Dear Life SwaSan One Shot


Hello guys I’m here with my new OS actually this is a familiar story but I tried moderating the story as I love swasan and I wanted to write this concept so hope you like reading it!


Swara’s POV
Today is 7th February and me the great swara finished her graduation and moving on to college Pheww I worked so hard but now I’m just scared to enter college come on guys you know COLLEGE THING ovio Ragging I hate that I heard once a boy made an fresher naked and made him dance on Chikni Chameli song LOL that’s funny but still how insulting is that and I heard that this year a prankster has joined them but me the silent Shona since 5th grade surprised right but after what happen on March 3rd I am silent so now more talks lets move on

Swara was writing all this stuff down and remembering 3rd March she had tears in her eyes tears made their way out she didn’t stop them she welcomed the tears as if she was used to her tears she stopped crying when she heard 2 kids at the door

Pinky – Didi you are again crying please na don’t cry I don’t like you like this smile always you look pretty while smiling

Swara – aww my pinky ok see (she wipes her tears and smiles) I’m smiling now Happy meri maa??

Pinky – super duper happy

Chiku – Yeah didi Pinki is right from childhood you have brought us up here in this orphanage house didi Please don’t cry smile

Swara – ok ok guys now go your bus came bye my bachchas (kids) have a great day Umahh

Kids – Bye didi

The kids leave and swara sits with a photo in her hands its of a teenage boy and a teenage girl the boy seems like 17 ad the girl is some where is near to 15

Swara – Cherry where are you I miss you so much you promised me that you will not leave me but you left me that day I hate that day when we got separated

Cherry and swara were best friends they can’t live without each other even for a second cherry loved teasing swara so he named her Sweety once a time comes two people enter and take cherry away as they adopt him
Swara gives cherry a bracelet and cherry gives swara a locked of SC and leaves from there leaving sweety really sad

Swara Mitra – She’s a really bubbly yet sweet girl but after that one incident her life has turned upside down she barely speaks to anyone and shes always silent and only concentrates on her studies nothing is in her life except studies

Parvati Mitra – she’s the one who took care of Swara and gave her MITRA as in her surname she loves swara and wants to change swara no matter what



Two people who look really classy and waiting there for an arrival soon a boy comes the lady runs towards that boy and hugs him

Lady – oh my son Sanskar finally you returned from America I missed you so much my son

Man – Chore (boy) welcome back ur house and your college is waiting for you come on

Sanskar – Mom!! Dad!! Chill down now lets go I am curious about my new college and my new mates

They all leave and Sujata and RP leave sanskar to his college and they head back to Maheshwari Mansion and sanskar heads inside the college

Sanskar Maheshwari – he’s Ram’s and Sujata’s son he is their only pampered son they love him a lot a he loves them equally with expecting any thing

Ram and Sujata – Sanskar Parents they are kind of those high class people they love and pamper sanskar a lot

Sanskar enters his college and he bumps into a boy and the boy apolizes

Boy – hey I’m sorry btw I’m laksh and you?

Sanskar – I’m sanskar nice meeting you laksh

Boy – new entry??

Sanskar – Yeah

Laksh – ok come lets go you are my friend meet my group today a bunch of freshers are coming so (he smiles wickedly)

Sanskar understands and goes with him

Laksh – guys meet him he’s sanskar and sanskar they are my friends Kavya,Rajat,Malika,Sahil and now you and me

Sahil – come lets go find victims

All smile and leave to rag the freshers sahil and raja are specially really excited

Sahil – the first girl who enters will be our target come on guys

All stand over there and suddenly some one enters boys are mesmerized by her but shes walking fast to reach he class and not to get caught by her senior (The Girl is Swara) Sanskar is just lost after seeing her same goes with Rajat and Sahil

Sahil stops swara through her dupatta

Sahil – oh baby doll where are you running come here see we are your seniors come on don’t be a baby be a rebel

Swara – Please leave me I need to go please (verge of crying)

Sanskar felt bad for her when he saw her like that he felt like he’s getting stabbed in his heart he was about to go

Sahil – Ayee you parents didn’t teach you anything girls stay under control of boys obey you idiot didn’t you pare—

Before he could complete he felt his cheek burning yes its swara who slapped him on his cheeks

Sahil – how dare you?

