Dear to nobody(RagLak) – part 6

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Part 6:


Laksh was looking at Gayatri frowned. Ragini clenches Laksh’s collar in fear.
Laksh holds her hands and removes them, and gives her assurance with his eyes. He moves out,

“Laksh, don’t go..!” Ragini shouts.

But, Laksh stands before Gayatri.

Gayatri raises her eyebrow, “I love this braveness in you boy..!! but, I’m sorry..!!” she says and gives order to men beside to beat Laksh.
But, Laksh raises his strong hand and just one blow..!! that guy fell down..!

“Gayatri devi..!! I know you are behind the land and that land’s heir is my kid and I even know very well that who ever comes behind my kid will…”

A man tries to beat Laksh, Laksh holds his and beats and throws him to ground. Gayatri, Ragini and other men look Laksh in shock.

“will end up like this..! if you have wish to survive go away with your troop and don’t be desperate to face this father’s anger..!” Laksh says glaring straight into Gayatri’s eyes and he snatches gun from her hand.

“Get lost..!” he says and fires a bullet in sky. Gayatri trembles and other men make her sit in vehicle, they drive away.

Laksh rubs his nape in an attitude mode..
{Just as power star Pavan Kalyan..PK}*loving eyes*

Laksh comes back to the door where Ragini is looking at him amazed. Laksh face becomes normal looking at her. Ragini hugs Laksh happily,
“I’m now not all afraid Laksh. You are with me naa..!”

Laksh wraps his hands protectively around her and kisses her head.

Now, the past… flash back..!!!


Laksh has made a master plan to stop the marriage. He decides to act as if he has eloped.

“Today, my all relation with this family is over. It’s ok, I will think… I have gone through some good days in my life.”

He thinks and packs his things. He is in sherwani. He gets emotional remembering all his moments with the family.

“Janaki aunty, Ap aunty, Daadi maa.. Shekar uncle, Dp uncle, Uttara behen, Chirag, chotu and mishika…. I will miss all of you..!!”
Says LAskh emotionally looking at family picture on wall.

Then he looks at Ragini, “mainly you Ragini. Because, I love….” Laksh is about to complete… the doors of his room opens suddenly and it’s Ragini.

Ragini is in bridal attire, and she is panting.

Laksh smiles looking at her,

“Bye forever Ragini, I’m going..” Laksh takes his bag and about to go… Ragini places her hand on his shoulder and stops.

“We should GET MARRIED Laksh..!” she says. Laksh shocks at once.

Lak: are you mad?

Rag: Laksh, if I don’t get married today, the 5000 acres of fertile land goes into wrong hands.

Laksh looks at her confused.

Ragini goes and opens the windows of his room and she shows the farmers who are sitting before the marriage stage to see the marriage. Who’s eyes are showing only happiness and hope.

Rag: our marriage is cost of their happiness Laksh..!

Lak: Ragini, try to say clearly..!

Ragini takes the deep breath,
“My Dadaji has made a will that the heir of 5000 acres of land will be the first off spring of his grandson or granddaughter.”

Laksh looks on. Ragini keeps telling,

“This will was made 10 years back, before death of dadaji. He did like that because he was eager to see his great grand children too..!! but, his wish was not satisfied and that will is left like this.”

Ragini gives those documents to Laksh’s hand and he will be reading it.

“My dad has a sister Gayatri. She is my dadaji’s daughter. Even, she has right on that land. So, Nikil is the only grandson of dadaji and I’m the only granddaughter. So, now the deal is either Nikil’s kid or my kid will be the heir of this property who is born first..!”

Ragini says, Laksh looks at her closing the papers.

Ragini looks out from window,

“However, Daddy was not greed on that land. So, he waited for my education to be completed. But, the dead line is.. I have to be married before my 21st birthday. Even Nikil bhai has same condition. He was married already, but he don’t have kids still. Now, Gayatri’s intention is to stop my marriage. If this marriage is not done, all the assert goes into her hands..!!”

Ragini completes and looks at Laksh.

Lak: but, how these farmers are related to this issue?

Rag: laksh, those farmers lost their lands because a dam was constructed. Their lands are buried under those waters. Then, it’s my Dad Shekar who has promised all those farmers that he will give away these 5000 acres of land for their cultivation.
Now, my dad can get right on them, only when I give birth to the heir before Nikil’s wife.

Laksh looks at her amazed.

“Now, the conclusion is… you should get married to me and we should start a life?” Laksh asks straight. Ragini nods her head bending.

Lak: but, Ragini.. you didn’t like this marriage..!

Rag: Laksh, my dad was ready to give up all that for unknown people. Why can’t I sacrifice my choice for my family..?

Lak: then, what if all comes to know one day that I’m not the son of Mr. Ram Prasad? And I’m in sanskar’s place?

Rag: I will handle everything. Laksh, it’s better to marry you than the random guy my dad chooses now in the hurry of marriage, in case we say the truth.

Laksh keeps looking. Ragini joins her hands,

“This is for my family and for those people. Laksh, marry me..!” Ragini asks in tears. Laksh comes near her and holds her hands.

“Ragini, I promised that I will help you..! that means, I will be with you forever..!!” Laksh says.

Ragini looks at him in tears of happiness.

{Friends, I hope you all understood that land wala topic. You can ask me doubts if you have any.}

In the presence of all family RagLak are married. By, still a guilt was killing both of them that they are cheating them. But, they are sure they are doing all this for a good will.

{So guys, take breath now. RagLak are married. I know, all guessed this already. But, I didn’t mention till now they are wife n husband. But they are..!!}

Hence, RagLak are married.
{RagLak marriage theorem completed}

Flash back The end..

Now, present…

Ragini was sleeping, and she feels some tickling sensation on her tummy. Laksh was whispering to her stomach.

“Hey darling, this is your daddy.”

Ragini smiles and just closes her eyes.

“Come to me soon..!! let’s play a lot..!!” Laksh says and kisses her tummy gently. Ragini clutches the bed sheets. Later, Laksh gently moves his fingers on her tummy. Ragini shivers and keeps blushing. Ragini keeps her hand on Laksh’s head. He looks at her. ragini calls him with her eyes. Laksh moves up.

“what are you both talking?” she asks.

“it’s secret between daddy and kids. You be calm.” He says.

“ohh..” Ragini turns away her head in pout. Laksh smiles and kisses her cheek.

“Ragu..” he calls.. “umm..” Ragini just murmurs. Then Laksh kisses her ear. Ragini closes her eyes in smile. “Ragu..” he whispers in her ears sensually. Ragini just keeps blushing without giving response.

Then Laksh moves his face into her neck and buries his face with lots of kisses and pecks. Ragini moves her hands on his back to neck and both hug eo tightly.

Both goes into their own world remembering their passionate first love making….

(which will be in next episode)

Hope I didn’t bore you all with lands topics.. but..
Guys, in coming episodes be ready to face steaming romance of RagLak.

Dear friends, I have submitted pehredar piya ki next part… open the following link to read it if you haven’t.

with love,

from Astra..

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