Dear to nobody(RagLak) – part 11

Hi guys, I know.. I know.. I have surprised all with many updates yesterday.. u guys know naa, sometimes I become writing monster like that.

And, I know you people are sad that this ff is going to end… but, my all stories are small and this one too.. I’m writing other one also. If I extend more it won’t look nice.. Thank you all for the previous comments…

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Dear to nobody 11

Laksh is standing before those enemies who are trying to capture his family. Gayatri is looking at her son whom Laksh has held. Laksh ties Nikil’s hand to his hand. Her men comes towards Laksh to beat him.

On other hand, Shekar calls to police.

They didn’t go anywhere but, they are standing out. Chirag and Adarsh says,
“we think, Laksh need our help.. we shall go..!!”

Ragini stops them,
“No bros, Laksh is enough to answer them all..!!”
Ragini looks confident and determined.

As usually as in movies, Laksh beats the goons down to ground. The goons tear his shirt in the fight, which makes him revel his muscles. Looking at them, those goons get scared, bcz.. they are very thin or fat but not strong compared to him. Some of them leave the weapons and run away.

At last, Gayatri alone is standing between her collapsed army and Laksh leaves Nikil, who runs to his mom as scared cat.
{Guys, I hate this Nikil character in serial. In Abhimanyu’s track some people wished nikil should be Ragini’s pair. I seriously disliked their opinion. I like Ragini to be paired only with Laksh. I hate pairing her up with someone else than Laksh. Only RagLak always..!!}

Nikil is holding his mom scared. Laksh is looking at them who is covered in sweat and small wounds that happened in fight. Just then police arrives as Shekar informed. They arrests Gayatri. Nikil follows her crying, “mummy…!!”

Gayatri comes before Shekar and rest all..

Gaya: bhayya, plz ask them to give me excuse. I won’t repeat mistakes.

Shekar: it’s better if you stay for 9 months there sister. It’s safe to my heir.

Ragini looks at Shekar in tears. The police take away gayatri and nikil goes away.

Just then whole family shifts their gaze to look at Laksh who was coming out…

Laksh was covered in wounds… and he was walking slowly as he got an wound in leg too… the whole family and Laksh are standing in opposite sides. They share emotional eye contact…

And, now… the Flash back..!!

The screen shifts to Flash back…


Raglak has started loving each other. They have their love. They share their everything which was a secret till then. Now, they both are one. They both have forgot that they were here to just act, and Laksh actually came as Rp’s son and Shekar too didn’t get doubt because he believed Laksh very much.

Now, Ragini and Laksh are completely in their lovely atmosphere.. so, they aren’t aware what will happen in future.

(It was already more than one week their marriage happened)

Ragini was tying flowers at window in a balcony.. for decoration… Laksh was searching for her and comes there. As Ragini has raised her hands high, her tummy is visible as saree went aside. She didn’t know, that her hero was watching her. Laksh comes and suddenly runs his fingers on her waist. Ragini leaves the flower garland in shock and she misbalances from stool, Laksh holds her while she is falling.


‘yeah me, who will do these things then?’

‘oh no, anyone will see Laksh.. leave me..’

Laksh pulls her up and she falls on his chest.
‘No’ he says wrapping his hands around her.

Ragini holds his collar in her fists with love, ‘no, don’t leave me..’ she says looking into his eyes.

‘that’s what I said’ Laksh says and pulls her more nearer. Ragini closes her eyes with a great smile.

Just then Uttara comes there on some work and looks at their position, she comes out smiling and doesn’t allow anyone to go in, and she closes the doors. And stands before it, so that no one enter that room.

Chotu just comes there, ‘didi move, I have to talk with Ragini’
Utt: not now, go away..!!
Uttara tries her level best to stop him.

Inside, Laksh moves closer to Ragini to kiss her lips, Ragini tights her fists on his collar, her eyes become frowned and she seemed nervous, but still a cute smile is there on her lips. Laksh smiles with her situation and he shifts his lips from her lips to forehead and he kisses her there. Ragini opens her eyes in amazement.
‘I don’t do which you don’t like’ he says. Ragini smiles and pulls him closer. She wraps her hands around his neck and pulls him more closer and kisses his lips.