Swara – just shut up I’m sorry for this but you are troubling a girl and you don’t even know her listen Mr Senior you are lucky that you are blessed with parents family and mostly money I have struggled to reach till here now you think if I weren’t there and your sister would have been there what would you stand and see the movie FREE TICKET MOVIE or help her so here on don’t you dare do this to anyone and if you’re doing it think about your mom who gave birth to you and all Of you guys (pointing at others) you all should stop him instead of seeing the drama and you two are girls why din’t you get it anyway leave it.. It’s useless talking to you guys

I’M PROUD OF YOU – says someone from back

Laksh realizes who it is and See ad just one word comes out – RAGINI

She comes and tells – girl I’m so proud of you and Laksh this is the reason I rejected you I hate people like you who don’t support girls now just get out or else

They all leave and sanskar leaves along with them confused he turns and sees swara and feels a special connection with her..

Days Pass and there was nothing happening but one fine day it was evening in the college swara is alone in library she finishes her book and moves towards the book shelf she keeps the book and turns and dashes she was about to fall when two hands caught her she kept her eyes closed her eyes was on his chest and his hands were on her waist

Boy – Hey are u okay??

Swara opens her eyes and is shocked seeing sanskar and remembers sahil and tries jerking him he stops her and says

Sanskar – hey I’m sorry for what her did I was going to come but you gave to 100 gram revolter on his cheek I couldn’t do anything and moreover the library is locked we have to stay here till morning

Swara was shocked she said Its Okay and tries leaving but her locket gets stuck with sanskar’s shirt she tries to remove it she goes close and sanskar stares at her lovingly

Swara frees and goes and sits on the chair and sanskar sits next to her

Sanskar – I’m free you can tell me your problem
Swara – you know when I was small I was bold and really naughty but one incident changed my life anyway I’m sorry now its night so GN

Sanskar – GN

They sleep next morning they wake up and see each other and sanskar notices swara’s SC locket and feels really connected he leaves swara to her home and goes to his house and lockes himself in his room

He takes out a bracelet having a name craved in named Cherry Is my berry

YOU ALL GUESSED IT I GUESS SANSKAR IS CHERRY (I know many of you guessed it already)

He sits and remembers his and his sweety’s moments and says – Sweety where are you you know I miss you a lot but you know I saw your reflection in mu junior surprised right but yeah got you were so cute and chubby and now you must be pretty as a Rose and your voice is just Amazing I still remember


Sanskar – sweety Plzz na enroll yourself your voice is really chweet Plzz

Swara – no cherry I don’t like this I hate singing in front of everyone Plzz or else Katti

Sanskar – ok ok I’m cholly plzz (he makes a cute pout which makes swara eventually melt but she shows fake anger)

Swara – no no you have to buy me ice cream

Sanskar – ok ok I’ll but you will sing for me after you get a treat

Swara – ok fine
They both smile at each other and eat ice cream swara sings for sanskar and he get lost in her music after its done he hugs her tightly and she reapprociates


Sanskar thinks all this and sleeps unknowing of the upcoming problem in his life he sleeps peacefully but thinking about his childhood friend


Sanskar – hey swara hello

Swara – hi umm needed any help

Sanskar – yes actually lets go to the garden area please

Swara – okay sure

Sanskar – umm swara I wanted to know your problem of childhood I am your friend and its not a tag its about fulfilling everything so for that I need to know your problem and By the way We are friends right???

Swara – Uummmm Yeah

Sanskar – tell me your problem

Swara – you know I was really small when I went through all this in my life I was 4 and my mom and dad left me at Grandpa and Grandma’s house it doesn’t mean I wasn’t happy I thought ki atleast they have gone for something my dad had a huge loss so they went to Alaska and kept me a Fatty and Papi’s house I was happy there and gues what after three months my mom comes with a baby Kavi my sister I was jealous the time my mom spent with Kavi I never to chance to spend with her I aways used to write to mom dad saying that I miss them so much but guess what I saw Papi and Mom fighting my mom was saying I’m a burden for them in US and her in laws feel that I’m a bad omen from that time I was always silent look at destiny Papi and Fati died my dada dadi sent me to an orphanage and my mom dad supported their decision I hate my parents and after reaching orphanage I got my happiness but life had to take it away from me and it took it away from me and now I’m swara and just SWARA

Sanskar had tears but managed to ask – swara do you know your parents name??

