Dear to nobody(RagLak) – part 5

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Dear to nobody 5

Ragini was resting her head on Laksh’s shoulder. She was holding his hand tightly, so that he can’t escape anywhere. Laksh was rubbing her head smoothly. Both of them goes into past….

Flash back

Ragini was looking at the ring on her finger. It was the engagement which she didn’t wish. Just then, Laksh opens his eyes after a long night sleep. Ragini glares at him.
She was waiting in his room when he will wake.

Laksh wakes and holds his head. ‘umm, what’s happening to me?’ he says.

Ragini comes and pours jug of water on Laksh. Laksh shocks and shakes his head.

“Ragini..?? what’s this??” he was looking at his shirt which was wet.

“This was gifted by Daadi with love to me.. and you..??” Laksh says and looks at Ragini who was about to burst out in tears.

“Ragini, are you going to cry? Did I do any mistake?” Laksh asks innocently,

Ragini takes a pillow and starts beating Laksh. Laksh was trying to put hands as defense.
“Hey Ragz, stop..!! what did I do..???”

Ragini was still beating him with pillow.

“You have spoiled my life..!!” Ragini shouts and throws pillow aside and she sits on bed beside him with hands on her head.

Laksh confuses, “Ragini, what did I do..?” he asks.

Ragini shows the engagement ring.

“We both are engaged..!!” she shouts. Laksh looks shocked.

Then he looks at his ring too on his finger.

“In drunken state you have placed ring to me.” Ragini says. Laksh laughs.

Lak: do we do such things when we are drunk..!

Ragini glares at Laksh and he stops laughing. Ragini grabs other pillow and starts beating him again.
‘Ragini stop..’ Laksh keeps shouting, but the truth is he was also enjoying this craziness.
Ap who comes to talk with Laksh, happens to come across the room and finds RagLak are close. She goes away smiling.

Ragini stops beating him and sits aside and she was panting.

Lak: hmm, now the anger over?

Rag: my anger never decreases on you Laksh. You misbehaved with me yesterday..! what was that dance..?? that too with me..!!

Lak: but, it was not my mistake. You are the one who sprayed alcohol on me.

Rag: yeah yeah..!! you boys are like that..!! once you drink, you do all rubbish things with girls..!!

Lak: I don’t know about it Ragini. But, I didn’t behave like that with anyone, only with you… because….
(laksh says and stops)

Ragini looks at him amazed.

After sometime…

She was walking out…

She keeps remembering his words.
“I behaved only with you like that.. because..”

“why..?” she thinks.

Now, someone is going to enter in her life without her willing. She has to do something before everything is out of hands. if she says the truth, her family would never believe her. for that, Laksh has to prove himself as bad, but he is getting great day by day for family.

She is thinking and looks at Shekar who is trying to call Ram.
“In two days marriage is there. But, why this Ram is not responding? Will he come to his son’s marriage at least? He is just saying to arrange everything and he will come along with his family on the marriage day..! I’m not understanding.” Shekar says to Janaki.

Ragini feels sad for cheating her parents. She thought Laksh would make all family to dislike him, he never behaved in college with anyone close like this. but, he suddenly became a good boy..? why is he doing like this?

Ragini gets annoyed and she goes in search of her favorite puppy to put pedigree for it.

Laksh is playing with chotu and mishika. Ragini comes in search of her puppy. Chotu gives puppy to Laksh’s hand and asks him to give it away to dog van which has just come.
Laksh looks at the van and smirks.

Ragini comes in search of it…
“where is my puppy?” Ragini shouts.

Laksh laughs,
“I think, it may have crossed the city by now.”

Rag: what..??

Lak: yeah, I have thrown it in dog van… shhh…
He moves his hand as plane. Ragini looks at Laksh confused.

Lak: don’t worry Ragini, it will be with it’s friends. Not with humans..!! hahahah..
Laksh laughs.

Ragini shouts: have you gone mad..???

(As Ragini was already upset with Laksh, she loses her temper on him now)

Laksh looks at Ragini stopping his laugh. Ap, Janaki and Daadi looks at them.

“You are not a human being. If you have feelings at least, you would have never done this..!!” Ragini shouts with teary eyes.

Laksh: no ragini.. not like that..

