That was painful??
    But again it was Amazing sanam

  4. Ria

    The past was so sad. Hope everything gets sorted out soon. The episode was superb though. Do post soon.?

  5. Sayeeda

    Amazing slot yrr…awesome….
    loved it to the core …..
    Hope everything get sorted out soon ….

  6. Amazing sanam……

  7. Chiku

    This was so painful. ???
    Loved it
    Next wale ke liye waut kar rahi hun

  8. Aamu

    emotionel n painful…..
    do cont…

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi….emotional sad tha….

  10. Shreya098

    Hope he’ll be back soon…
    Ur story is awesome..

  11. Soo sad.. Feeling bad for kunj…

  12. Awesome n emotional epi.. feeling sad for kunj??.. do cont soon ?

  13. Romaisha

    Omg your episodes!! ?????❤❤❤❤
    God their my life now! ?❤❤
    Now I literally can’t go a day without your episodes .. Im in Iove yaar??
    so Sorry for late comment , by the way ..

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