Swara – no and I don’t want to even know and you know what People say parenting is hard ok I accept but it’s the parents choice to bring the kid in this world or not then its their choice how we should behave they don’t say anything but if we express our anger and sadness they tell us to be quite to have peace in house I mean those aunt’s and uncle’s they always taunt us AWW SHE JUST MISBEHAVED and top of that they’ll point on your character but we have to be silent and obey them cause we as kids should be disciplined and not raise our voice against out elders

Sanskar – swara chill down just burst all that out of you don’t keep pain in you and you know what if all this is in you you will never will be able to grow your mind set infact life doesn’t always give us happiness it’s the way you see your life I agree with your but all families aren’t like that trust me open your eyes and see the world maybe you’ll find difference and maybe you’ll get a better half

Swara – thanks sanskar for listening to all this you know I couldn’t share all this to anyone cause they’ll think that I’m crazy

Sanskar – lets go the bell rang and your friend Ragini must be waiting for you too

Swara – lets go


Ragini – swara where were you??

Swara – ragini I was outside reading a book!

Ragini – anyway you need to come to my house mom dad want to meet you yaar
Swara – ok anyways did you complete the assignment

Ragini – oops no sorry

Swara – never mind ragini

Swaragini hug and concentrate on the class and take notes like this the whole days passes and and swara secretly waves bye to sanskar and leaves with ragini to her house

Janki and Anirudh (ragini’s parents) – Arrey swara you here wow beta finally you remembered us haan come here give us a hug

She hugs them and takes their blessings and says – arrey Ma Baba (she calls them that as they have treated her as her own daughter and ragini always supports her and wishes to give all happiness to swara) Its not like that I was so busy anyways thanks for inviting

Janki – Ani we’ll not talk to her huh

Ani – yeah jaan huh swara Thank you come on daughter you are like our own daughter so no formalities

Swara – ok

Swara spends some time with ragini and their family and then leaves for the orphanage with an happy and blissful smile thinking about her day

Days Pass and SwaSan are really good friends in some way sanskar was also a therapist to swara solving all her problems and swara too opens up with sanskar and tells him everything troubling her now she’s a new swara who’s bold and talks everytime

Sanskar – Swara you know something friendship has relief and love has Obsession you know what I never want that relief to fade away
Swara – hm you know Einstein said that friendship and love is the same but they have a difference is in love its only your only you have the right on that but in friendship everything is magical its like a fairy land

Sanskar – hahahaa yes yes

jo dil se lage (who seems close to the heart,)
use keh do hi, hi, hi (tell him hi…)
jo dil na lage (the heart that doesn’t feel close,)
use keh do bye, bye, bye (tell him bye…)

Swara sanskar are in the beach and swara is enjoying with the water and jumping on it while sanskar wonders what happening and asks

Sanskar – swara what are you doing

Swara – oh you know I saw this some where water flows but did you notice the come in a layer so this is hopscope jump jump jump and then YEAHHHHHH

Sanskar – LOL SWARA you’re so funny

aane do, aane do (let it come,)
dil mein aa jaane do (let it come inside the heart.)
keh do muskurahaT ko (say hi to smiles..)
hi, hi, hi, hi..

Sanskar are having pani puri

Swara – you know pani puri’s logic?

Sanskar – no why do you?

Swara – yes

Sanskar – then tell me

Swara – you know why pani puri is loved a lot? It is cause its available anywhere plus you have option put potatoe or beans and even option od sweet and spicy

Sanskar – smart answer

Swara – I know Swara Mitra is smart

jaane de, jaane do (let go, let it go,)
dil se chale jaane do (let it go from the heart..)
keh do ghabaraahaT ko (say bye to anxiety…)
bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye…

Swara – you know I want to work for all those girl who are given a really bad name in the society andok they date 3 to 4 boys but its doesn’t mean you give them a bad name

Sanskar -actually what they do is super fine in fact that’s a good way

Swara – how?

