Dear to nobody(RagLak) – part 10

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*May be contains violence content*

Dear to nobody 10

This part: completely present.

Ragini who is in deep sleep smiles remembering her love with Laksh. Then Laksh comes to her and sits beside her. He puts the hair falling on her face aside, Ragini smiles more. “Cutepie, now wake up..” Laksh says pulling her cheek gently.

“Ummhmm..!!” Ragini denies and she puts her head in his lap continuing her sleep. She hugs his thighs. Laksh keeps rubbing her head.

“Come on, wake up now. it’s 9..!” Laksh says. Ragini slowly sits and hugs him. Laksh hugs her back.
“I have to go to work now.” he says. Then Ragini opens her eyes amazed.

“Work?? What work..??”

“To live, I have to do some job right..! so, if my lady gives permission…” Laksh is saying, Ragini clutches his shirt in worry.

“If bua comes again??” she asks.

Laksh holds her hand and kisses them. “we have changed our house and city now. she can’t find us. Don’t worry..!”

Ragini nods and Laksh kisses her forehead.

“I will come back soon..!!” Laksh assures her, but Ragini says him bye sadly.

There in her house, Gayatri was looking at the fight of hens.

“How can they escape from our sight??” she murmurs. Her men are bending their heads.

Gayatri stands and shouts, “Go and search them..!! kill them both..!!”

Then, her men were about to run to vehicles, but she shouts again.. “stop..!!”

They looks at her again.

*camera zooms on her face*

“I know how to bring them back..!!” she smirks.


Ragini was watching TV being bored. But, she is still bored. She was never alone in the house, but.. now, she is..!

“So boring..!!” Ragini sighs and calls Laksh.

Rag: so boring Laksh…

Lak: what’s the time now?

Ragini looks at time, “3’O clock..!”

Lak: I will be there by 4. Promise..!

Ragini smiles: are you going to bunk office..?

Lak: what to do..? my wife is feeling bored, she is alone.. and she is carrying. I will ask my boss.

Rag: no, first day itself permission? Take your time Laksh, I will wait…!

Lak: really..? (he says and kisses in phone)
Ragini blushes.

There, Gayatri was laughing vigorously. Shekar, Adarsh, Chirag, Dp were tied with ropes. Janaki, Pari, Uttara, Ap and daadi are standing and some men have pointed guns towards them.
Gayatri comes to Mishika and Chotu who are looking everyone innocently.

“where is your lucky..! Ragini..?” Gayatri asks.

Pari shouts in tears, “we don’t know anything. Leave my kids..!! don’t harm them..!!”

“Really..?” Gayatri says and raises a dagger to Mishika.

“I know where they are..!!” shouts Uttara. All looks at her in shock. Gayatri smiles in victory.

There, Ragini was waiting for Laksh. Ragini touches her belly in smile. Time is 4.
“Just wait for two more hours baby, papa will come..!!” Ragini says.

As soon as she said, Laksh comes. Ragini smile widens, she runs and hugs Laksh. Laksh hugs her back in smile.

Lak: I said know Ragini…

Rag: but..

Laksh breaks hug, “anything for you..!!” he says and lifts her up in his arms.

Ragini was looking at him in smile.

Laksh places her in the chair and he looks at dinning.
“didn’t you eat anything?” Laksh asks in bit upset.

Ragini bends her head,

“I was feeling lonely. I was always around with my family or friends.. but now.. I can’t eat when this lonely feeling haunts me.” Ragini says sadly.

Laksh sits on his knee before her.
“I’m so sorry my darling, soon I will take back to your family.” Laksh says.. Ragini smiles.

Laksh kisses her forehead… but, Ragini can’t feel anything..


It was her dream…

She was waiting at door and the time is 5, Laksh hasn’t come yet. Ragini then calls to him.

