My dearest stranger few slots Twinj ff – Part 2


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Twinkle’s pov
I hurried up to my class only to find everyone chit chatting as sir hadn’t arrived yet. ‘Thank god ‘ I said feeling relaxed as I wasn’t late . I walked upto my seat but wt? How come ? Yes that kunj is sitting r8 next to me!! . He was busy doing something in his cell phone. I stood before him but he seems least bothered to even look up . ” if ur memory power is weak then let me remind u this isn’t ur seat ” I spoke looking away . I could see he finally looking upto me from the corner of my eye . “So? ” I heard he asking me .

“So u must … ” b4 I could speak further my friends cuts me short . “Good morning baby doll” yuvraj wished me . ” Gm yuvi , can u plz tell me wts he doing on ur seat ?” I ask with curiosity defined on my face . “Obviously sitting ” yuvi replied laughing. ” not funny Bro” I said frustrated. ” OK ok relax . We swapped our seats” yuvraj said. My heart skipped a beat on hearing this. I could never imagine the situation of I and kunj sitting next to eo throughout the class hours . “What? But y? “I asked him all tensed now . ” It’s ..”he said continuously gazing at Mahi who was busy with her friends. ” I understand” I said . He hugged me tight and gave a peck on my cheeks . “Thank u babydoll. U know wt I love you ” Uv said being hyper happy. “Uv leave me “I said softly as I find students staring us especially kunj . His expressions kind of reveal that he is jealous. Lol twinkle wt r u thinking! !. We broke the hug and he left to his new seat next to mahi’s. I too settled on mine . Huff I can find him smirking .

Sir comes and we all stand to greet him . we sit down as he asks us to and he starts his lecture. I take out my notes from the bag lien on the floor against my desk . Before I could place it on the desk , kunj caught my hand , snatched it from me and threw it which hit sir’s head while he was writing on the board . Everyone started laughing and sir asked them to shut up as he was boiling in anger . He asked the students to answer as to who threw it but everyone kept silent . He then read my name written on the book nd asked me whether that was mine. I stood up and nodded in a yes looking down .
S : I can’t believe this . I thought u were a good student
I : sir I am sorry .

I knew if I wd tell him the truth then kunj wd get suspended for sure as he has already committed many such acts b4.
S : u need to come with me to the principal’s chamber .
T : sir plz don’t do this to me . I assure this will never repeat .
Now I had tears in my eyes . Kunj was about to stand up but I stopped him by placing my hand on his shoulder signing him a no while I kept looking forward . Bell rang and class got over .
Sir asked me to meet him b4 the following class . I cleared my tears and left the room.
A pion informed me that sir is waiting for me in the old Chem lab. I left to the lab . The lab was on the 3rd floor of the other building.
The building is the oldest within the campus and so very few enter into it as it’s not under use .I entered into the lab as sir had instructed .
I : sir I am very sorry
S : u know ur act can make u get suspended r8.

I : yes sir I know .
S : don’t worry . I won’t complain about this to principal but on a condition.
I : what condition ?
I find sir motioning towards me . I start walking backwards .

I : sssir…wt rrr u doi…ng.
He quickly got hold of me and I was struggling to free myself . He threw away my shawl and pinned me to the wall with my back facing him . He digged his head on my shoulder and started kissing my neck . I was struggling hard and crying continuously asking him to leave but he wouldn’t stop . I tried to free my hands from his hold but of no use . He now uncovered a piece of cloth from my shoulder and started kissing there . I was crying hard trying to free myself. Soon I found his grip loosened and he making sounds in pain . I turned back to find him being beaten up badly by a guy , his back facing me . Soon sir fell on my knees with that guy’s heavy punch with blood oozing out. Now my eyes fell on the guys face who was none other than kunj. He looked at me with tears forming in his eyes . He ran upto me and hugged me tightly and I too hugged him covering my face against his chest and crying badly .His one hand was caressing my head .
Due to the noice students had gathered including the principal .
We broke the hug and kunj explained sir regarding the incident.

Sir was handed over to the police . Principal asked me whether I was fine offering me a glass of water . I drank it and nodded in a yes now feeling a Lil relaxed,. Principal thanked Kunj from behalf of everyone and asked him to drop me home in his (princi’s) car.

To be continued…

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