Sanskar – you know when you go to a furniture shop you go to but something lets take beds now you try each and every bed to see its smoothness for your comfort zone

Swara – so

Sanskar – so now girls if you try 4 boys then you can decide you true partner who will be with you the entire life


love you zindagi (life)
love you zindagi (life)
love you zindagi (life)
love me zindagi (life)

SwaSan spend a lot of time together like cycling,boating and also sometimes sit and talk to each other in these time they get a feeling for each other but sanskar is totally in love with swara but swara still is confused with her feelings

Swara – sanskar

Sanskar – hmm

Swara – you know The power of one sided love is unique … it doesn’t get distributed into two, as it happens in the relationships of others … only my right is there on it

Sanskar – aww swara


One Girl enters the college and bumps into sanskar

Sanskar – I’m sorry

Girl – its okay

Sanskar leaves from there and the girl keeps staring at him and thinks – what a hottie I will make him my boy friend Kavita Gadodia will get her love for sure

Kavita moves out of there thinking about her plan for the night party in the school


SwSan are walking and swara is explaining sanskar an equation but he has no interest swara sees that asks him

Swara – sanskar you know many things about me but I don’t know anything about you so now you tell me your life

Sanskar – ok so

Before that some one bumps into them it was a lovey dovey couple

Swara – Hey are you blind?? Am I invisible haan idiot are you blind in love?? Get lost (to sanskar) these Romantic relations urgg I hate them its all “Aww cu chi cu I love you baby aww I miss you I love you aww”

Sanskar – thry aren’t that bad you will know when you’ll fall in love

Swara – I already did in childhood but he left me and went some where

Sanskar – who is that Janemaan?

Swara – My Cutie Sweetie Cherry

Sanskar was first in shock as his childhood name was the same as that but then spoke up

Sanskar – umm you know I had a friend also her name was Sweetie too I never knew her name but we always used to stick with each other I’ll tell you my story I was born in a really rick house but according to the Pandit in that family my mom should have delivered a girl first suprising na but this is true then my parents gave me in an orphanage which belonged my grandma they had abandoned me and my grandma we lived really happily but then I got kidnapped Suju mom and Ram dad raised me as their own son they never discriminated with me

Swara – you know my cherry also lived with his dadi in the orphanage once I entered in there I was a shy type girl but then my cherry made my comfortable I couldn’t stay without him even for a minute and then one day these goons barged into our orphanage they meant to take me but they took my cherry I cried a lot that day cause of me I lost my cherry I am still guilty and Dadi always tries to cheer me up but the truth is she’s also missing cherry

Sanskar is really shocked hearing all that happened with him he thinks – is swara my Sweety god please make it yes if she’s my sweety then swara be ready to become Mrs.Sanskar Maheshwari But first I have to investigate

His thoughts and broken by swara who’s snapping her fingers – Oh hello where are you lost any ways listen are you coming for the party today First semester ending party

Sanskar – if you are then I am

Swara – I’ll surely come okay

Sanskar – I’ll pick you up at 5:30 sharp okay be ready

Swara – okay

They leave to their respective places to get ready for the party

5:30 PM

Sanskar reaches the orphanage ad is shocked seeing cause it’s the same one as his childhood orphanage then he goes in and sees dadi and gets teary as its his dadi

Dadi – arrey who are you?

Sanskar – I’m swara’s friend I have come to pick her up for the party
Dadi – ahaana okay shes getting ready (calls out) SWARA SWARA YOUR FRIEND IS HERE COME FAST

Swara – haan dadi I’m here

Sanskar turns and forgets to breathe after seeing swara she’s waeing a black dress sleeveless its black with white stripes on her waist of her dress her down part of her dress was net net which made puff and had a little bit white polka dots on it her hair was open with her hair tied in plats up side light make made her look like an angel
Link to the dress :

Swara – sanskar

Sanskar – swara you’re looking beautiful lets go now

Swara – thanks lets go

Swasan leave and dadi adores their cuteness standing there witnessing their convo


Swasan enter the part all the girls stick their eyes on sanskar and all boys stick their eyes on swara which makes her kind of uncomfortable sanskar assures her and they get in

Host – ladies and gentlemen welcome to the ball okay guys lets hit the dance floor cause it’s a night to party

Everyone – yeah

Kavita runs over to sanskar and asks – excuse me I don’t have any partner so would you like a dance with me
Sanskar – Actually I already have a partner so sorry 

Kavita leaves with a grumpy face while swasan dance and get lost in each other for a while but soon claps bring them to reality swara blushes and sanskar offers her to leave her to her house then he leaves her to her house and they both sleep peacefully after the happy day

Days Pass Kavita tries many different ways to get close to sanskar but no use like this the college ends and swsan finish their college and are now respectively doing jobs Kavita being grumpy calls her parents to India and insists them to take her to sanskar and propose her for him for marriage and being parents they agree to her and head to her

Meanwhile destiny had another plans

Sujata was getting down from the car and moves towards the temple and enters the temple and bows her head in front of Krishna Ji and prays for Sanskar’s well being when she was going to leave some one keeps their hands down before her leg could hit the groud Suju was shocked

Sujata – Aye chori (girl) what are you oding? What’s your name?