‘you will do what I like know..!’ Ragini asks. Laksh smirks and grabs her waist and both start their smooch.. while Ragini is rubbing his head. Both break the kiss after a while and look at each other breathing hard.

Then they hug.

Just then, cars sounds are heard at gate. Shekar and Janaki are surprised to see Adarsh and Parineetha have come. ‘mom dad came..!” chotu runs.

Uttara shouts from out,
“if your work finished, come out soon. Adash bhayya and pari bhabhi has come..!!”

With her shout Raglak breaks the hug suddenly coming into world and looks at door and takes breath it was closed.

they look at each other and chuckles. They both hold hand in hand and go out.

Lak: btw, who is Adarsh?

Rag: chotu, mishika’s papa. My jiju. Pari didi’s husband.. Ap maa’s son.. uttara’s brother…

Lak: ok ok.. Ragini Sa.. I understood..!!
Ragini laughs.

Ragini runs and hugs pari.. “didi”
She breaks hug.. “I won’t talk to you. Why didn’t you come for marriage?”
They both will be talking something.

Adarsh looks at Laksh as Shekar introduces. Adarsh looks at Laksh doubtfully.

“He is Rp’s son Sanskar?” asks Adarsh.

“Yes, but his name is Laksh.” Says Shekar. Adarsh gets confused. He goes aside while all the family becomes busy in talking and chit chatting.

Adarsh is about to go out, but Uttara stops him. All family are busy.

There is a party mood in everyone’s mind as all have gathered.

As, it was Rakhi day.. all ladies are tying Rakhi’s to their brothers. Laksh is looking everyone in a smile.

Uttara ties Rakhi to Adarsh and Chotu. Ragini ties to Chotu and Chirag. Janaki ties to Dp. Ap ties to Shekar. Shekar gets emotional that Gayatri has not come this year also…!

Laksh looks at his empty wrist and sighs. Then Uttara comes,
‘bhayya raise your hand’ she says.
Laksh raises and Uttara ties rakhi to him. Laksh amazes.

‘You are my sweet bhai..!!” Uttara says. Laksh gets emotional. “even mine..!!” Mishika too ties him.

“I’m your bhai..” Laksh says emotionally.
Ap and Dp comes,
“why not..? you are our son too..!!” they says. Laksh gets happy and takes their blessings.

Later all together have lunch.

“What a sweet family I got..! I’m feeling very fortunate. Everyone are loving me. I used to feel I had no one. But, I don’t have that feeling now.” Laksh thinks and looks at Ragini who was smiling and talking with all.

“This was all because of you Ragini. You gave me everything..!! what can I give you back..?” he thinks and Ragini looks at him and smiles.

Adrash was feeling restless about something and just then he gets the message for his reply. It is Sanskar’s pic. Adarsh looks at Laksh shocked.

Night time,

Ragini comes into room and looks at Laksh who was standing in balcony looking at rakhis on his wrist.

“Laksh..?” Ragini calls.

Laksh looks at Ragini excitedly.

“Ragini, today it was my first rakhi..!! you know, first time someone has tied me…!!” he says happily looking at them. Ragini smiles and comes beside him.

Rag: so, did you gift anything to them?

Lak: no..! I have to gift..? I don’t know…

Rag: hmm..

Lak: you tell me Ragini, what would they like..?

Rag: hmm, gift a beautiful Barbie doll to Mishika and a nice saree to Uttara.

Lak: umm, you come with me to shopping. I don’t know about them.

Rag: sure Laksh, I will be with you always..!!

Laksh smiles looking at her. Ragini suddenly holds her tummy frowning her eyes.

“Are you ok Ragini..”

“Yes Laksh. I’m feeling some difference in womb” she says. “I think you need rest.” Laksh says and makes her sleep. He keeps looking at her still she falls asleep.

Laksh kisses her hand and goes to his wardrobe and checks if he has enough money to buy for his sisters. “Yes, I think it will be fine.” He puts money back in his wallet.

Precap: past continues: Laksh secret is out. Present: will family accept Laksh..?

From Astra’s creation box.

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