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part 4:

Shekar is glaring at Laksh.

“Get out of here..!!” Shekar shouts.

“I will go..! But only with Ragini..!!” says Laksh. Ragini is looking at him in tears. Laksh looks at Ragini and smiles. He is about to go near her, but.. Shekar comes in between.

He holds Laksh’s collar.

“I said you to get out..!!” says Shekar again.

Laksh: uncle, I want Ragini.

Shekar tighten his grip on his collar,
“Don’t take her name..!! She is nothing for you..! You have cheated us all..!!”

Laksh moves his eyes towards Ragini and forwards his hand.
“Ragini, will you come with me..?” he asks.

Ragini looks at him emotionally.

“She won’t come..!!” shekar pushes Laksh, but soon Ragini comes forward and holds Laksh’s hand.

Shekar shocks looking at her.

“Daddy, I want Laksh. And, Laksh needs me.” Says Ragini.

Shekar: then, we all don’t need you..!!

RagLak looks at Shekar shocked.

Shekar: both of you, get out..!

Ragini bends her head sadly, Laksh places his hand on her shoulder and takes her out.

Daadi, Janaki are looking at them in tears. Even Ap, Dp, Uttara and Chirag.

Ap: bhayya, stop Ragini. She is carrying the heir of this house. The dream of thousands of people..!!

Shekar sighs and goes into flash back…

Now.. FB starts..

Flash back..**

Ragini is getting annoyed that Laksh is getting very close to her family. She wanted to make them hate him, but he is making them love. And, on other hand, Sanskar was not helping her, but he was busy with Swara. Shekar and his family didn’t get doubt still Laksh is not the original son of Ram. But, he is acting.

Meanwhile, Laksh is growing feelings towards Ragini. He was actually liking her. her bubbly nature, her cute pout, her innocence.. what not..? what’s there in Ragini to dislike..? She is a perfect girl who is down to earth.
‘sansakr is really a fool to miss her’ Laksh thinks always. and, Laksh actually forgets that he has come to act and he has to leave.

Whole family were in hurry to do RAgLak marriage due to some issues. Shekar calls to Ram,
“Ram ji, we have decided raglak engagement tomorrow. You have to come, you are his father.”
Shekar says.

On other side Sanskar talks, “shekar ji, we can’t come. You perform the engagement”
Sanskar laughs.

Now, Ragini becomes helpless. If she says truth, all the plan flops and they will get her married to Sanskar which she dislikes.

Rag: idiot, why did you say like that??
(Ragini scolds Sanskar in phone)

San: hey..!! I’m covering up everything for you acting as my dad. What can I do more than this..? here, even I’m handling my parents without getting doubt, can’t you handle situation there??

Rag: aaaahhhh…!! (annoys)

She cuts the call and looks at Laksh who was playing with chotu and mishika.

Suddenly a plan comes into her mind. Ragini grins with shining eyes.

Next day… (Engagement day)

Shekar: this is very bad groom’s family is not coming..!

Janaki: it’s ok shekar. They will come to marriage. We have to hurry everything..!!

In Laksh’s room Raglak are talking.

Ragini is wearing a pink lehenga and he a blue sherwani.

Lak: Ragini, let’s say truth to your family, otherwise you will be engaged to me..!! you don’t want this marriage.. and I’m not the actual guy your parents thinking.

Rag: I know, that’s why.. I have a plan..!!

Laksh raises his eye brow and looks at her as james bond 007, “what..?”

Ragini narrows her eyes, “sorry…”
She sprays something on Laksh.

Laksh closes his eyes and sneezes.

“I have sprayed alcohol on you Laksh. Now, my family will think you are a drunkard, and halts this marriage..! how’s my plan..??” Ragini winks her eye.

“You Ragini..!! I never drank..!!” Laksh says trying to look which are already blur before him.

“I know Laksh, that’s why I have to spray this..!!” Ragini giggles and runs from there.

Laksh comes out of his room rubbing his eyes. Whole house was decorated. He was trying to look, everything is blur and clear..
He tries to walk and his legs are staggering.

Ragini looks at Laksh and waits for Shekar and rest all to see him. Laksh looks at Ragini in smile, he is already in lost manner. He puts flower in his mouth and looks naughtily at Ragini. And he laughs. Ragini looks at him strangely.

‘Does drinking have these many side effects?” she thinks.

Then Ragini looks at Shekar and smiles who has just come there, suddenly everyone scare with sudden start of music.

All looks at Laksh, who has switched on the music player and he is getting ready to dance.

He dances and sings,
{guys, I’m putting a telugu movie song here. I have translated it for convenience in reading}
Song starts,

‘If I see those kajal eyes,
My heart raises as kite..
Omg, how did you born this beautiful..??’

Laksh sings looking at Ragini, Ragini makes her eyes big.

(Laksh holds her hand and moves it..) he sings,

‘If the sounds of bangles reflect,
My age shakes as a fish..
You kept fire in the heart..!!’

Now, the boys in the family join in dance with him. Laksh keeps singing and dancing,

‘hey colorful parrot,
Your walks are colorful.’

‘drinking one color soda,
I will take a color pic with you..!’

Ragini puts a pout and beats her leg to ground getting annoyed. All the other family members are enjoying and clapping their hands instead of scolding Laksh.

Laksh was dancing as the music kept playing.

He suddenly comes back of Ragini, he sings..

Ragini scares and looks at him.

“You are very greatu..
The rating for your smile be,
Like Bahubali bookings which are very high..!”

Laksh beats her earring gently with his finger. Ragini frowns her eyes and moves far from him.

Laksh will be dancing and keeps coming back of her,

“if you launch a party,
Nobody is your enemy,
They will bend down to your charm,
All will be your slaves..!”

Now, all the dancing party surrounds Ragini and all will be dancing around her.

Laksh keeps singing and dancing around her..

‘If Newton born again,
If he sees this beauty,
He will say that you have more gravity,
Than this earth does..!!”

All the family will be laughing and cheering them up while they are dancing.

Ragini now bends her head annoyed.

All sings finally…
“Hey colorful parrot,
Your walks are colorful,”

“drinking a color soda,
I will take a color pic with you..!!”

Ragini looks at everyone, all are enjoying.. but she is the only one who is not happy.

Song finishes,

Now.. RagLak are taken to stage. Janaki gives ring to Ragini. Ragini hesitatingly puts ring to his finger. She looks at Laksh, she hopes that he won’t make her wear the ring..


Laksh who was looking at Ragini in a silly smile(he is not in senses)
He puts ring to her finger.

Ragini closes her eyes in upset. All the family claps. No one are even doubting Laksh that he was drunk.

Flash back end…

With sudden jerk of car, Ragini wakes and holds her flat womb suddenly. Then she feels a soothing hand on her shoulder.

She looks. Laksh was beside her. she bends her eyes and looks at her womb and she gets tears.

Laksh holds her chin,
Ragini looks at him.

“Ragini, we have done nothing wrong. We both loved each other. Let’s support ourselves and get back to our family..” Laksh says looking into her eyes.

Ragini smiles and places her head on his shoulder. Laksh smiles and smoothly keeps his hand on her tummy. Ragini closes her eyes fixing her head more into his shoulder.

Screen freezes on RagLak’s hands together..

To be continued…

From Astra’s creation box.

Guys, tell me how was the translation for the movie song…

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