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Hi Frndzz..Aftr a Long break,I rewrite my BlackWhite Boxes of Keyboard(mm?..Itz Scribble of Color Shades)..

5th Page:(DevShi story)
DevShi tried to save her daughter Anu..Dev reads a story from the book which is got from Buddha statue..
In the Book,A thief was trying to stole the pages of life from The MagicWoman..She curse him..
Sona got a Idea from the story..
N plays a flute..
A small knife spins…behind them..
Bt at a fraction of second,The knife at the close of Anu’s soft neck..
Dev,Shiv shock n rush to save Anu..
Sona stopped the flute..
The knife goes so near..Sona shocked n plays again..
The knife turns into ice n a handprint is seen..Shiv tried his magic to stop..It didn’t help…
Dev (shocked eyes)..
The knife jerking back slowly little…Like a hand movement..
The knife on air above…The sound of Kiss on The knife..
The knife melts like nothing…
A face on air seems slowly..A Long Hair,ModerateBeardy Thief comes to original from the Story (S!!Dev-2 roles )…
A whistle sound from his lips..Dev,Sona eyes goes sharp while listening whistle…

Tale of New Luv:(Ishqie Story)
Om said to Rumya”If U draw the painting,I win”..
They said to Ishaana…
Ishaana draws a girl’s face..
Shivaay starts his big journey from Taj Mahal.. Om saves a Owl from its wound.. by a soft touch of his hand..
Anika comes to Bazaar..n told the childrens about their gifts..The childrens run to get their gift..A child,Aara is missing..She is far from bazaar actually in a road..A light makes her turn..Shivaay comes in His bicycle..He stops while seeing little child.Aara..n asked about her..N said to sit in front of bicycle..
Aara sees Shivaay n said”AniMi told “Be Careful with unknown”..I ‘ll not…””
Shivaay smile..n said “Come Cutie n hear my heart by ur ears..”..Aara sees Shivaay (round eyes)n come closer slowly..
Shivaay kneels before Aara..Aara put her ears on Shivaay’s heart..”Aara..Where R U?”Voice of Anika,Childrens.. .Aara hear..
Her eyes see Shivaay..He smiles..At that moment,Shivaay feels The Luv bcoz of feeling the Anika’s voice Again”(Y)Aara.. Where r U?”..Shivaay in his mind “Who is She?!”….
(Rumya see Om in their way..Om is sitting on branches of the tree..N asked”Where is my Dancing girl?”..”KaabilHoon” Humming on BG..

Haha (Ishqie’s story):
Mm..Its Come from while hearing Songs at No Electricity.. Actually a line..It traveled little..Om is a clown n Ishaana is an OperaShow actress..Accidentally Om plays his show in Ishaana’s Opera…

Om closed his Eyes n he show his fingers above..A Black Key (from KeyBoard)appears magically..
Again he shows…
A white Key appears magically…
Ishaana plays in the Opera show as a blind girl surprised ..
Om put the keys in his hands like a holding..
Black on One hand n White on Another hand..
He makes his hands closer..The Keys Touched each other n throws above..
The Keys spin..All R Surprised while seeing The 2Keys r attached one to one..
N Om holds Ishaana’s hands..n said”Welcome Home”..
The Keys r coming down..
Om blow the air lightly ..The Keys goes to Om’s mouth..Om sees The Audience with big eyes..n show his hands..Keys!!
N said”My Frnd is coming”…!!!
The childrens n the people claps…

Hi Frndzz..appr 10days??How It crossed??My fingers on My Ears ..n Plz..Plz..Plzzz..Forgiv tiz…1 by 1 to stories come separate as like as b4..

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  1. Why sorry Anna sorry venda !! Good one it was a summary to me thanks but tell me one thing where is the hint we were talking about on pm right !!!

    Good job…
    Continue it I love to read…

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Shama..S!!No Sorry!!The hint was coming??Sona plays the flute!!The flute is (we were talking about on PM!!)

      1. Oh so that’s the thing u r planning seriously waiting to read ur story….

      2. HarSHaN

        S!!!Story coming Soon with thief’s coming..

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    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Ayushi..!!

      1. Manya

        Plzz check my wall dear?

      2. HarSHaN

        Suree Dear..Bunny Spl??Superr…..Barfi scenes going on here!!!

  3. Nice!<333

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Anshita.!!

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