My dear mom and dad #kanchi os# part 3


Hey guys!! I m vrushti back with new part of my os….hope u liked the story!! As still I m nervous about it!! But I m overjoyed reading ur comments and with ur constant love…thanks a big big wala to my lovely readers…..

So now lets start..

Recape-swarda is admitted in hospital as her condition was very critical….kabir eventually gets to read her diary….tears flows from his eyes reading her diary….

In the morning…
Swarda gets up and sees her dad sitting beside her..his hands are on bed upon one another and his head on his hands…sleeping peacefully…she smiles at him but also becomes sad because she knows that he didnt slept the whole night as he have to look after saline to finish and call the nurse to put another saline!! (She knows it as she was occasionally getting up in the night and then again sleeping)
She thinks not to wake him up and sleeps again….after sometime sanchi comes with the tiffine and wakes him up. He goes home for becoming fresh till then sanchi takes swarda to the bathroom and washes her face hands and legs…she also makes her brush her teeth and feeds her breakfast with her hands….seeing her love swarda’s heart was filled with tears!! No one in the world can love as mom and dad loves their children….
Now kabir too reached to the hospital….
After some chitchat swarda was about to sleep when she started feeling pain to the injected hand but ignored it as she thought its a small pain and will go after taking rest…she went to sleep again as the effect of the injection for fever was still strong!
It was evening when sanchi went home after some talk with kabir…..
Some time passed when the last pack of the blood was ejected to swarda’s hand…when the blood pack was almost half her hand started paining badly and she woke up due to this….
Swarda-dad! My hand is badly paining and its also swollen now…
Kabeer didnt noticed it before as he was busy in his laptop…he hastely came to her after listining her and was shocked to see her hand swollen as well as the blood was too stopped entering her body!!
He immiditely called nurse….nurse tried her best to make the blood enter the body by giving injection to her hand but was of no use…finally the nurse and also kabir came to the conclusion that the plastic needle inside the hand has went out due to which blood supply has became improper!! Nurse called them to the doctor to get injected on other hand!!! Hearing this swarda started crying loudly!! As she was afraid that her other hand would too get swollen!! Kabir handled her!!
Kabir-arreee ree my shona dont cry! My princess is brave girl naa then why r u crying? Now the doctor will inject it slowly and also remove the injector of the other hand smoothly! U will get relife beta! As if we will continue with ur swollen hand ur pain will increase!! Now come on….
They goes to the doctor. When the dortor was removing and putting another injector swarda closed her eyes and caught kabirs hand tightly!! This time she didnt felt pain as it was like a miracle for her! Now she was really relaxed and feeling better….

They went to the room had food and she again slept (patient ko koi kam dhanda nahi hota bas khana aur sona!!) When he got busy on his phone ..he again slept late after the blood pack was finished and also the saline….
Next day morning he got up early and also got ready as today was the day of judgement in court which would decide the future of sdch and also the peoples working in it….swarda was still sleeping….today sanchi too came early as kabir was about to go….he went early to the court and sat there…all were eagerly waiting for result and finally the judge declared that sdch has won the case!!! Everyone becomes very happy including kabir…they all hugs eachother and celebrates their victory….kabir rushes to the hospital to give this good news to sanchi….he finally reaches the hospital and was about to go to sanchi when he got 1000 volt shock to see sanchi crying bitterly and swarda with closed eyes responding to nothing….doctor says sorry to kabir and goes…kabir becomes teary and breaksdown!! Till then one letter comes flying to him which was kept on diary by swarda . He reads the letter
My dear mom and dad…
I was always thinking that u always loved and cared for sabir only but I was wrong!! I have given u many sorrows and tears and didnt understood ur love but now after the realisization of both of urs love for me I asked god to gift u ur life…ur sdch back to u at the cost of my life!!! If god listen will listen to me then I will be satisfied and also get chance to reach eternity!!
Sorry mom and dad but I know I will die soon!!
Be happy and give as much love as possible to sabir I will never be angry now!!! Love u both a lot and my sabir too!!!

Reading this kabir starts shouting and crying bitterly…his and sanchi’s eyes became crimson red!!! Finally the dead body was kept in moron for the last one day!!! Kanchi sat hugging eachother and remembering the moments spent with swarda….
The screne shifts to the moron ward…
Someone entered the ward…the person went to swarda and smiled seeing her!! He caught her one hand and kept his one hand on her heart and closed his eyes after few minutes there was a shine on both of them and on their body….her heart started to beat again and her breath too started to inhale and exhale….the person made her wear his locate with inital v on it and said- now u have to live for me!! U r now mine…he caresses her hairs and goes ..swarda finally gains conciousness and goes to kanchi…kanchi gets shocked and happy to see her back!!

The end of kanchi os….
If all of u was I can write swaram’s os surely…and yaaro agar naam swarda hai toh uska hero obviously uske liye aaega hi naa!! Its was a surprise kaisa laga!!! Please please guys comment and tell hows it !
Love u all my lovely readers
Good night…

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  1. So so beautiful story yaar…… please write yaar swaram os……..this os is mind blowing ………..we are all waiting for your next story yaar………we are all miss u yaaar

  2. Sweetie it’s amazing mindblowing outstanding awesome superb fantastic and many more. AND beyond beyond beyond beyond everything. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv u loads

  3. Dhruti

    so so amazing story i loved it…………you can write on swaram also………….come back with next one soon………

  4. Yaashi23

    Khup mast. Kaay bhari lihites g tu!!! Aani pls swaram continue kar ..

  5. Khamoshi

    Heyy RJN.. article was amazing..yaa bit emotional but evrything is well when it ends well..but don’t give end now..i want swaram yaar.. vikram ki entry miracle wali thi..magical…lots of love sis

  6. Riyarocks

    oye CVR…….too good……tune toh kamaal hi kardia…….matlab, the moment mere ankhon mein gham ke aansu aane waale the, usse tune ek chutki mein khush ke ansoon mein change kardi…….luv u a lot meri…….CVR………haha…….& swaram os…..jaldi likhna shuru karde……..

  7. It was very emotional…. Loved it

  8. Prachi

    Of course vrusti I want an os of swarm

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    Please write an os..

  11. Niyaaa

    Amaz dear nd jab baat kanchi ki ho ya swaram to puchne ki koi jarurat nahi no formality.. We just loved to read more on kanchi/swaram.. Nd hey v locket kahin wo to ahi jo main soch rahi hun.. Vikram h naa.. Post ur nxt os.. Lovv u tc nd tanks for happy ending

  12. Anonymousaa

    Wow swaram does that mean Vikram???
    Supperb.Plz give it continuation with Swaram.
    Glad to see Swarda back alive.

  13. Jessicca

    This was so amazing… Brilliant… Marvelous… Fabulous… Loved it… Plz keep writing such beautiful OS’s …

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