My dearest stranger few slots Twinj ff – Part 1


Hi guys .It’s me sanam. I know u all m8 have forgotten me and I deserve it . U can screw me as much as u want to nd if possible please forgive me though I may not worth it. Sorry that I couldn’t comment on ur ffs . U ppl r awesome .Anyways , this is of few slots . Hope u like it

Twinkle’s pov :
Not again !!! I exclaimed and began my daily routine of reaching towards the motioning college bus . I somehow manage to pick up the speed of the bus and get into it .

” Thank u babaji” , I tell in a exhausted tone and then make my way towards my regular Window seat . I sit on my seat n find the same pair of eyes over me like always . It’s the person seated right next to me . I turn to face him and he gets busy into reading some novel to ignore me. ” hi , good morning” I said in a cheerful tone but he doesn’t seem interested in getting into any sort of conversation with me. ” what a person! !!”I murmur which probably fell into his ears as he looked at me with anger . I look away n put on my ear phones but it doesn’t satisfy me as I can feel that same pair of eyes staring me .

‘Oh gosh , why can’t he just continue reading his novel! !!! I know I look not less than a princess but that doesn’t mean he would keep staring at me’ . Hehe .’ Whatever it is, I must say he is quite handsome but the only problem that lies with him is that he is too weird’ .i come out of my rail of thoughts as his voice falls into my ears . ” Stop daydreaming about me u silly girl ” . I was left with my mouth wide opened . ‘How did he even get to know that I was thinking of him’ I thought . All my questions came to an end as he continued ” Don’t pressurize ur small brains on how I got to know you silly girl . U didn’t turn on the music yet” . He says letting out a faint laugh making me completely embarrassed. ‘Oh yes . Silly me . How did I forget to turn on the music ?’ . ” Anyways could you please stop calling me silly Kunj?” I ask frustrated. ‘ oh wait . Y did i even ask him ? He is least bothered to even reply ‘. I find him motioning towards me leaving me boggled . I shut my eyes but then slowly opened it only to find him throwing the chocolate wrapper out through the Window. ‘What the hell is wrong with me ?’ I wondered but then I compose myself . ” Don’t u have manners ? U aren’t supposed to throw the wrappers wherever u wish ” I tell him, annoyed with his behaviour but he is least bothered to pay heed to my words. “Disgusting” I murmur. Finally the bus enters into the campus and everyone except we 2 had left the bus. He walks out from his seat, but then stops n comes towards me n I look at him surprised. ” btw u were , u are n u will remain silly , you silly girl ” he said pushing my forehead a Lil n walked out leaving me frustrated. But wow , he did reply to my question !! . I come out of my silly thoughts as I hear the college bell . I rush towards my class as I didn’t wish to b late for the 1st hour .

To be continued. ..
So how is it ? Did u like it . Do comment . Rotten tomatoes are also allowed. Kindly excuse me for the grammatical errors.

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  1. Priya_

    Waiting for the next shot..

  2. Hey sanam… if m nt wrong u r the one who wrote TWINJ KI EK KAHANI… if yes den I loved ur writing. .. bt I don’t understand why didn’t u post after the 57th episode… I chkd for the 58th episode tym n again.. bt I didn’t find it… if u r the same person m tokng bout… so plz complete dat story if u can… 🙂

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing interesting….eagerly waiting for next part

  4. Amazing start.. do cont soon ?

  5. amazing start
    would love to read much more of it as its getting interesting
    continue soon

  6. Sameera

    Amazing yaar do cont soon

  7. Kritika14

    Loved it! It’s really interesting! Continue soon x

  8. _Vaishali_

    its intresting…cntd soon..

  9. Sayeeda

    Sanam Yrrr missed u so much… U don’t have an idea how much I missed u….. I’m sooooooooo happy to see u back….. I hope u went through my reply on the comment u did on my ff…..

    After so long time reading ur ff was the best gift… Thanks for it…..

    Shot was amazing… Awesome.. Too good.. Stupendous…. Plz continue with it…

    If possible then please post ur other ff’s also… Plz….

    Love u ???

  10. Nice yaar very nice i m waiting for next episode

  11. Chiku

    Sanam missed u soooooooooo much
    I am chehak I changed my name to chiku on tu
    Cming to episode it’s amazing ?????????????
    Dear its a request plz upload ur pther ff twinj ki yeh ek kahaani. I luv that ff alot plzzzzz??????????????

  12. aww so cute…keep posting…loved it…

  13. SidMin

    Loved the start quite different and intresting waiting for the next episide ?

  14. Shatakshi

    Oyeee hoeee Sanam
    U r finally back??
    U know I really miss ur ff
    Plzzz if possible continue it becoz it AWESOME

    N this plot is damn interesting
    Plzzz post asap
    N aapka ek aur ff tha na…in which twinkle is a college girl n kunj is an arrogant principal…if yes then plzz continue…becoz I used to love it too
    Love u❤❤??

  15. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey sanam
    Yaar very nice
    Keep writing
    It’s looking interesting as I’m little bit bothered about the behaviour of kunj but anyways
    Loved it ??

  16. Romaisha

    How can u say we forgot u haa? I was and still am a huge fan of your previous ff please … I can’t rememeber if u completed it but can u post it so we can remember the story? Pleashh
    Anyway this story is also very interesting kunj bhi nah ?? loved it alot post soon 🙂
    Love u di ?❤

  17. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Amazing start…luved it…do continue soon..:)

  18. Baby

    sanam amazzing yr
    luvd d start it was wowwwwowoowowowwwwwww……
    post nxt asap dear

  19. Hey sanam…
    The episode is grt
    Sry.. I forgot to mention it in my previous comment as m a silent reader… I dnt evr comment…
    Bt I srsly wanted u to continue the story u left.. I was so glued to it …
    I liked it so much that from the 1st to the 57th episode. … I read it in a day…
    So u cn imagine… hw much I liked it… so if u cn dn plz complete the incomplete story u left…
    Nd again
    Dis episode too is grt

  20. Kruti

    After a looooong tym sanam is back
    Missed u sooooo much

    The beginning was toooo good….awesome loved it

    Eagerly waiting for d nxt part

  21. Hey sanam …..I m a very big fan if urs….pls pls post ur Twinj in a new journey of love. Don’t keep us wait for sooooooooo long. Vaise maybi know y ur so late if u don’t mind

  22. First of all wlcme sanam missed u soo much …. And yes i must say a nice start …

  23. dreamer....arundhati

    Sanam mai bilkul nahi bhuli tuhe… Fab start.. Plz jaldi update kar ruka nahi jaa raha

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