Dear to nobody(RagLak) – part 8

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So, guys.. Dadaji has a son and daughter Shekar and Gayatri. Ap is not own sister of Shekar. She is sister to him because, Dp her husband is a brother to Janaki… in this way. So, Ap’s daughter Uttara will not have right on property. only, Ragini’s kid or Nikil’s kid will be the legal heir.

Dear to nobody part 8

Laksh shocks with the statement of Ap and Janaki.

Laksh: but maa..

Ap turns her head away. Laksh bends his head sadly. Ragini feels sad looking at Laksh.

Janaki: ragu beta, come with us. That GAyatri is dangerous…

Ragini: maa, I won’t leave my husband.

Janaki and Ap looks on.

Rag: if you don’t consider him as a human, I don’t want you..!

Ap, janu shocks.

Lak: Ragini..

Rag: I can’t tolerate if my husband is humiliated or ignored..! maa, maami.. you both may leave if you treat Laksh like this..!!

Ap: Ragu…

Ragini remains silent.

Janu: but, he cheated us Ragini. How can we excuse him??

Rag: maa, even I have cheated you all. You all can excuse me, but not Laksh naa..!! bcz, I’m your daughter.. and he is your son in law..!

Ap looks at time,
“Janaki, let’s go. Shekar bhayya may come home this time. He will be upset if he knows we are here..!!”
Janaki and Ap leaves the place in tears.

Later, Laksh comes near Ragini. He kneel downs before her where she is sitting on bed.

“Ragini, however I was alone always. I was dear to no one. Why, you are also losing everyone for me?” Laksh asks.

“Laksh, you know why..!!” Ragini says in tears.

Laksh smiles and sits beside her.
“why..?” he asks naughtily placing his hand on her waist. Ragini feels tickling, “because…” Ragini says… Laksh keeps moving his fingers on her waist.. both, falls on bed.


Ragini was trying to wear saree looking at a video in you tube.

“Argg..!! it’s not easy than it looks..!!” she says and tries wearing saree again.

It is the saree given by Gayatri the before day.

Laksh knocks the door from out, “How long Ragini..? We are getting over the time for puja..!” Laksh shouts from out.

“I know Mister..! please see your work..!!” Ragini shouts.

“Angry mode is on..!” laksh murmurs himself out, and Ragini murmurs, “I’m dying with this work here and he is hurrying me..! ap maa, my maa, uttara daadi no one are there is house now. at least, I need one person to help me..!!” Ragini upsets.

Then she goes to door and slightly opens it… “Laksh…” she calls who was roaming here and there before door.

“what..?” he asks.
Ragini was bending from in, he can see only her face.

“I need help..!” Ragini asks. “what help?” Laksh amazes. Ragini forwards a piece of cloth.

“Tie this to your eyes and come inside.” She says, Laksh wasn’t sure what’s her plan? He does as she says.

Laksh comes inside with blind fold, he can’t see anything. Ragini was in her blouse and petticoat. She is feeling nervously shy, even though he can’t see her.

“Hold this” Ragini gives him one end of saree. Laksh was not still sure what’s going on. Ragini was in her red cheeks and trying to drape saree. She stands on bed and tries tying it.

“ahh, I can’t do this..!!” she stamps her foot on bed and she accidentally places it on edge, and she slips.

“aaaahhh” Ragini shouts and she falls on Laksh. With her force and weight, Laksh also loses his balance and he falls down.

“Ouch..!!” Laksh groans, as his back hit to floor. He can realize Ragini was over him.

“what’s going on Ragini..?” Laksh tries to hold her to and his hands touch her bare waist.

“Laksh…” Ragini sighs suddenly, and Laksh realizes their actual position. Even, he starts blushing. His, blind fold unties unfortunately and he happen to have a look on Ragini like that. Ragini was over him, and she was looking at Laksh… both have eye lock for a while.

Then, Laksh’s phone rings. Ragini soon gets from him and she takes saree coves over her, Laksh turns his head other way.

It’s Shekar on phone.

“Come soon Laksh. Here puja will start..!!” Shekar says.

“Yes, uncle. In 10 minutes will be there..!!” Laksh cuts the call.

Ragini was closing her eyes, holding saree near to her and she was panting. Laksh looks at her once through mirror and bends his eyes.

“Ragini, we have to be there in time..! If you don’t know to wear saree…” Laksh is about to complete..

“Ok, help me..!” Ragini answers. “can I turn?” Laksh asks. Ragini covers her top with a scarf and says in dried tone, “yes”

Then, Laksh turns back and takes saree into his hands. Ragini was bending her head. Laksh moves around her setting saree around her waist, without touching her, and Ragini herself was draping properly and keeping pins. Laksh makes the frills on saree.. Ragini knows how damn nervous she was feeling. Her hands are wet with sweat. As scarf is upon her, he can’t see anything.

To avoid weird silence,
“Do you know to make wear a saree?” Ragini asks.
“Hmm, yeah.. once I had to do this when I did woman role in drama…” Laksh says.
“what..?? you did woman role???” Ragini laughs..

