Dear Diary (short story) Chapter 2

Chapter two.

4 April, 2004

Dear Diary.
        This is the best birthday of my life.♡That crazy girl. She just surprised me at 12 am for my birthday. Cake, candle, balloons. Oh everything. God this girl can be really crazy. But the most important thing was she was with me. And I don’t think I need anything more. We spent the night by singing, dancing, playing and whatever we could do. We watched the midnight sun together. I heard that sun is beautiful. But after her, that’s nothing. I don’t know, how she feels but for me there couldn’t be any other girl.
    No one.

Sometimes little things remind us sweet memories. Digonto also surprised me like this. Sometimes I also did the same. That days were beautiful. I shut the diary when I heard a knock at my door. “Come in”
“What are you doing,Anu? Everyone is waiting for you in the downstairs.” He said pushing the door. And walked inside using his blind cane. I stood up for the help though he knew better my room.
“You are still not ready? Come on. Be quick. It’s your engagement.” He reminds me that grievous thing. “Yeah I’m going to.”
He stopped me by holding elbow.”Are you happy?” It doesn’t make difference he can see or not. Still understand me the most.
“I don’t think my opinion will make any difference. Will it?’


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