Dear to nobody(RagLak) – part 7

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Dear to nobody 7


RagLak are hugging each other tightly and they roll on bed. Ragini comes above him. Smelling her hair which is falling on Laksh, he falls back being mesmerized.
Ragini bends to him and she places her chin on his chin. Both of their lips are touching…

Laksh opens his eyes and then she closes being shy.

Flash back…

The marriage of RagLak is completed. All family members are thinking Laksh to be Rp’s son.
That night is Laksh is sitting in the room where it’s decorated.

On other hand, Janaki and Daadi are making Ragini ready and she is seemed to be in other world.

Janaki: ragu beta, now it’s your responsibility.

Ragini annoys, “maa, I know. Don’t remind me it always..!!”

Daadi laughs and pulls her cheek.. “don’t be anger at us, show it to your husband..”

Ragini gets angry again. They take her to her room where Laksh is waiting. Ragini closes the doors and looks at Laksh. He was just looking at her.

“Ragini… was his first love. Not, just in girls.. but.. among whole human world. He never felt anyone close, anyone loved.! But, it’s her whom he loved. Loved as soon as he looked at her for first time.”

Laksh thinks.. and he was just staring at Ragini who is wearing a creamy saree from which her waist and chest are visible slightly. She feels nervous for the looks of Laksh.

“Don’t see me like that” Ragini says, Laksh moves his eyes away from her in a smile..

“You look so beautiful.” Laksh says.

Ragini’s cheek turns red and says, “I know that I’m..!! Btw, you also..” Ragini cuts her words without saying.

“Yes, I’m..?” Laksh questions and moves towards her. “Laksh, don’t do this..!” Ragini says and stuck to wall. Laksh then holds her hands and Ragini looks at him amazed.

“Ragini, don’t get scared. I will do nothing.” Says Laksh and makes her sit in bed on he sits opposite to her.

“I have a master plan to overcome this issue.” Says Laksh, Ragini looks at him.

“After few days, act as if you have become pregnant. Later, we can adopt a new born baby… let’s make family believe it’s our own kid. Then, let’s take divorce.. you can be happy as you like later…!! How’s my plan..!!” Laksh says

And Ragini glares at him. She grabs a pillow and starts beating Laksh.

“I’m already feeling guilty for cheating my family and you are saying more stupid plans..!!” She shouts,

“Oww, stop it Ragini. I’m sorry..” Laksh says.

“Divorce..?? How can you even say that?? Do you think marriage is a joke??” Ragini says again…

While she is beating, Laksh loses and falls on bed.. Ragini falls on him. Both have eye lock.

Laksh looking deep into her eyes, “I’m sorry..” Ragini then bends her eyes and tries to get up from him. But, she slips and falls on him again. Her chest hits him, and her head falls on his chest. Laksh closes his eyes… Ragini can hear his abnormal heart beat.

Ragini sighs and looks at him. Both look each other again.. Laksh places his hand on her cheek.

“I can’t tolerate more Ragini. Today, I will revel my heart.” He says.. Ragini looks on..

Laksh placing his hand more warmly on her cheek,

“I love you Ragini. Love you than anyone.”

Ragini surprises.

“More than me, more than myself, more than this Laksh. I have started loving you from the first time I saw you. But, kept my love as secret… now I can’t stop my feelings..”

Laksh keeps saying. Ragini just looks into his eyes.

“I love you” Laksh says again and about to kiss her head, but Ragini soon gets up from him and turns her face aside. She was sitting beside him holding her knees near to her. Laksh too sits. Ragini was closing her eyes.

“Sorry Ragini. I out bursted my feelings. Sorry, if I hurt you.”

Laksh gets up from bed and goes to couch.

Ragini opens her teared eyes and looks at Laksh who was sleeping on couch.

Next morning,

Ragini wakes and listens song from bathroom, Laksh was singing song while taking bath. Ragini laughs listening to it.

Then she goes to door and knocks, “Laksh, come fast.. I have to go.”

“Two minutes.” Says Laksh and completes his bath wraps towel around his waist. Ragini leans to door being asleep.

Laksh suddenly opens the door and Ragini who was leaning to door, falls on him and Laksh wraps his hands around her and holds her. Ragini keeps at Laksh in shock and he too. The water droplets from his wet hair falls on her lips, cheek and throat.. Raginj gets shy to realize that she has stick to Laksh’s wet body.

“Ladoo..” Daadi calls from out. then they both comes into world. Ragini shudders her head and moves from Laksh. She goes and opens the door.

“Get ready and come soon both of you.” Daadi says and leaves. Ragini looks on..

After a while,

RagLak goes into hall and shocks to look Gayatri there. Laksh however don’t know her. No one are talking with her. Gayatri fakes a smile and comes to RagLak.

“Sorry dear, being your own bua I didn’t come to marriage. That’s why, I brought you this gift.” Gayatri gives a saree to Ragini. Ragini takes it from her unwillingly.

“Now leave. Gave your gift know..!” Shekar says standing from his chair.

“Let me talk with them bhayya.” Says Gayatri puts her both hands on both of their shoulders and take them to corridor where no one are there.

“Ragini..Laksh., you both are good pair. I just have a small request. Ragini beta, don’t give birth to a kid till one year..” she says,

Ragini smirks, “bua ji, I know why are you saying this. But don’t worry, within one year I will make you hear the cries of my baby.”

Gayatri frowns her eyes.

“My baby is going to change your fortune and he/she will write the new history here.” Ragini challenges her.

Gayatri goes into hall annoyed. RagLak follows her.

“Bhayya, say your daughter to wear this saree and come to the temple for doing puja. You know the ritual right. The girl of this house has to wear what bua gifts.” Gayatri says.

Shekar:: no one need to remember rules to us. We know everything.

Gayatri goes away. Ragini looks on..
“End of flashback”

Now, present…

Laksh is feeding Ragini chapathi with dal. Then, Ragini takes a piece and feeds him.

Rag: Laksh, what shall we name our kid?

Lak: there is 9 months of time Ragu.. we can decide. Our baby is just two weeks…

Rag: umm, say now only..!!

Just then, they hears door knock. Laksh is about to go, Ragini stops him holding his hand. “No Laksh, may be it’s bua again..!!”
“Are you scared of her? When, i’m with you..!!” Laksh says and removes her hand.
Laksh opens the door and amazes to see Ap and Janaki are standing.

“Ragini..” they say emotionally comes near Ragini.

“Maa, Maami..!” Ragini says in tears. They both hug Ragini, Laksh looks at them in a smile.
“I’m so glad that you both have come maa..” Laksh says and Janaki shows her hand to stop.
RagLak shocks.

“we came to meet our daughter, not you..!” Janaki says.
Laksh looks shocked.

“I was your maa once. But, not to a cheater like you.” Says Ap.

The screen fades on RagLak’s sad face…

Precap: Ragini starts loving Laksh: in past.

Guys, I’m sorry for frustrating in the update of my land. I felt sad for none being bothered about ppk ff.
But, I was wrong. You all have proved that you all love me.. and you guys kept loving me always. This love has brought me till here.
Thanks for commenting to all in all my previous updates of my land, diya ff, and dear to nobody…
I will update dear to nobody regularly everyday.. but, tomorrow i may can’t update it.

till then, take care dears.. and love you all…


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