Dear to nobody(RagLak) – part 9

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Part 9

Completely Past
Flash back continues…

Ap feeds Laksh food with her own hand. When he hiccups, Janaki makes him drink water. on other hand, Uttara is making him cheer up with silly jokes. Ragini was looking at him silently still in tears. She remembers how Laksh proposed her before day. Laksh feels totally emotional with the love they showed.

Daadi: ok ok, now leave them both alone. Let’s go..!!

All of them leaves the room. Laksh bolts the door as soon as they went off.

He looks at Ragini, then she bends her head. He sits opposite to her on bed.

‘how are u feeling?’ he asks.

Ragini nods her head silently. Laksh gets up from bed to sleep on couch, suddenly his hand was held. Laksh turns back, Ragini was holding his hand. “Ragini..” Laksh calls.

Ragini keeps holding his hand, and kisses his hand. Laksh amazes. a tear falls on his hand from her eye. Ragini keeps his hand on her cheek and closes her eyes. Laksh sits opposite to her near and wipes her tears with his other hand.

‘what happened Ragini..?’ he asks. Ragini remains silent, and closing her eyes itself, hugs Laksh tightly. Laksh amazes a lot.

Ragini silently weeps hugging him. Laksh smiles and pats her back. ‘it’s ok, don’t be scared now. it’s over..’

Ragini suddenly breaks hug and looks at him with tears filled eyes.
‘did you understand this??’ she asks. Laksh just keeps looking.

Ragini then, holds his nape and his head and suddenly pulls his head towards her. she locks her lips upon his. Laksh makes his eyes big in shock. But, Ragini on other hand, was silently kissing him with closed eyes, Laksh drops his eyes down to look her bowed eyes. Laksh too closes his eyes being mesmerized with her sweet touch on his lips.
Then, Ragini breaks the kiss.. and looks into his eyes.

‘Did you understand now?’ she asks. Laksh smiles and cups her face and now, he places his lips gently on her. both start smooching. Ragini makes her grip tight around him and Laksh places his hands around her. both, start kissing passionately.
After few minutes, they both break the kiss.

Laksh was feeling astonished and shocked. He never ever expected this in his life. He thought, he would just end up as a lonely guy forever, but now.. is it true..? He really tasted the love..!! He looks at Ragini who has turned away her head in shy.

Ragini was too feeling very new. She always knew Laksh as the mysterious guy in her college. Even, she used to comment him funnily with her friends. But, he has become her husband, which she never expected and today.. finally, she kissed him..!! Now, till where this kiss leads too..?

She opens her eyes and looks at Laksh. He was looking at her silently. What can they talk? They both literally spoke their heart out.

Ragini stands feeling shy with his sight, and Laksh stands behind her. Laksh looks at her tiny waist which is visible as her saree went aside due to wind. Laksh raises his hand to touch her waist, but being hesitant he takes back. Then Ragini holds his hand and places it on her tummy. Ragini closes her eyes in smile and Laksh keeps looking.. then he makes his grip tight on her waist and pulls her close. Ragini gasps.

Now, Laksh lands his kisses in her neck. Ragini bites her lower lip and starts rubbing his nape and head. Finally, he lifts her in his arms and places her on bed. Ragini keeps looking at him… Laksh places his one knee on bed and bends to her. he stops an inch ahead to seek her permission. Ragini smiles and holds his collar and pulls him towards her. they both hug tightly.

“I love you Laksh” Ragini whispers in his ears. Laksh smoothly kisses her on her ear. Lights go off..

Next morning…

Ragini opens her eyes heavily. She feels a heavy hand on her smooth tummy and her head is on a hard thing, where.. she can hear.. ‘dag dag..’ heart sound. Ragini then pops open her eyes and looks at Laksh. He was sleeping with a great smile and his both hands are around her. ragini gets up from him slowly wrapping her in bed sheet and looks aside to find their cloths lying on floor. Ragini shocks and falls back her head on pillow beside him. Ragini closes her eyes and remembers what all have happened previous night. She places her hand on her head, and later she covers her face with both of her palms.

“It was my fault..! I have started it..!!” she thinks. Ragini turns her head aside to see Laksh. Then she looks at time, it was just 6’O clock.

“I never got up this early..!” she thinks.

Ragini slowly gets up and goes to washroom. She stands under shower. She remembers how she confessed her love. “was that me..??” she amazes again. After a while, she comes out of bath wearing a chudidar and looks at Laksh who was standing at window with his dress on. Ragini moves silently to dressing table. She starts getting ready nervously. She feels very awkward to face Laksh now. Laksh turns back and smiles looking at her through mirror. He is about to reach her, Ragini soon gets ready and runs out of room… Laksh looks on…

Ragini runs out and gets collide with Daadi who was holding tray full of flowers.