Ragini shouts:: how would you have feelings..? you are a lonely man right..!! that’s why you are emotional less. You are a rock..!!

Laksh gets hurt with her words. he turns his head aside and sighs. He removes the basket and puppy comes out of it. Ragini surprises.

“I was making prank Ragini. I’m sorry..” Laksh says. Ragini feels guilty.

Then they listen to chotu’s shouts, “aaaaaahhhh..!!”

Everyone shocks and looks at that side and they horrify to see that Chotu was locked in between the flames in a room. Mishika was crying out.

“we are playing and poured this kerosene. What can we know it fires if I lit a match stick?” says mishika crying. Uttara is about to beat mishika for this, but Ragini stops her and mishi hugs her.

{note: that’s why, keep a look on kids always}

All the family members are worried. Water is too far from them, but there is less time for the flames to spread all over the room making hopes less to save Chotu.

At such time, Laksh places a bedsheet on him and enters into room. All looks shocked.

{note: this is just for story. Don’t try this anywhere. It’s dangerous}

Laksh holds chotu and covers them in sheet and he rushes out. All takes their breath.

Daadi and rest all takes chotu from Laksh and all gets emotional. Some are scolding him, with love. Ragini wipes her tears. Laksh smiles and goes aside.

Laksh was blowing air on his wound due to fire on his shoulder. Ragini sits beside him.

Lak: you are right Ragini, I’m a rock. But you know… even rock can be turned as beautiful statue.

Ragini looks at him guilty tears. She holds his shoulder and she blows air on his wound smoothly. Laksh looks at her amazed…

Flash back end…

Ragini comes out remembering everything. She smiles while placing head on his shoulder. Ragini removes her head and kisses the wound mark on his shoulder. Laksh smiles,
“Do you love me?” he asks.
“don’t you know?” she asks.

“You are my dear.” Says Laksh.
“then, why did you say.. that you are nobody then?” asks Ragini.

Laksh silently looks at her.

“Now, you are someone to this girl and someone to this new life.” Says Ragini putting his hand on her tummy.

Laksh bends to her stomach and kisses there. Ragini blushes. He carries her into a house where the car has stopped. Ragini has wrapped her hands around his neck.

“how would you bear an angry girl like me?”
Ragini asks him remembering how she used to behave with Laksh.

Laksh places her on bed.
“shall I say, how I control?”

Ragini nods her head shyly as she know how he does it.

Laksh smiles and bends to her and both closes their eyes. Laksh places his lips on Ragini’s lips, both smooch gently. Then, Laksh breaks the kiss and rubs his nose with hers.

They both go into a flash back looking into each other’s eyes.

Fb again…

Even, Ram’s family is not coming, Gadodiya family arranges everything for marriage as Ragini has to be married before she enters into her 21st year of her birthday. They are hurried. Ragini was helpless as her plans are back firing, and even Laksh was unwilling to portray himself as the bad guy before them.
It was mehendi and sangeeth ceremony of Ragini. All girls were singing and dancing. But, Ragini was silent.

Then, all hear from far.. Laksh’s song..

“Cared by no one.
Always alone.
I’m also a human,
But.. not a rock..!”

Ragini bends her eyes sadly feeling sad for the frustrated words she said.

“So many are there around,
But, none is bothered.
Only because,
I’m dear to nobody…

Dear to nobody…”

He sings.

Ragini stands and goes in search of him. All were not paying attention for his song, bcz all are busy in their works. But her work is only search of him. That’s why, only she can hear.

Laksh continues singing,

“To whom was I born,
Who was my friend?
Just this heart sings,
Lonely song always..!”

Ragini ascends the stair steps as Laksh was at terrace.

“This is the feeling of loniless,
No one can fill it with smiles,
Bcz, I’m just a rock..
Who doesn’t have feelings.”

Laksh sings. Ragini comes…

“bcz, I’m dear to nobody..
Dear to nobody..!!”

Laksh sings and looks at Ragini gets amazed. Her hands were full of mehendi.

Both looks at each other silently.

Flash back ends….

Ragini breaks the eye lock as she hears the sound at door. Suddenly a bullet shoots and the window’s glass breaks. Ragini scares and hugs Laksh. Laksh looks out from window and sees Gayatri is standing with the goons out. Laksh frowns his eye brows.

To be continued…

From the world of creation by Astra.

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