Laksh couldn’t laugh as he himself was feeling so weird and nervous. He hands over frills folded saree into her hand. Ragini bends her head and does rest all things.

Laksh turns other side rubbing his nape. Ragini turns to mirror and tries setting her pallu on shoulder.

“Is it over?” Laksh asks who was looking other way.

“I’m not getting how to put this..!” Ragini says. Laksh turns back, and Ragini was struggling to attach saree with pin on her shoulder. Laksh goes near her and keeps pin properly.

“Hmm, it’s done..!!” Laksh says in smile. Ragini smiles looking him through mirror.

Then, she tries tying dorries. Laksh hands raises to help, but Ragini.. “it’s ok.. it’s ok.. I will do it..!!” she says. Laksh smiles and comes out.

Ragini later who looks at herself, keeps blushing and blushing and outside Laksh was in same position.

After the weird silence and controlling their feelings, they both reaches to a river which is beside temple. Shekar and rest all family members are waiting for them. Raglak are walking beside each other. Ragini steps ahead to Laksh, but her pallu gets stuck to his ring. Ragini turns back.

Daadi and uttara smiles. “see daadi, our plan worked out. We left both of them alone..”
“and, something might have happened..!!” daadi laughs.

Laksh removes the pallu from his ring, Ragini bends her head and runs to Janaki and Ap who were busily talking. Laksh keeps looking at her in smile. And suddenly, he feels a little burn on his finger.

He has kept his hand near a clay lamp and happened to have little burn, but he is amazed, a string which is stuck to his ring was burned. Laksh takes other string which is not burned and smells it, it has petrol smell. He lights that string and it burns off with in no time… Laksh shocks and looks at Ragini, her whole saree is stitched with those strings.

He looks at Gayatri who was smirking at Ragini. She brings aarathi plate near Ragini, and drops camphor with fire at Ragini’s feet, soon.. the fire touches Ragini’s pallu.

“Ragini…!!!” shouts Laksh and runs to her. Gayatri acts as if she was terrified. Ap and Janaki tries to stop fire. Shekar and rest all also rush to her.

The fire soon spreads to all saree of Ragini, before that fire hurts her.. Laksh raises her in his arms… and he jumps along with her into the river beside them.

“such a wrong plan didi. The river is just beside, it was easy to save her..!” one man says to Gayatri.

“who knows, that this guy comes suddenly fast than that fire, before anyone would react, she have to turn into ashes..!! I made that saree like that..!!” Gayatri says slowly to him.

Laksh raises Ragini from water, she doesn’t have any wounds on her, but she is unconscious. But, Laksh’s hands have burnt a little. Janaki and rest all comes near Ragini in tears. Laksh keeps carrying Ragini to car, and he glares at Gayatri while going…

Gayatri looks on…

Laksh places Ragini in the back seat of car, uttara sits and keeps her head in her lap.

“Laksh, your hand is burned..!” Janaki shocks.

Lak: maa, it’s nothing..!!

Ap: what nothing..?? see, how worse it is..!!

Ap takes water from a bottle and pours slowly on Laksh’s hands. “aaahh..” Laksh shouts a little.

Ap: it’s ok beta.. it’s okk.. (she says in tears)

Laksh amazes looking at their love. Even, though they both are not his own mothers, they are looking at him in super care..

Then, Shekar comes and ties a clean cloth around his wound.

Chirag: let’s go to hospital..!

Laksh: but, Ragini…

Dp: we will take care of her, you go with Chirag..!!

They sends away Laksh.

After, a while, in home…

Ragini was sitting on bed leaning to wall looking out from window…

Janaki, Daadi and Ap are talking.

Ap: Laksh, is really mad..! he lifted Ragini, when she has fire.. he touched the fire..!!

Janaki: that’s a horrible situation, even we couldn’t do it..!! see, how much pain he may have gone through..!

Ragini gets tears, she was looking other side listening silently to their words.

Just then Laksh enters that room,

“Hmm, my dear mothers. No need to worry. It’s a small burn..!!” Laksh says. All looks at him, he has bandage on his hands.

(Note: guys, fire is dangerous. Whatever I mentioned is just for story. Don’t ever go near fire..!)

All comes to Laksh worried. Ragini keeps looking at him in red teary eyes.

The trio ladies keeps asking Laksh…

“Maa, aunty, daadi.. I’m fine. Super fine..!!” he keeps saying.. but still they three are concerned about him.
Ap feeds him food with her hands as he was not well.

Past over…

Now, present…

Laksh who was standing at window remembers that entire scene and remembers how Ap and Janaki blamed him that morning. A tear drops from his eye.

Ragini who was sleeping, wakes and suddenly runs to wash basin. She vomits. Laksh holds her ears, and she cleans her face.
Ragini wiping her face with towel weakly falls on Laksh.

‘your kid has started troubling me Laksh..!” Ragini says in cute smile. Laksh holds her close and kisses her forehead.
“and, I will bear everything..!” Laksh says….

Screen freezes on their smiling faces.

Precap: everything past..!

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