Lady – Aunty listen my name is Swara and aunty if I didn’t stop you your leg would have hit this thorn

Sujata – sorry beta I misunderstood you anyway thanks and god bless you

Swara – its okay Np

Sujata while leaving turns around and sees swara helping the kids around and gets impressed and thinks “she should me my Daughter In Law”

She leaves thinking about this thought


Shekhar and Mishti enter their house and greet Ram and Sujata and talk about Kavita’s alliance for sanskar but

Sanskar – I’m sorry uncle but I can’t marry her she has no manners and she always insults my Best friend what if my bff is an orphan or poor but she’s pure and Kavita is a devil in my way I’m sorry if I crossed my limits

Sujata – Ji I’m sorry if my sanskar isn’t happy we can’t accept this alliance and what Kavita did I don’t think she should be my DIL

Ram – Thanks for coming but we’re rejecting this

Shekhar Mishti go on dissapointingly and inform Kavita when she fumes about the fact about that


Sanskar tried every possible way to search for Swara’s parents and finally he found out and was shocked knowing Shekhar and Mishti are her parents and Kavita is her own sister


Shekhar – how dare you come like this??

Sanskar – Oh please you don’t preach me oyu guys have no rights to preach me

Mishti – Matlab? (Means)

Sanskar – oh wow ok let me remind you remember you have sorry sorry had a daughter named Swara yes or no (they nod) Ok let me start you cared more about your in laws than Swara haan you abandoned her saying that she’s a bad omen you know what she’s an angel and you guys are the real devils god you guys didn’t know the importance of childhood the bliss of being parents seeing your babies first moment you know you guys are disgrace over parenthood and I don’t have any shame in saying that Because of you Swara had to stay in a orphanage she got taunted of not having her Last name cheee you guys yuck if you atleast have some shame in you here is the address apolize to swara I don’t think she’ll forgive you but remove your guilt out

Sanskar left and leaving Shekhar Mishti in grief they both left asap to see their daughter and apoligise to her for their mistakes


Shekhar and Mishti reach over there and see Swara and smile in grief and go towards swara

Mishti – Swara

Swara turns and says – Yes Aunty?

Shekhar – we’re sorry beta that we left you in childhood we’re sorry we regret your act We’re your parents

Swara – just get out where were you when I needed you where you when I needed a mother for lullabys where were you guys when I was gong through pain haan now you remembered your daughter when some one made you realise so get the hell out of here and don’t show me your faces again

Swara goes inside and starts crying Dadi calls sanskar and he comes and consoles swara and she dozes of on his shoulder



Sanskar wakes up and admires swara in her sleep and says – Hayee I’m in love with you I’ll tell you this soon Miss Swara

He leaves a note and tells her to come

Swara gets up and reads the note that says “Feshen up and reach XYZ place and wear this”

She smiles and gets ready in a purple dress and leaves for the spot

Swara was shocked seeing the decoration and calls out for sanskar :

Sanskar comes from back and says :

you are my journey, you are my destination too,
to live without you, O heart, is difficult.
you are my god, and you are in my prayers too,
to live without you, O heart, is difficult.

You Know I realized The story of love and friendship is strange … love is our hero and friendship is our heroine


Swara – cherry?

Swara understands and takes sanskar in a bone crushing hug and he hugs her back


Sanskar takes permission from swara and she grants him and they kiss and join their fore heads together making each other forever and ever



How was it?? I know it was too extended and I know it wasn’t as good as your expectation I wanted to show more than Love in this OS Do you think Shekhar Mishti deserved forgiveness according to me they don’t! I’ll surely try one more epilogue type thing
P.S : I took many scenes from DEAR ZINDAGI OF SRK AND ALIA cause I’m a great fan of Alai bhatt and some dilouges are from Ae dil hain mushkil movie too

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