Dear Diary (short story) Chapter 1

chapter one……

4 May, 2003

Dear diary.
I love her. I love her. God I love her. How come that possible!?. I mean is it sick to love someone at 12. OK may be. But I can’t help it. You know? I know her from forever. My first play was with her, my first fight was with her. My first kiss was with her. OK OK. That was on cheek. But it was first. Right?. So yeah I don’t think there will be anything without her. I can’t picture my future avoiding her. So yeah I love her.
Only her.

I smiled myself reading the first page of it. It’s just a teenager’s diary. Teenage infatuation. Poor boy. I found it in the park. I didn’t know why I took it. Though I didn’t know whom it belongs. But I felt guilty just reading like this. But now I don’t think it really means something. I shut the diary. And called Digonto. He wanted to go somewhere. I had to accompany him.. So I started to get ready.


little tough to understand!?….ok… It’s a story of two generation and two people’s love’s story.
Ananaya finds a diary in the side of park. Dull muddy, backdated. Normal people can leave it there. But she picks it and brings at home…

There is the story of diary’s owner and herself. I will continue if I get some feedbacks

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