Rag: laksh, you didn’t come..!!
Lak: so sorry ragu.. this boss…
Rag: I hate you.!
Ragini cuts the call in pout. Laksh smiles and calls back again. She lifts the call, “what??”
Laksh starts kissing in the phone continuously blushing her. “I will be before you in one hour..!!” Laksh says sensually.

Ragini blushes: love you laksh..!
Laksh kisses the phone again, “love you ragu”

Ragini cuts the call, and then itself she gets another call from new number.

‘Ragini..’ she hears crying voice of chotu. Ragini gets worried, “chotu.. what…”

Gayatri snatches phone from chotu.

“Your whole family is under me the heir carrier..!!”

Ragini shocks with her words.

“Be here within evening, otherwise, your family will….” Gayatri puts phone near mishika who is crying.

Ragini closes her eyes in tears.

“and don’t dare to tell your husband. Your minute late will cost one life..!!” Gayatri says and fires a bullet in sky.

“I’m coming. Don’t harm anyone..!!” Ragini requests in tears.

Gayatri cuts the call. Ragini soon comes out and starts the car which Laksh didn’t take leaving it for Ragini for any time pass. Ragini will be driving.

“I will be there in one hour”
She thinks.

Shekar and rest all glares at Gayatri.

Shekar: you aren’t my sister..!! you are trying to harm Ragini, she is your..

Gayatri: bhayya plz, I won’t kill Ragini. Just her kid. She can have kid after I had grandson. What’s a big deal in this??

Shekar shouts: gayatri..!!

Janaki: bhabhi, plz don’t harm my grandchild. I will assure that you will get all the property..!!

Gayatri smirks.


There, Laksh reaches home with many chocolates as Ragini likes. But, the car will not be there before house.

‘where Ragini went without telling to me?’ Laksh thinks and calls her.

*out of coverage area*

Laksh goes inside and Ragini is nowhere.

‘If Ragini goes out, she will lock the door, but they are open.. that means..!!” Laksh thinks and he shocks suddenly.


There, Ragini reaches Gayatri’s place. She comes there in hurry and looks at Shekar who is tied. She runs to him and hugs him. ‘dad..’

Janu: ragu, why did you come??

Ragini: I can’t risk any one of your life maa, I love you all.

All looks at Ragini emotionally. Chotu and mishika runs to her and hugs her.

Gayatri pushes them aside. Ragini tries to go near them but.. Gayatri holds her hand.

“The golden heir is in you tummy Ragini..!! I want his life..!!” she says.. Ragini looks at her shocked.

Gayatri takes an hot iron rod to keep on her tummy, Ragini slaps her hard. Gayatri shocks.

“I’m just silent, bcz you are my dad’s own sister..!! if you take a step ahead you will have to forget who I’m..!!” Ragini warns her.

Then the men points guns towards ap, pari, uttara, janu and daadi. Ragini looks at them shocked.

‘what will you do now?” Gayatri asks.

“May be I will harm your son.” They all hear a voice. And, they look ahead to see Laksh, who is holding Nikil and his throat is at his gun point.

*Don’t ask me how Laksh got gun, he may have fought with men out and got this gun..?*

Gayatri shocks.

Gaya: no.. don’t harm my son.

Lak: leave my family then..!!

All looks at Laksh amazed. He said, ‘my family’

Gayatri having no choice leaves all the members. Everyone comes beside Laksh.

“Chirag and Adarsh bhai, take everyone to vehicles. Go and sit soon..” Laksh says.

They all comes out and sees some men have fell down, *just imagine how ferociously Laksh fought with them*

They all amaze and sit in the vehicle. Laksh ties Nikil to his hand.

“Now say Aunty ji, any unfinished business..??” Laksh asks.

Gaya: kill him and bring my son..!!
She shouts.

Those men run to Laksh and Laksh looks at them and tights his fists.

Precap: all past. How Laksh’s truth came out and present will Laksh succeed?

From Astra’s creation box.

Guys, in two more parts the story completes..

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