‘Sorry Daadi’ she says.

‘are your eyes on head?’ daadi shouts.

‘no, I think they are in dream world..!’ Uttara comments.

‘No, no..! crow may have took them away..!!” chotu shouts.

“shut up..!” Ragini shouts and chases them.

After a while, Laksh too comes out after having bath. He was searching for Ragini. Ragini was intentionally hiding from him. ‘oh no, how to face him now??’ Ragini thinks.

Shekar is talking with some people. They are discussing about some problem, Laksh listens to it, goes there and solves it very easily and all appreciate him. Ragini was looking at him from aside. Mishika sees this.

She shouts,
‘Lucky, why are you sitting there? Ragini is waiting for you here..!!’

Ragini shocks and closes her mouth. Laksh looks at her. shekar smiles and nods his head saying Laksh to go. Laksh starts coming near Ragini… and she runs away from there.
Laksh feels amazed with her behavior.

Later, Ap calls Ragini and says her to give coffee to Laksh. Ragini nods her head negatively.

“Go..!!” Ap sends her. Ragini hesitatingly steps towards the terrace as Laksh was there.

“Yes, I’m sure about it. aunty gayatri has done it..!!” Laksh says in phone. Ragini amazes what Laksh was talking. Laksh cuts the phone and turns back. Ragini is about to ask him…
But, as soon as she looked at him, she only remembers how Laksh kissed her in neck. Ragini feels hesitated again and she puts cup on table and about to run, but.. Laksh holds her hand.

‘what’s going on? Why are you avoiding me?’ Laksh asks. Ragini bends her head and remains calm.

Laksh pulls her back and Ragini lands on his chest. She looks at him in big eyes, Laksh raises his hand to put her hair back from her face. As soon as he touches her, Ragini closes her eyes in smile. Laksh moves forward and about to kiss her, but… Ragini places hands between them and she slightly pushes him back..

She runs away… Laksh looks on..

Later… After a while,

Shekar, Dp, a police, Gayatri and her husband were talking.

Lak: it’s true that the saree has strings which can ignite. Upto my knowledge no sarees are stitched like that.

Gayatri glares at Laksh,

“Bhayya, your son in law is blaming me..!”

Police: but, you need to give explanation for this madam..!

Gayatri then fakes tears,
“enough bhayya, why I will kill Ragini..? she is my dear…”

Laksh: just remember this aunty ji, you can’t harm Ragini.. until I’m here..!!

Gayatri looks at Laksh and police leaves as it has no correct evidence. She too goes away.


Laksh was thinking how to overcome this Gayatri and reaches balcony of their room. Ragini was looking at her deep neck in hand mirror. She touches the love bite of Laksh there and she blushes. She doesn’t know that Laksh has come and she continues her antiques.

Laksh smirks, he clears his throat. Ragini shocks that Laksh has comes, she silently places the mirror aside.

Laksh comes and stands beside her, but.. Ragini goes starts going away ignoring him.

“I’m sorry Ragini.” He says and she stops.

“Ragini, if you are upset with me for yesterday night, I’m sorry for it.” Laksh says. Ragini amazes and turns back. Laksh moves his eyes aside.

“you have invited me, so.. I felt you too love me.. that’s why I took next step. But, if you really were not interested on me..” Laksh is saying..

Ragini comes near him,

“No Laksh. It’s not at all like that. I seriously love you.” She says. “then, why are you..” Laksh is about to ask. Ragini holds his shoulders,

“Laksshh., it’s not like avoiding you. But, I was.. I was…” Ragini tries to say..

Laksh: you were..??

Rag: I need not tell, you have to understand..!!

Ragini bends her head and keeps playing with a button on his shirt. Laksh smirks and grabs her near by waist.

“were you shy?” he asks. Ragini was still bending her head. Laksh slides his hand on her waist, now Ragini looks at him lovingly. She cups his face..

“I love you truly Laksh. Don’t leave me..!” Ragini says. Laksh kisses her hand, “never” he says and hugs her.

“Laksh, you are my dear..! you are not nobody from today. I’m yours dear. And, you are mine..!!” Ragini continues saying. Laksh kisses her head. His face is filled with happiness that was never seen.
His face is seemed in complete satisfaction, that he has got a love in life..!!

Yes, the lonely soul needs a soothing heart to make it feel awesome. That friendship, that love makes that soul complete. A one hug, a one word is enough to break many egos and hates.

After having a long hug, Laksh lifts her in his arms and takes her inside and places her on bed. Ragini who was just looking at him, raises her hands inviting him into her embrace. Laksh accepts her invitation, and she locks him in her hands in tight hug.

“You are mine Laksh.” Ragini says. Laksh kisses her cheek with smile.

They continue their sweet love making till the sun rises…

Precap: completely present.

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