My dearest stranger few slots Twinj ff – Part 5

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Twinkle’s pov:
I returned to the college and find girls passing me death glares .
As I walked further I cd hear girls conversing about kunj leaving the college. I knew it was all his new drama to make me forgive him .

I ignored it and walked further but stopped as I found kunj motioning towards me with some letter in his hand . He handed me the letter and left . But I couldn’t believe my eyes for what I just saw . He had tears forming which he tried to hide but failed . I turned back to see him leaving and read the letter . I was left completely speechless. He actually left the college! !!
But y do I care ? He ruined my life. I left to my class . After the classes I climbed into the college bus . I sat on my seat and had a look on the empty seat next to mine . I recalled my moments with him in the bus . I then came back to reality and put on the earphones and looked out . I found a familiar voice . I turned to find kunj sitting next to me .
K : will u now turn on the music silly girl ?
Oh ya I had forgotten to turn on the music . I did so and turned to find no one next to me . I was day dreaming. Y am I thinking of him ? Agh I just hate him . Finally I got down from the bus at my stop. I went for a walk and then returned to my house .

I freshened up n sat on my bed with the letter n recalled how I saw him teary eyed . How can it be possible? Kunj never cares about anything then what was that ? I don’t know y but there is something wrong happening. But wt?
I finally took out my cell n dialed Rahul’s no
I : hello Rahul. Is kunj with u
R : what do u think twinkle ? What wd he do here After u asked him to leave ?
I : Rahul can u plz do a favor. Plz tell me why is he in this way ? Rude and all . Plzz tell me . If u can’t then at least give me fly’s no. I will speak to his parents.
R : actually, ..
He tells her something that is muted and fb is shown

Kunj’s father is seen hitting his wife and she is crying badly . This was regular scene in his house . One fine day the same happens but kunj interferes. Kunj is shown as some 7 year old kid . His dad a asks him to go out but kunj starts throwing stones at him and one of the stones injures his head badly and he dies . Kunj’s mom gets shocked . She asks kunj to leave telling she won’t let anything happen to him . She hugs him and cries looking at his father’s body. She then asks him to on leave and police arrives at their house . She gets arrested . Fb ends
R : since then kunj is all all alone and his mom is suffering from mental instability as ppl in jail tortured her badly . Kunj is trying to earn money for her operation. I can’t speak any further .
He cancels the call.
I was so wrong. I never thought kunj had gone through all this . I did wrong with him . This shouldn’t have happened.i need to stop him. I cleared my tears and ran outside in search of kunj.
Bin tere plays in the bg

To be continued. ..

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  1. SidMin


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    Wow Loved the the episode Kunj left 🙁 Hope he comes back and Twinkle understands his POV too and forgives him 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  2. Baby


    |Registered Member

    oh god sanam dis was lyk
    tears r nt stping soo emotional episode
    welll luvd it yr post nxt asap
    sad fr kunj n twinkle 2 …………

  3. Romaisha


    |Registered Member

    Omg your episodes!! 😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤
    God their my life now! 😍❤❤
    Now I literally can’t go a day without your episodes .. Im in Iove yaar😂😂
    so Sorry for late comment , by the way ..

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